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2091012 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0.1 ESD #1


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
194175 The message "Index ' < value > ' specified as optimizer hint in the FROM clause of table ' < value > ' does not exist. Optimizer will choose another index instead." may be reported when executing a stored procedure with SELECT force index.
317098 DATATYPE: User defined datatypes can be mixed up for cross databases SELECT INTO statements with aggregate
356855 A error, "OPERATOR: The version of the label format on the volume mounted on device \\.\tape0 is different from the current version.Replace the volume with a new volume to be overwritten." is reported on executing the second dump database command to the tape if Backup Server was started with switch "-b".
364224 A spurious Error 2502, Severity 16, State 1, indicating a page linked in multiple page chains, is reported when dbcc tablealloc is run on a single data partition.
367546 Change scoping of local variables so that the execute immediate statement could access local variables defined by the caller of the execute immediate.
377282 No error is shown when a text, image or unitext column of a proxy table appears in an order by clause.
389409 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'memcpy' togther with a stacktrace which includes the module 'ct_get_data' may be reported when accessing parsed XML documents using a local proxy table mapped to a remote proxy table that has an external directory defined on it.
393408 An INSERT into a table with a varbinary column using several UNION clauses to select data from columns based on the timestamp datatype can lose the original selected values. New timestamp values are inserted instead in the varbinary column.
400826 A new builtin rand2([integer]) is introduced which is evaluated for each row in the result set. The original builtin rand([integer]) was only evaluated once for the result set.
402476 The message "An internal memory management error has occured. Error code: Invalid slot id." may be reported in the error log when Adaptive Server encounters some problems while distributing the work among worker processes and ends up without proper clean-up of the worker processes in some rare cases.
402855 A SELECT INTO using the the identity() function generates zeros for some rows when using a derived table based on a UNION ALL or a view containing a UNION ALL.
409199 The kill of a session that runs ALTER DATABASE will result in mistakenly not reporting 946 error "A user interrupt has prevented Sysusages changes for database < name > from being copied into memory. Please run sp_dbremap to complete database space changes.". The side effect of this is the inability to subsequently run ALTER DATABASE with success, 2601 error "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysusages' with unique index 'sysusages'." is reported, until such a time ASE is restarted.
410204 sp_metrics will support a new sub-command 'show' for the information of QP metrics groups
415411 An UPDATE statement updating a text/image column with a FROM clause whereby the source and target tables are in different databases could show < x > rows affected when the UPDATE statement is finished. The affected rows however do not show any value being changed.
417573 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ksmask__complete' together with a stack trace which includes the module 'ksmasknserver' may be reported in the error log. This stack trace may be repeated a few times followed by ASE listener failure with a stack trace accompanied by the messages in error log such as 'kernel nopen: accept, Software caused connection abort', 'kernel nopen: accept, Invalid argument', 'kernel Listener with protocol tcp, host < host-name > , port < port-number > , engine 0 is quitting after a fatal error.'
419380 In rare circumstances, 511 error "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size 1965 bytes is larger than the maximum size (1964 bytes) allowed for this table." or 9557 error "The server failed to create or update a row in table 'sysstatistics' because a varying-length column would start at offset 8192." is reported for sysstatistics during ONLINE DATABASE command after the database was loaded across platform.
420501 In the semi-graphical tree, diagnostic values get truncated when they exceed the widths of the node provided.
420600 The root cause of the problem is: SQL statement "create proxy_table ..." failed to execute when a large (has more than 254 columms) DOL table has a lock scheme that is different from the server's default lock scheme. The fix is: For a large DOL table, use SQL "create existing table ..." to create proxy table. Unlike "create proxy_table", "create existing table" allows definition of lock scheme. This ensures the proxy's table's lock scheme is the same as the source table's.
422281 Reformatting may not be selected as the best plan if you run a self-join query. It may cause performance drop after upgrading from pre-15.
425945 On IBM AIX 5.1, when ASE tries to allocate shared memory larger than 16G, the error message "kernel os_find_good_keyfile: Found shared memory segment: key 0xce0013ac, id 1048593 kernel os_find_good_keyfile: If SQL Server using it is not running, remove it by hand kernel os_find_good_keyfile: Too many dangling memory segments, nead a clean up kernel kbcreate: couldn't get shmid for kernel region. kernel kistartup: could not create shared memory" may be reported in the error log.
429010 Added support of auto-parametize univarchar literals for statement cache, so the following two statements will be sharing the same query plan: select * from unitb where unicol = U&'\20ac' select * from unitb where unicol = U&'5493\4e54'
429679 1) The message "SELECT permission denied on object < keyname > , database < dbname > owner < ownername > " will be reported in the errorlog when a user with sso_role specifies a column for encryption on a SELECT INTO statement. 2) When the "CREATE" audit option is set, encrypted column names and key names are not added to the extrainfo column of the audit log for the SELECT INTO statement.
430867 Nary-NLJs might return too few rows if they contain a filter predicate that contains an expression in an equijoin. The following query provides such an example: select * from a, b, c where a.a1 = b.b1 and a.a2 + b.b2 = c.c2 In this query, the predicate "a.a2 + b.b2 = c.c2" contains a virtual column "a.a2 + b.b2" as part of the equijoin. In this case, the nary-NLJ might skip processing some rows of b. Note that if the same predicate is written as a theta-join "a.a2 + b.b2 > c.c2", the correct result will be returned.
431502 sp_dbcc_evaluatedb reports incorrect values for current scan and text workspace sizes.
432511 EFTS: txtsvr core dumps on Linux platform when vdkLanguage=uni
432565 Incorrect percentages may be reported while loading a database.
432573 sp_setrepproc with no argument reports duplicated rows if multiple languages are installed to ASE.
432633 A stack trace is encountered when querying a proxy table column mapped to a computed java column
432700 Using integrated logins on Windows, user may see error 4002 'Login failed' from ASE if the user account name includes uppercase letters. Rebooting the Windows domain controller may temporarily fix the problem.
433062 Checks to see if literal parameterization have been moved to the parsing phase of query processing. If a query is parsed with literal parameterization enabled, then the query will be parameterized regardless of the settings at the time the query is executed.
433439 The Transactions and Rollbacks columns in the monProcessActivity MDA table are not set to zero when a new connection is established. This may result in reporting incorrect values for these columns.
433519 A sp_setreptable to turn on replication on a table with text image columns,in the context of a database marked for replication using indexes, mark incorrectly the table for replication, so that a writtext done on it could lead to miscelaneous errors.
433676 Proxy tables are never considered for right side of nested loop joins even when this might have resulted in a better plan.
433691 When Job Scheduler executes a job, for some passwords, the job may fail and messages like "Login Failed" is seen in the job history The jsagent log also shows following errors : "Client message: ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error: The attempt to connect to the server failed." and "ct_connect() failed."
434149 The default for histogram tuning factor was previously 1, which disables the feature. In order to reduce estimation issues for skewed columns, the default will be 20, which should help isolate distributions with skewed frequency values, while avoiding the extra steps when a relatively uniform distribution exists.
434348 Occasionally, optdiag might report severely truncated 'unique_range' or 'unique_total' values.
434657 When debugging a T-SQL batch putting breakpoints in procedures with long names, the debugger just continues without stopping on the breakpoints set.
434936 NoSuchMethodError is reported when ASA Plug-in and ASE Plug-in coexist in the same SC, and user connects to ASA Plug-in first before connecting to ASE Plug-in.
435096 Occasionally. optdiag fails to dump or load statistics when the server and optdiag are running in different platforms.
435100 TraceFlag '1' has been extended to work with optdiag output mode along with input mode to ignore mismatch in server and optdiag versions.
435202 Under rare circumstances ASE responsiveness may become slow if a session sleeps in module hk_accelerate() while it was in the process of creating a temporary table and therefore holding exclusive locks on system catalogs. Other sessions that create temporary tables concurrently will be blocked. The session could sleep due to ASE having enqueued to housekeeper a request to flush to disk the systabstats statistics for the being created temporary table. This proactive enqueue request is not deemed necessary because the descriptor for a temporary table is expected to remain in cache always. If this descriptor needs to be reused, ASE will flush its systabstats statistics on disk first before reusing it for another object.
435233 Page count values are not imported during update statistics on proxy tables.
435250 The client issuing job scheduler command with 'sp_js_wakeup' hangs forever.
435254 Enable support of literal auto-parameterization when server's default character set is a multi-byte charset.
435692 Pattern matching with LIKE clause may sometimes provide incorrect evaluation when it is done on unichar or univarchar columns.
435962 Queries of MDA tables that include sargs with the equal operator run much slower in 15.x versus 12.5.x.
436738 The new Optimizer and Execution Engine provide far more query execution stategies. This can result in a significant reordering when predicates and expressions are evalauted. As a result, expression evaluation errors may be reported because some filter predicates are eliminating the row before the problem expression is evaluated. Further, all virtual columns (expressions in equijoin clauses) are being evaluated before the filter predicates that reference them.
436746 ASE may now report in module collocate() the error message "Invalid DOL data row pointer: row < value > with status < value > must be the forwarded row location instead of the home row location." and the call stack of the given session as opposed to silently continue.
436790 Expression subquery on the SELECT list could be run unnecessarilly and it could cause error message 512 ("Subquery returned more than 1 value") for a query having subquery in CASE expression on the SELECT list.
436929 Error 530 when selecting from a view. Server cannot insert null value into worktable for intermediate values when the type is char, binary, or unichar. FIX restricted to trace flag 7721 in 441716-1
436961 Under rare circumstances error 803 "Unable to place buffer ... either there is no room in sdes or buffer already in requested slot." may be raised with a stack trace in module "pg__allocate_completion" leading to error 1127 "Internal Error: The OAM has no room for new inserts ..." in module "pg__insertoam" during the execution of an INSERT command in a table that has more than one OAM pages allocated to it.
437012 Possiblely hit 1763 error(duplicate frequency) when reorg rebuild on table with global clustered index.
437030 In error message 531, print the dbid as well.
437277 A 318 error, "sysstatistics catalog was read and an inconsistency was found, please run update statistics" may be reported after an upgrade to 15.0. On little-endian platforms error 2601, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysstatistics' with unique index 'csysstatistics'" followed by error 511, "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size 1967 bytes is larger than the maximum size (1964 bytes) allowed for this table." may be reported during an upgrade to 15.0.
437304 Timeslice error due to scan of a potentially long chain in mempmctrl_procinstall().
437321 RepAgent has incorrect encrypted password for dump database.
437369 A session may hit error 701 "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, or ask your SA to reconfigure ASE with more procedure cache." while allocating memory from the procedure cache when the procedure's cache memory is fragmented.
437414 Integer (not numeric) identity columns do not increment correctly when "identity gap size" is set to more than 1.
437443 While executing a parallel query, an exception may be encountered in the early stages of the execution. In certain cases, a stack trace will be encountered containing the method icp_crecvmsg().
437533 The message "timeslice -501, current process infected" together with a stack trace which includes different functions like stm_count_cell_types(), stm_process_step(), stio_xformvirtual() may be reported in the error log when creating index using huge number of histogram steps.
437869 Commandline traceflag 655 and traceflag 656 are used to disable "direct update" mode for DELETE and UPDATE queries where there is a join or an RI constraint. This functionality had not been migrated to Galaxy. This is fixed.
437939 A stack trace may be reported in module "ptn_updlogroot" resulting in the session being killed when ASE receives an external attention "Control-C" while it was instantiating a database information in cache. The modules "dbt_get", "dbt_removeall" and "des_discardall" will also be reported in the error log.
437955 Dynamic configuration option 'license information' is requiring an ASE reboot for its new value to take affect. This is fixed to take effect immediately.
438233 Under rare circumstances error 821 " Attempt to unhash buffer in cache ' < cache_name > ' at ' < buffer_address > ' with a buffer pageno of ' < page_no' and database id ' < dbid > ' with HASHED status set failed - buffer was not found ... " may be raised in module cm_bufunhash() recursively resulting in ASE shutting down itself.
438389 SEGV could happen in LeHashContext when executing a nested outerjoin query involving remote tables.
438656 Configuring ASE15.0.1 for High Availability on IBMAIX/HACMP cluster fails because the haisql binary cannot be loaded properly.
438707 Fixed the segment fault(core dump) while discovering the interface from ldap server on sunx64 platform.
438754 Error 806: Severity 21: State 1 may occur in some rare cases due to exhaustion of time slice during rollback.
438815 In rare circumstances, The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'LeHashContext::HashVtuple' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'LeHashContext::GetNext' and 'LeHashContext::ProcessTuple' may be reported in the error log when tempdb is bound to a name cache and the ASE is using a HASH operator to execute the query. Other stack traces including modules like 'LeAlignedDataRow::readRow' and 'LeHashBufferReader::GetNext' are seen as well. The diagserver reports a 685 error.
438822 The message "The front end tool you are using does not support the feature of bulk insert from host, please use the proper tools for this command." may be raised followed by the message "current process ... infected with 11" in module bufauxuninstall() during a bulk insert operation.
438858 Error 14617: Severity 23: State 1, may occur when dbcc checkcatalog is executed due to a mismatch between the master device row location in sysdevices and the the corressponding anchor.
438980 In 15 realeases (15.0.1 and earlier) queries with two or more outer joins may return wrong results (too many rows). This can occur when there is a predicate on the inner member of an outer join that will eliminate all null-supplied rows for that outer join. This predicate effectively "degenerates" the outer join into an inner join. If the predicates for the "degenerating" outer join should in turn degenerate another outer join, then wrong results could occur. For example, select * from (t1 left join t2 on t1.a = t2.b) -- OJ #1 left join t3 on t2.b = t3.c -- OJ #2 where t3.c = 5 In this query, the where-clause predicate "t3.c = 5" will eliminate all null-supplied rows from OJ #2. This in turn will result in all null-supplied rows from OJ #1 being eliminated. This problem has been fixed.
439173 An insert into a proxy table that has an identity column and is mapped to an ASE does not set @@identity on the local server.
439198 A stacktrace or error 325 (no legal plan found) could happen for a DISTINCT query on a UNION ALL derived table/view and the DISTINCT column is an expression from the UNION ALL.
439211 View containing subquery when called in select will cause infected with 11
439269 A SELECT with ORDER BY on a bit column may return the rows in descending order if there are more than four columns of bit datatype.
439457 Excessive character '&n' is included in starting message of backupserver.
439503 Procedure cache memory allocation may fail in certain boundary cases, if procedure cache request results in a procedure cache pool growth after a new shared memory segment allocation.
439537 When unit specification is used with sp_configure to configure “syb_sendmsg port number”, the unit specification parameter is ignored and “syb_sendmsg port number” is set to zero.
439603 When estimating the selectivity for a local index, the qualifying pages is incorrect.
439804 Wrong result could happen when a subquery is correlated to an outerjoin inner table.
439942 QP metrics is enabled for the statements inside triggers
440046 When there are two different local variables used in both select list and order by list, query may generate wrong ordering based on select expression.
440091 Creation of jpubs database hangs due to running out of log space.
440278 sp_droplogin fails to delete related Sysresourcelimits row when the configuration option 'enable ldap user auth' is on.
440393 Wrong result may be returned from a select when unsigned bigints are compared in a where clause.
440401 Lack of disk buffers, in some rare cases, may result in a segmentation violation during a create database command.
440486 Stored procedure sp_datatype_info does not report correct 'create_params' information on nchar and nvarchar.
440573 When a union view or union derived table is used within a correlated subquery and the correlation involves some join between the union projection and an expression, following compilation error could happen: Msg 403, Level 16, State 2 Invalid operator for datatype op: type: VARCHAR.
440932 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 10" in the module 'lddb__stat_translate' together with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'lddb__unscr_stat_page' and 'lddb__unscr_usro' may be reported in the errorlog when running LOAD DATABASE across platform where the endian type is different. Other errors, like 'Invalid column length' error, 1142, 692, or 12315 error may be reported.
441012 Enable the input parameter column size used in a web service proxy table to be automatically generated based on the ASE page size.
441029 In rare circumstances, server might not boot up reporting 'max repartition degree' > 'max parallel degree'.
441249 DBISQL: If the command to create a stored procedure contains syntax errors, DBISQL incorrectly reports the error at Line 1, column 1.
441433 Under rare circumstances a session may hang forever during a lock request despite ASE having granted the lock to the session. This is a side effect from the fix of CR 399737. The modules "lock__semawait", "log__lock" and "lock_psema" will be reported in the call stack of the hanging session.
441514 For range or list partitioned table, if the partition bound value is specified using unichar format U&'***', subsequent insert into the table may fail or insert into incorrect partition.
441614 When using EAServer with RTDS 4.0 for messaging, the msgunsubscribe command may fail.
442249 sybmigrate may issue the message "Internal error: (com.sybase.sybmigration.lang.messages) Unable to get mneumonic 'GUI_MNEM_TASK_THREADS'." Although reported as an error this message was not a serious problem.
442736 Incorrect results may be returned when executing a query that involves several complex AND/OR predicates combination involving multiple columns.
442820 Sessions may SEGV when compiling heavily used procedures. This can occur as the result of deadlock while compiling a procedure. A deadlock situation during compilation should only occur when compiling a block that updates or inserts into a table that contains computed columns and/or functional indices.
443295 If a partitioned table contains an encrypted column and if the encryption key has been specified for encryption operations using an initialization vector, then a paralellized update or select of the encrypted column may display the following error message or a similar one, and the errorlog may show a stack trace showing the function 'col_encrypt' or 'col_decrypt'. "Error: 15414, Severity: 18, State: 3 01:00025:00021:2006/09/29 09:14:38.62 server An internal error occurred at end of symmetric encryption or decryption operation (error code 57606). Please contact Sybase Technical Support."
443584 When a special or strategy is used as a scan node (set) in an nary-NLJ strategy, then too few rows may be returned.
443815 When the "histogram tuning factor" configuration parameter something other than 1, and the "consumers" phrase is used in create index, and/or update statistics in order to obtain parallelism, then there is a possibility of an extraordinary number of histogram steps being created on the respective histogram, and this becomes additive, i.e. each execution of update statistics will increase the requested number of steps. This could result in resource issues for compilation w.r.t. locks, procedure cache, and possibly compilation time.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)  ASE 15.0.1 ESD #1
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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