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2091014 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.0 ESD #2


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
15122 Provide a new T-SQL built-in, PAGEINFO(), to extract useful fields from a page header or extent structure for a given page number. Commonly used fields such as previous/next page number, allocation status of a page or extent can be retrieved using this built-in. This built-in provides a diagnostic interface that can be used to build troubleshooting scripts programmatically. Interface is PAGEINFO( < dbid > , < page number > , " < field name > "). Use PAGEINFO(1, 1, "help") to get list of supported field names.
133383 DBCC CHECKTABLE(' < DBNAME > ..syslogs') does not report the log segment used, reserved, and free space for the correct database.
139180 Enhancement of DBCC CHECKALLOC/TABLEALLOC to perform the validation of OAM entries.
168351 The Adaptive Server will get into an infinite loop if it tries to execute a SELECT * from a table with one single column named 'SYB_IDENTITY_COL'.
189103 When a DROP DATABASE command deadlocks with another command due to a concurrent access to the Sysdatabases system table, the related database is being mistakenly considered as being dropped. This may affect the CHECKPOINT task from truncating the Syslogs system table of some databases that have the option 'trunc log on chkpt' turned on.
214811 The replace option of sp_addmessage can delete user messages with the same message_num, but a different language.
239539 There are some configuration parameters whose validation routine does not trigger at the time of server boot. There are some parameters whose values are platform specific and if that value is less than the set value in config file which is also equal to the default value then the verifcation is not done at the boot time . The value in the config file will be set which is not the correct one as the platform will never allow that.
257287 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may report the message "Lock cache entry not found for address 0x < value > type < value > suffclass < value > , tableid < value > , caller spid < value > , owner spid < value > " in the error log under a multi-engine busy environment.
263126 Different values for the database option 'select into' between the proxy database pairs in the HA companion servers, was not reported by 'do_advisory'. These differences can prevent a successful ALTER TABLE operation in the database. This difference is now reported by 'do_advisory'.
264620 A query which has OR predicate with LIKE clause will not benefit from additional optimization usualy done for LIKE clauses.
268255 Sybase SQL server on VMS and Windows Operating Systems can get into a situation where both the client and server are waiting for a response from each other, hence the client hangs. This can happen on fast, multiprocessor systems where multiple clients are keeping up a continuous stream of requests.
280052 A SELECT with an aggregate function containing a subquery on a proxy table mapped to a MS SQL Server table results in a 30291 error "Cannot perform an aggregate function on an expression containing an aggregate or a subquery."
295262 Enhance login triggers so they can set persistant SET option values for the connection. Currently, any SET options set in the login trigger are limited to the scope of the login trigger itself. By starting the server with trace flag 4073 the scope will be the process that just logged in.
320719 Configuring a large procedure cache results in an '#' before the Memory Used column in sp_configure output.
321884 For a newly created device, 'dsync' property could be true even when it is specified to be false in 'disk init' command. This happens when a device with dsync=true property is dropped followed by addition of a new device with dsync=false using "disk init".
324799 Under rare circumstances a stored procedure that executes a SET ROWCOUNT statement may raise a 9522 error: "The parameter that specifies the number of rows in a SET ROWCOUNT statement must be an integer with a value greater than 0." although the number of rows specified was a correct value.
325693 ODBC types are incorrect for unichar, univarchar when SQLColumns is called. This trnaslates to sp_columns, and the types are defined incorrectly in spt_datatype_info.
326158 When stored procedure text is send to ASE containing multiple keywords like CREATE TABLE, all control characters (like space etc.) except for the last control character between these keywords are not saved in syscomments.
327025 DBCC TEXTALLOC("all", full, nofix/fix) has been enhanced to detect/make correction for 100007 hard faults on text/image extents raised by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE.
335588 When insert large index rows (that each page can only hold 3 rows), the index splitting may cause index level increase linearly with the number of row inserted, soon it will run out of the max index level.
336265 SQL text capture may be turned off in the ASE when the Monitor Server terminates. This will cause collection of data for the monProcessSQLText and monSysSQLText MDA tables to stop.
342523 When Adaptive Server is re-started after a polite shutdown, an unexpectedly large amount of time is spent in filling in the free space information for a database that has the 'read only' database option turned on.
342720 An error in a conditional statement (IF or WHILE) may result in unexpected execution flow.
343495 A 12536 message "Sysstatistics upgrade warning for table < table > . New row-length after upgrade, 1965, ... exceeds maximum limit of 1964. Run update statistics on this table after upgrade." may be reported in rare circumstances during an upgrade from a pre 12.5 server.
344722 If command line trace flag 11906 is turned on, informational messages from REORG will no longer be printed to the errorlog.
344752 The list of engines in the output of the system stored procedure sp_showcontrolinfo is truncated when there are more than 5 engines bound to a certain engine-group.
346081 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module stat_check_sampling_perct may be reported in the errorlog for queries requiring sort executed in parallel.
347247 Error 1566 is raised when creating a clustered index even when there are sufficient distinct key values for the number of partitions.
348404 The object information printed in sp_object_stats is truncated when the name of the database, the name of the object and some detailed object info is greather than 80 characters.
350291 sp_syntax does not include mount/unmount command help
351077 In an Active/Passive HA configuration, a Backup Server process remains on primary node even though failover is successful.
351364 A stored procedure that creates table with a column declared NOT NULL based on a nullable user defined datatype is able to insert NULL values into the table.
352161 Feature Request that starting sp_start_rep_agent dbname 'recovery" provide more output information to the command line after repagent finished replaying the tran log of database.
352443 An unassigned bit variable was assigned a null, however when it was assigned explicitely a null, these variables are zeroed out. The behaviour has been made consistent and an unassigned variable is now assigned a 0 as well. Also, the error 403, 'Invalid operator for datatype op: is null type: BIT.' was incorrectly raised when using the predicates IS NULL or IS NOT NULL, or the built-in COALESCE with a bit column or variable.
352912 CIS: CREATE TEMPORARY DATABASE command with WITH DEFAULT_LOCATION and FOR PROXY_UPDATE options may result in error 691. With the fix, the CREATE TEMPORARY DATABASE command cannot be used with the WITH DEFAULT_LOCATION and FOR PROXY_UPDATE clause. The sp_defaultloc stored procedure will also not be able to remap objects in temporary databases.
355057 When there is a rollback transaction as a part of a stored procedure, and we try to debug that stored procedure using the sql debugger, we may hit a null pointer exeception. Stacktrace with the following modules may be seen on the errorlog: sqldbg__sendtrace, dbgrpc_control. sql debugger will flag an error message like the following (sqldbg) next SQLException: JZ0SG: CallableStatement ·µ»ØµÄÊä³ö²ÎÊý±ÈÓ¦ÓóÌÐòΪ֮ע²áµÄÒªÉÙ¡£ (sqldbg) next SQLException: JZ006: ²»ñµ½ IO ÀýÍâ:com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybConnectionDeadException: JZ0C0: Á¬½ÓÒѹرա£
356308 When dbcc checkdb is run on a database in offline state, systabstats object may be corrupted and error 7928.
356894 Issue the message reporting that there are insufficient spinlock monitors to monitor all allocated spinlocks only once for each time the server is booted.
356899 Request to add the owner name to the object name in message 11031: "Execution of %S_MSG %.*s failed because of errors parsing the source text in syscomments during upgrade. Please drop and recreate %.*s" The portion "Please drop and recreate" should specify the procedure in format.
356931 Enhancement: Replication Agent delay startup parameter. Make it possible to start replication agent with some delay time after starting ASE.
357046 If ASE is booted with trace flag 12628, data insertion into Data Only Locked tables having nonclustered index will be done with the index prepend mode splits disabled, in order to improve disk space utilization.
357215 If ASE started from Windows services the jsagent.log is stored in the c:/winnt/system32 dir.
357807 When a device is created without specifying the complete path, there are times it is not started at startup. Request to implement one of the following: 1. Require a full path to be entered at disk init. 2. Append the current working directory to the device name when a full path name is not entered. 3. Raise a warning if a device is created without a full path.
357895 ASE running on the Windows Server 2003 platform does not produce correct stacktrace if ASE executable sqlsrvr.exe is not found in the current working directory.
358090 Two new builtin functions have been added, XA_GTRID( < xactname > , 0) and XA_BQUAL( < xactname > , 0) that decode an XA transaction < xactname > and report the decoded GTRID or BQUAL as a VARBINARY value. These builtins are useful in mapping XA transactions on Adaptive Server to XA transactions within the XA TM.
358654 'set statistics plancost on' will display the I/O counts for a given paralle query, form the alf athread as well as from the child threads in a semi-graphical format.
358859 A corrupt index may result with the root page having extra entries pointing to deallocated pages when an empty APL partitioned table is unsliced.
358880 error "Logical page nnn is not in the given database map." might be returned if the load target database uses more than one database device and the dump file is created by backupserver which is started with -m option and/or BLOCKSIZE option of DUMP command.
359486 sp_poolconfig may not set wash size correctly.
359754 CIS: In rare circumstances, a query with an aggregation and a GROUP BY clause on a same remote column will be passed to the remote server with some incorrect query text and return wrong results
360372 Error 3626 is raised with the text 'Message empty' when the configured stack size is insufficient to run a query. Instead the text "The transaction was aborted because it used too much stack space. Either use sp_configure to increase the stack size, or break the query into smaller pieces..." should be reported.
360969 Eliminate duplicate wait event descriptions in the monWaitEventInfo MDA table
361967 The error 10901 "This query requires < value > auxiliary scan descriptors, but currently there are only < value > auxiliary scan descriptors available. Either raise the value of the 'number of aux scan descriptors' configuration parameter or try your query later." can be raised during the execution of a complex query despite having increased the 'number of aux scan descriptors' to the appropriate value.
361979 On the NT platform, sp_listener may incorrectly report a 12990 error when a listener using the NLWNSCK protocol is specified. This may be resolved by removing any trailing whitespace from the sql.ini entry that represents this listener.
362075 ASE running on Sun 32bit platforms may receive signal 10 or signal 11 in routine ksmask__complete. This problem affects ASE running on 32bit systems but using more than 2Gb of memory.
362100 If a table is altered to add a new identity column, a view created on such table column will incorrectly set the status to allow nulls.
362316 A 6401 error, "Cannot rollback < XACT_NAME > - no transaction or savepoint of that name found." will be reported if a named transaction is rolled back in which a SELECT that required a worktable (ORDER BY or DISTINCT for example) preceeded any transactional activity and if the database has replicated objects.
362460 When a subquery appears in the ON clause of a Transact-SQL outer join query, the performance may not be efficient. A new traceflag 15302 is now available such that when the traceflag is enabled, ASE will do optimization for subquery attachment to achieve more favorable performance.
362703 When Adaptive Server re-evaluates the grantable lock requests that are no longer blocked, if a new lock request comes in then it may be queued behind the re-queued locks although it is compatible with them. This situation is rare, but it will result in unnecessary blocking situations, for example a 'shared intent' table lock that is granted to task A may block a 'shared intent' compatible table lock requested by task B.
362865 A 20196 error, "ubo_object_from_slot: Mail Boxes Invalid slot id < negative value > " may appear in the error log followed by a stack trace including the module 'ubo_object_from_slot' and 'smget' or 'smdestroymbox' when a query or a sort operation was executed in parallel and there was a lack of 'Mail Boxes' objects.
363815 Implemented a new strategy for fast first row return for queries using cursors with an ORDERBY. This strategy can be enabled via boot time Traceflag -T329.
363964 A 191 error, "Some part of your SQL statement is nested too deeply", may be reported when a query containing a very large number of conditions in the where clause is executed.
364117 The message "infected with 11 in startscan" is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'exec_eop', 's_execute' and 'sequencer' when an assignment SELECT is executed using a VIEW with a UNION clause and the "set fmtonly" option is set on.
364403 The message "infected with 11 in apu_force_j_alg()" is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'apa__struct_plan', 's_ap_apply' and 's_compile_stmt' when a SELECT INTO statement is executed based on a join together with the PLAN-clause using an AP join operator describing the AP-plan for the join.
364568 During a cofigured shared memory dump, ASE may print that it is dumping a negative number of bytes. Additionally, some messages related configured shared memory dumps do not print the correct unit (i.e. "bytes").
364652 An 8210 error, "Duplicate of work table descriptor found in the id hash table for temporary object ..." may be reported when executing an INSERT ...SELECT DISTINCT query that involves a referential contraint and the SELECT part of the query has a subquery which is resolved using reformatting strategy.
365530 In the Database Expert Performance Manager, the bar diagram is lost after locking it when switching among database statistics. But line diagram is not lost.
365657 On Solaris, with ASE 12.5.1 ESD#2 or later, using tli type entries in interfaces file used by ASE, when a spid within ASE is killed ('kill < spid > ') it could result in ASE hang. Running pstack (unix command) on ASE pid would show functions kill_proc, drop_connection, tli_nclose, _tx_getinfo, _t_do_ioctl, ioctl on the stack. This problem is due to Solaris bug # 4924525. If you are using tli type entries in the interfaces file that is used by ASE contact SUN quoting Sun BugID 4924525 and request a patch (110955-05 or later) to fix the problem.
366659 The Yields, DiskIOChecks, DiskIOPolled and DiskIOCompleted columns should be added to the monEngine Monitoring Table to report the number of times the engine yielded to the OS, the number of checks for asynchronous I/O, the number of times I/O was polled for, and the number of times this poll showed that I/O completed, respectively.
366696 The SuspendedProcesses column of the monOpenDatabase Monitoring Table should report 0 when no processes are suspended rather than NULL.
366822 When SPID=0 is specified as a search argument to any of the Monitoring Tables the messages "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" and "An internal memory management error has occured. Error code: Invalid slot id." are written to the ASE errorlog followed by a stacktrace showing the ubo_object_from_slot() function as the instigator. These messages are harmless but should not be produced.
366900 After a SQL query is optimized, the SQL Formatter incrrectly places the 'SET' statement on the same line as the SQL query.
366904 The scroll bar in the SQL Expert tree view does not always automatically move when a node in the tree is expanded.
366905 Sometimes when the monitored ASE is restarted while Database Expert is monitoring it and the user the nexits from the Database Export program, Database Expert will generate a message saying "Sybase Database Expert has encountered a problem and needs to close."
366914 When the Database Expert Lock Chart button is clicked the chart is displayed with an incorrect time label.
367186 Message "infected with 11 in logcommand()" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'logcommand', 's__altertab' and 's_execute' is printed in the errorlog when executing an ALTER TABLE statement while DDL replication for that database and statement cache are enabled.
367261 The upgrade program has been enhanced to parse the text of existing stored procedures
367339 For ASE running on linux 32bit system, 'disk init' on a tmpfs filesystem based file device fails with the message "Device activation error. PHYSNAME ' < filename > ' may be incorrect". ASE errorlog also reports "kernel dopen: open ' < filename > ', Invalid argument".
367567 A role that has been locked can be incorrectly enabled unless it is protected with a password.
367984 The message infected with 11 in run() is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'run', 'exec_eop' and 'execute' when using the STR() built-in function when the parameter 'length' is not a constant but an expression evaluating to the value bigger than 255.
368132 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'param_setup' together with a stack trace may be reported in the error log if Union with dateadd() and getdate() builtin routines are used on proxy tables.
368333 LIKE can pattern match trailing-control characters without the necessary wild-card operator.
368607 While the ASE is booted with the compressed backup enable (traceflag 4059 on), attempt to dump on the '/dev/null' device will be successfull. Ideally any dump on '/dev/null' should fail.
368712 If recovery attempts to recreate a user tempdb when the Model database has not been recovered, then when recovery bypasses that step with message 12544, "Not recovering temporary database ... ", it will print a unpredictable database ID instead of the database ID of the user tempdb whose recreation is to be bypassed.
368943 SELECT POWER(0,0) returns 'Domain error' in Adaptive Server Enterprise.
369088 Referential integrity and encryption may not apply to the same column.
369121 When some serious error is encountered by the server during recompilation of the stored procedure the session may be killed with the stack trace and error 216: "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." This error is spurious and no temporary object will remain in the temporaray database. This problem may happen only if a stored procedure creates non temporary table.
369201 In rare circumstances, 3223 and 3208 error is returned when ASE reads the dump header for cross-platform database load, if the database has many disk fragments in Sysusages. The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'lddb__stat_translate' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lddb__unscr_stat_page' may be reported in the error log, when loading a database across platform, if the database has an orphan row in Sysstatistics.
369217 sp_sysmon may show us wrong "Total Cache Turnover" if sort order is case insensitive, such as nocase_iso_1.
369253 Improve ASE's network infrastructure to prevent an inability to connect to ASE resulting from a hung engine.
369368 ASE encounters a timeslice error in function kscloseall
369469 When INSERT or DELETE privileges are granted to PUBLIC, it is not possible to GRANT the same privilege WITH GRANT OPTION to an individual user.
369510 The backup of database dumps taken on Tru64 platform does not load on other platforms such as Linux 32 on Intel, Solaris 32 or 64bit, etc. As a side effect of this fix, compatibility from older dump on Tru64 is not kept. To workaround incompatibility issue, you could use trace flag -D128 with the backupserver binary. This way you would be able to load older dumps.
369675 The error 5850 will be incorrectly raised when the configuration parameter 'enable ldap auth' is set to zero in those platforms where LDAP is not supported.
369933 The error "ct_fetch(): protocol specific layer: internal Client Library error: There is a tds state machine error. An illegal tds token sequence was received." will be raised if updating a table with a timestamp field results in a duplicate key error.
369961 When using sqldebugger utility some warning messages and messages sent via PRINT statement are silently ignored without printing.
369966 In the case of fatal errors occuring at online time during the recovery process, Adaptiver Server error handling may not be graceful and may fail to recover subsequent databases.
370015 Memory to track a job which has a timeout value remains allocated even after the job instance has completed or been terminated (without having expired its timeout value), causing memory usage to steadily grow.
370033 Enhance the buffer manager to remove certain racing conditions when recycling buffers in the LRU/MRU chain in data caches using "strict lru" strategy.
370092 In rare circumstances a deserialized Object attempts to validate on an incomplete read. In this case the read may be retried with an expectation of success so a retry mechanism was incorporated in the deserialization mechanism.
370633 Wrong page errors might occur while accessing tables after a server crash mid-way through an ALTER TABLE UNPARTITION operation. These errors can also occur while accessing tables after loading a transaction dump containing uncommited changes for an UNPARTITION operation to such tables. (Fixes issues raised in 400988.)
370932 The following cp1252 sort order files are missing from $SYBASE/charsets/cp1252 directory:,,,,, and
371154 Error message number 216 : "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." and the stack trace may be written to the errorlog when the server encounters an error during the recompilation of the stored procedure using cursor on the temporary table.
371162 SQL Advantage 12.5.1 has significant performance degradation versus 11.5
371310 On 64 bit platforms "sp_configure 'additional network memory' ,2147481600" silently fails.
371703 If SET PROXY is executed in a batch where one of the commands fail, the security context will be partially lost and the user will not be able to revert its identity. The output of sp_who will show that both the original name and the current name are set to the faked user's name.
371757 At times, the Job scheduler may not calculate time intervals correctly, if the job is scheduled to run past midnight. The next callout calculations were not correctly handling cases where the schedule starttime was after the schedule endtime, that is a schedule that wraps over midnight. The net effect of this error was that the schedule was being offset from the starttime when it passed midnight. The current fix handles this case correctly so schedules are rolled over midnight properly. The fix in effect recognizes that midnight, which is stored as a 0 in a CS_DATETIME, effectively needs to be viewed as the largest allowable value when approached clockwise during an operational schedule rather than as a 0. In addition to the direct fix there are a couple side effects to this fix that users may see: 1) End times are now enforced correctly. This means that when a recurrence interval falls on the end time the job will not run. The current situation is that a job can actually run past the endtime because the next callout calculation was allowing the next callout time to be outside the endtime boundary so the job would be run past the endtime and then the following callout time would move up to the next starttime. This was clearly incorrect and has been fixed, however this represents a change in current behavior. 2) Schedules where starttime equals endtime, either as default values or explicitly set are treated correctly. That is the schedule will run in continuous intervals without interruption unless constraints (day of week/date of month) are set.
371993 In some rare cases, ALTER TABLE on a DOL table may corrupt the clustered index so that entries for some rows are missing, resulting in a lower rowcount. DBCC checktable will report a 7928 error.
372269 DDLGen now supports ASE 11.9.2 and up.
372285 Allow parallel execution of queries selecting from a view with union.
372358 Scheduled Job folder does not display remotely scheduled jobs without a manual refresh by the user.
372435 When the JS agent unexpectedly loses contact with the JS task (e.g., as a result of ASE shutting down with "nowait") while the agent is running multiple, simultaneous jobs, it attempts to shut itself down and mismanages jobs queues and memory in the process, causing the agent to core dump or hang (and not be able to resume when the JS task is revived). Symptoms include (1) a core file, (2) a freshly started JS task unable to launch and connect to a JS agent, (3) the JS task logging an error such as "Failed to receive communication buff".
372533 The execution of "SP_SPACEUSED < table_name > " may deadlock with other sessions trying to create/drop tables in the given database.
372630 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'next_root' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'vu_call_colnames' or 'clean_vars' may be reported in the error log if a view or a stored procedure using a derived table with a UNION is recompiled.
372713 CIS: The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'memmove_sanity()' may be reported when a INSERT...SELECT or SELECT INTO with join and CASE is evaluated to be true and Quickpass disabled.
372728 Automatic lightweight validation of pages physically read from or written to disk will now occur when either a 694 error or some variants of a 697 error are reported. This is indicated by the message "Diagnostic checks have been turned on to report if a corrupted page is read from or written to disk. Use DBCC TRACEOFF(615) to turn these checks off" in the error log. The automatic validation may be permanently turned off by starting Adaptive Server with the 615 trace flag.
372930 A 701 error, "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch..." may be reported after running many client or language cursors in a server configured to use Abstract Plans in "capture" or "apply" modes.
373461 In some cases logins will be blocked when a session that is modifying a system table in the 'master' database (eg the sysattributes table through the sp_addengine stored procedure), is itself blocked because the 'master' database has been quiesced.
373573 In rare cases, a distributed XA transaction will be left in an "In Abort Tran" state after an XA transaction manager (TM) has issued an asynchronous abort request on it and there is at least one pending attach request. A further attempt by the TM to roll back the transaction or an attempt to roll back the transaction using DBCC COMPLETE_XACT will fail.
374049 In some cases, the sp_displaylogin system stored procedure will incorrectly repeat the value for the "Current Failed login attempts" property for the following item "Authenticate with".
374160 When migrating only indexes and constraints for a database then the migration can hang and an unhandled exception is printed on the console window: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.math.BigDecimal at com.sybase.sybmigration.ObjectSelectForm$NextTask.doWork(ObjectSelect at ava:28)
374352 Large Memory feature will be disabled when used in conjuntion with Posix aio.
374625 The error 2601, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysattributes' with unique index 'csysattributes'" will be raised by the server upgrade item 1412 if a role with password expiration different than zero exists.
374681 DBCC ORPHANTABLES enhanced to drop stranded temporary tables holding EX_TAB locks. These locks may be left around as a result of an ungraceful termination of a connection.
374785 A permission denied error will be raised when executing a stored procedure created by an alias to DBO that contains an OPEN CURSOR statement on a table in a different database.
374815 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may hang as a result of an undetected self deadlock for a process that is trying to flush its user log cache when the cache replacement policy for the given cache is "relaxed LRU replacement".
374917 Remote RPC fails with error 7221, remote server signal 11 in nl_gettrustedhandle() when unfied logins is set up on the ASE servers involved.
374951 The ASE server process disappears after generating the message "fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed" on the ASE console, while executing a query using the Abstract Plan syntax.
375564 DB-Lib clients may crash or get errors: "Unknown fixed-length datatype encountered." or "Bad token from SQL Server: Datastream processing out of sync." when executing Extended Procedures such as xp_cmdshell.
375669 ASE installer does not log correct version string of ASE being installed through InstallShield in %SYBASE%\log.txt file.
375755 hpia64 : If "maxfiles" (soft maximum number of file descriptors per process) kernel paramter is greater than 32767, ASE could go down due to infected with 11 with a stack trace including kadefer().
375799 HA VCS: Possible corner case error in detection of host details belonging to a service group
375871 HA IBM HACMP: When configuring ASE for High Availability with IBM HACMP, username and password of the user with sa_role and ha_role is stored in script in clear text format.
375914 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on a proxy table that maps to a non-ASE remote server, the warning messages 11294 "The remote server ('server_name') class < id > is not supported by UPDATE STATISTICS in import mode." and "UPDATE STATISTICS will not run in import mode." will be displayed. This causes sp_text_notify on EFTS text index table to produce an error "RMTQUERY, Execution of query 'update statistics < dbname > . < owner > . < text_index > ' failed." in the EFTS log.
376063 UNION query will not be executed in a parallel mode if at least one side of the UNION statement is accessing system table.
376291 When incorrect keywords (MESSAGE PROPERTY, OPTION, etc) are passed to messaging builtins (msgsend(), msgrecv(), etc) The following error is reported Incorrect syntax near 'Invalid pointer param number 2, pointer value 0x10'.
376344 ASE panic stacktrace in ksfreesocket after sp_listener operation
376404 Application context SYS_SESSION fails to return results for attributes clientname, clientappname and clienthostname.
376412 Some SYS_SESSION application contexts, namely client_name, client_hostname and client_applname, can result in either wrong results.
376419 ASE gives timeslice errors when heavy I/O operations are executed on RedHat Linux variant RHEL 3.0 version
376490 ASE running on the Windows Server 2003 platform does not produce correct stacktrace if ASE executable sqlsrvr.exe is not found in the current working directory.
376647 SELECT ... COUNT( < cnt_col > ) INTO < new_tab > from ... GROUP BY ... results in a column with the same type as cnt_col instead of int.
376755 RTMS feature is supported on hppa64 platform as of ASE 12.5.3, however installmsgsvss script is not included in ASE 12.5.3 release. Also, instructions for post installation tasks on hppa64 platform for RTMS is missing in ASE 12.5.3 Coverletter.
376777 Add MIT Kerberos support on IBMAIX64 platform.
376858 A 3939 error, "Illegal attempt to rollback transaction ... that has already committed in database ' < temporary_database_name > '", may be reported if a session is interrupted with ^C during the dropping of a temporary table and the 3706 trace flag is turned on. The interrupted session is terminated abnormally and may not have its resources cleaned up.
377058 Install 3rd party source files used by ASE under $SYBASE/ASE-12_5/ThirdPartyLegal on Linux.
377059 A new file, ASE-12_5/ThirdPartyLegal/ASE-1253ThirdPartyLegal.pdf, is included which contains the licensing terms of all third-party source code included in ASE 12.5.3.
377075 A 9289 error, "RepAgent(5). Log record (1370, 17) contains inconsistent data. Transaction log may be corrupt" may be reported in a server with a multi byte character set when data inserted in a varchar column is longer than the definition of the column. This can happen for an insert using binary values for the character column.
377105 If the trace flag 9217 is active, the Replication Agent will not stop operating after having reported the error 9289 due to an inconsistent log record found. Instead it will attempt to continue the replication after having reported the error 9290 in the error log.
377211 LDAP User Authentication feature is ported to AIX 64bit platform.
377369 Message 209, Level 16, State 3: Ambiguous column name < column name > is raised when executing a stored procedure with the recompile option. The stored procedure contains a derived table expression which is referencing a temporary table column. The message is raised when the procedure is executed having a different @@tempdbid from the one the procedure was created under.
377386 MIT Kerberos support is added for PA-RISC HPUX64.
377437 ASE running on multiprocessor Windows systems may occasionally fail to acknowledge cancel requests from client application causing the client application to hang in ct_cancel or ct_results.
377488 The message infected with 11 in startscan() is raised together with a stacktrace written to the errorlog containing the modules 'curs_open', 'execute' and 'exec_eop', when a cursor statement contains a SELECT with a UNION- and a JOIN-clause using the REFORMATTING strategy, when the OPEN of the cursor is executed. The set option FMTONLY must be set on to see this issue.
377503 After an upgrade to ASE 12.5.1 or above, a 7417 error may be raised by the DBCC CHECKCATALOG command run for the SYBSYSTEMPROCS database.
377526 The sp_ldapadmin check_login 'login_name' fails.
377617 On the Solaris platform, ASE tasks may hang indefinitely while waiting for disk I/O to complete. This will occur sometime after a different task encounters a fatal error, such as a timeslice error, while performing disk I/O. The stacktrace for the timeslice error will include functions such as aioread() or aiowrite(), kaio__daiostart(), and basis_daiostart.
377737 The error 11206, "Unable to connect to server '%s'" followed by error 4002, "Login failed', will be raised if a procedure fired when a threshold is crossed tries to access an MDA table.
377912 DDLGen generates NULL in Grant Statements for 'Update Statistics' and 'Truncate Table'
377973 In rare circumstances a 3474 error, "During redo the page timestamp value is less than old timestamp from log....", may be reported in the error log during recovery of a transaction which ,at runtime, was truncating a table around the time that a checkpoint was taking place.
378145 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 's_compile_stmt' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_compile' and 'sequencer', may be reported in the error log when the user has a soft binding with an user temporary database and both this user and the system temporary databases are not available.
378184 When server's charset is SJIS, client charset is EUCJIS and builtin conversion (enable unicode conversion is set to 0 or 1) is used, 4847 error is raised with BCP IN command.
378391 "Error: 702, Severity: 20, State: 1 Memory request for XXXXX bytes exceeds the size of a single page of 16384 bytes." together with "The SQL Server is terminating this process" may be found in the error log when concatenating strings together.
378698 Changing execution class from EC0 to EC1 does not correctly reset process priority until the next login, it should happen immediately.
378748 Error 7742,"You must change your password using the sp_password system stored procedure before you can continue." can be raised at the secondary site in a HA environment if the password has expired in the primary, and sp_password is run to change it.
378764 A new ASE dataserver option ‘-k’ and an environment variable SYBASE_PRINCIPAL are provided to specify an ASE principal name that is different from ASE’s server name. This feature is applicable to an ASE configured for Kerberos authentication.
378774 User can't choose the location of sybsystemdb device in syconfig.exe. It always use the device at %SYBASE%\data\sybsysdb.dat.
378782 Preserve the functionality of traceflag 7703 indefinitely in all future versions
378870 A 109 error, "There are more columns in the INSERT statement than values specified in the VALUES clause" will be reported by optdiag when using the -i (input) option to load a statistics file that contains a column list with more than one column.
378915 Add IPv6 support for ASE on Windows 2003 and HP-UX 11i.
379449 Deadlocks involving system tables may sometimes happen when a REORG REBUILD command is being run concurrently with a CREATE TABLE command or other DDLs.
379513 The previous limit of eight databases for any QUIESCE DATABASE, MOUNT DATABASE or UNMOUNT DATABASE command has now been removed.
379527 "sp_procxmode" on a stored procedure prefixed with a database name different from the current database and no mode specification results in its mode getting set to "Chained"; if the procedure exists.
379771 Feature Request to raise warning error message when setting the number of memory dumps greater than one, and the dump file name is not default. This can result in overwritting the dump file.
379813 Using 'SET STATISTICS TIME ON' to measure elapsed cpu time can result in negative time values.
379991 The word "foreign" is misspelled as "forign" in error messages 1718 and 1724.
380102 sp_reportstats doesn't report chargeback accounting statistics for users with sa_role
380433 Applications using Dynamic SQL may encounter an "infected with 11 in sqt__release_chunks" message; modules 'sequencer','lwp_create' and 'sqt_deallocate' are found in the stack trace for the terminated connection in the errorlog.
380498 This release of ASE 12.5.3 ESD#3 has added a new platform support for the 64bit Linux for the AMD64 or Intel EM64T compatible processor.
380800 The message Msg. 702, "Memory request for < n > bytes exceeds the size of a single page of 16384 bytes", is raised together with a stacktrace in the errorlog including the modules 'memalloc', 'q_oreop_fill' and 'substitute' when a user executes a query with a very large IN-list in the WHERE-clause.
380801 The error 11068, "Transaction was found in the incorrect state of 'Command-attached'." will be raised if a parallel select into fails due to lack of memory.
380822 SybMigrate not preserving identity values during migration. When migrating tables with identity columns the identity values were recomputed when created on the target server.
380995 CIS: Segmentation fault occurred in routine omni_prune_subtree_cnvtnode() for select-into queries against DB2 backends.
381009 Invoking sp_sjobcontrol with the run_now option does not result in the job being immediately run. Instead, the job is run when another stored procedure request is handled or the next scheduled job comes due.
381120 Query performing outer join and OR strategy may return incorrect results. This may happen if the Dynamic Index strategy is choosen by the optimizer to execute the query.
381170 A 551 error, "An unknown EVAL was sent to the execution module" or signal 11 in modules like 'qualpage' or 'do__groups' may be reported in the error log for a query with two GROUP BY clauses; in the main query and in a subquery, when it is executed in parallel.
381230 CIS: Connections to remote servers are not disconnected and remain engine affinitied until the client session terminates. The connections can now be dropped and detached from an engine after executing a statement to the remote server by enabling Traceflag 11231. Exceptions are when the statement is participating in cursor, transaction or stored procedure operations; or when ASE is in either HA failover or failback states.
381231 The message "Type Code: 100019; Soft fault that has been upgraded to a hard fault OAM entry is present but there is no allocation." may be mistakenly reported by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE when it is run on a freshly loaded database dump and the given database dump was taken on a busy ASE environment initially.
381308 DBCC CHECKSTORAGE run for a database with no text/image data may fail raising the error message "You cannot use the text workspace ' < TEXT_WORKSPACE_NAME > ' for database ' < DBNAME > '; required minimum size is < X > KB. The workspace is only < Y > KB"
381526 ASE may not be able to boot against a configuration file on HP and RS6000 platforms due to number of file descriptor issues, even if the configuration file contains low values for the number of user connections and the number of devices. ASE boot failure reports in errorlog "Verification failed for parameter 'number of user connections'".
381823 DUMP DATABASE now has a WITH VERIFY [= HEADER | FULL ] option. This performs basic page header sanity checks (HEADER) and both page header checks and intra-page row checks (FULL) on every page that is dumped by the Backup Server.
381870 An 834, 821, 8201 and other errors may be reported when ONLINE DATABASE is performed on a fully onlined database.
381985 ASE ships the sample program, sybmapname.c, in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/sample/server but there is no accompanying README file to explain the purpose of the program, care to be taken with implementing it, hints of coding useage etc. This CR is to request engineering/build to provide a suitable README in the same directory (or other documentation) as the program itself.
382140 The message "current process infected with 11" may be reported in the module 'ind__get_sysindrow' when DBCC LISTOAM is run with an object ID value that is not a table. The stack trace in the error log will also report the modules 'ind_getval' and 'pg_list_oam'.
382241 A SELECT statement might run very slowly when a BIT column is involved in the WHERE clause. This could now be resolved by turning on traceflag 15303.
382258 During session termination, if session has done a messaging operation (msgsend(), msgrecv(), msgpublish(), or msgconsume()), a stacktrace (signal 11) may occur. The stacktrace in the errorlog will contain um_destroy_conn().
382284 New feature: support added in migration tool to allow encrypted column migration.
382474 1) Referrals are chased automatically when LDAP user authentication mechanism is used by ASE which results in failure. 2) The sp_ldapadmin check_login 'login_name' fails.
382542 Spinlock contention on the memory pool that manages the 'heap memory per user' configuration parameter may be observed on a heavily-used multi-engine Adaptive Server.
382548 The concurrent execution of a batch or a stored procedure that contains the commands CREATE INDEX on a partitioned table, DROP of a partitioned table, and SELECT-INTO that is run in parallel, may cause an undetected deadlock scenario between the concurrent tasks, requiring an ASE restart to unblock the situation.
382555 A 12314 error: "Bad child page pointer found on page < pageno > of index with id < indid > of table < tabname > in database < dbname > . Expected child page pointer to be < pageno1 > but found < pageno2 > . Check if the index is consistant using DBCC." may be encountered while running a lot of concurrent INSERTs, DELETEs and UPDATEs on a DATA_ONLY locked table.
382686 Feature request to let the backup server check the logical page number consistency as the pages ar copied to the dump archive. The feature is enabled if the backup server is started with trace flag -D64.
382806 sp_addtype does not support the new feature allowing IDENTITY with INTEGER datatypes.
382808 The message "timeslice -501, current process infected" is raised together with a stacktrace printed in the errorlog containing the modules 's_crtproc', 'lwp_create' and 'make_negative_obj_id' when sending large amounts of dynamic SQL statements to the server without deallocating these dynamic SQL statements.
382855 When the errors 1131 and 1142 are raised by the OAM builtins such as data_pgs() or used_pgs(), they are unexpectedly also written in the ASE's error log.
382866 The installer fails with "Object to update not found in VPD..." error when user tries to install other Sybase products over ASE 12.5.3 IR or ASE 12.5.3 ESD1 installation.
382892 A new column RowsAffected has been added to monSysStatement and monProcessStatement indicating the number of rows affected by the completed statement and by the currently running statement, respectively. For monSysStatement, this columns corresponds to the value of @@rowcount after the statement's execution.
383040 CIS: Occasionally, on a heavily-loaded multi-engine system, the message "current process infected with 11" or "current process infected with 10" together with some stacktraces including different modules may be reported in the error log, and sometimes some ASE engines hang as well when running some CIS queries with 'set showplan on' option enabled.
383053 Contention on the procedure cache and the heap block pool governed by the "heap memory per used" configuration parameter is reduced by the addition of a spinlock specifically to synchronize access to the heap block pool.
383054 Spinlock contention can be caused by housekeeper license information chore on server with a high number of user connections configured.
383069 In some cases, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'constree' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'com_resdoms' and 'com_query' may be reported in the error log when referencing a column more than once and that column is defined as a subquery within a view.
383410 New feature request to export the set options textsize, stringsize and rowcount to the caller process of a login trigger. Currently this is enabled under trace flag 4073 only.
383691 Feature request to turn off error 880 message "Your query is blocked because it tried to write and database ' < dbname > ' is in quiesce state. Your query will proceed after the DBA performs QUIESCE DATABASE RELEASE." The behavior is activated using trace 833 in the runserver file.
383722 In rare circumstances, a 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page < page > belongs to object with id ..." may be reported by a table scan on a DOL table when a slow BCP IN command has been previously run parallel on this table. Only expected for a 64 bits server with more than one engine or a 32 bits server which is started with -T712.
383744 Space allocation is not optimal when inserting rows into an APL table having a clustered index and if the conditions are such that this table can hold 256 rows per page.
384050 In rare circumstances, on a multi-engine ASE running with traceflag 1641, heavy disk i/o load can result in ASE client hang. In some situations it could also lead to server shutdown.
384212 The message current process infected with 11 in treecpynames() with a stacktrace is printed in the errorlog containing the modules 'execproc', 's_compile', 'vu_viewcopy' when statement cache is enabled and a statement containing a derived table expression is send to the server.
384234 In multi engine scenario running a "disk resize" on an engine other than the one on which device has been initilized fails with an error 5166.
384261 Under some conditions when an error occurs during SELECT INTO statement execution the Adaptive Server may attempt to unslice just created table even if this table is not sliced. While in majority of cases this action will not do any harm sometimes it may lead to errors like 622 ("Opentable was passed a varno of 2. Object already has that session descriptor in use.", 216 ("Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed. ") and 3702 ("Cannot drop the table because it is currently in use. ")
384412 Error message 14513 requires two arguments (the database name, and name length), but ASE was providing none. The result was a poorly formatted error message, or, on some platforms, a stack trace and terminated connection.
384613 Segmentation violations in third pary Kerberos client libraries cause ASE crashes and denied access with high numbers of concurrent Kerberos authentication attempts from OpenClient applications. When using MIT Kerberos client library version 1.3.1 or earlier you can start ASE with traceflag 7844 that limits concurrent Kerberos authentications to avoid segmentation violations. The traceflag is not needed with CyberSafe or MIT verion 1.4 client libraries.
384621 On platforms that support Kerberos, a catastrophic failure, such as when a segmentation violation or a call to the C library routine "abort()" has occurred within the 3rd party Kerberos client libraries, results in error message: "Internal error - Security Control Layer (SCL) is unavailable on this engine and cannot support any external security mechanisms". The error path also disables Kerberos operations on that engine. The fix intercepts execution in the error path to release resources and allows Kerberos operations to continue on that engine.
384649 On the Windows platform the message "Could not get context for engine %d because engine is running." may appear in the errorlog during a configured shared memory dump.
384733 Generate a warning message when a query is performed on the monOpenObjectActivity MDA table when the monitored server does not have the 'lock wait timing' configuration option enabled.
384749 Changed IPv6 supportive code using Sun Solaris deprecated run-time functions into the IETF designed primitives which are generic for all platforms.
384779 In rare circumstances a 701 error, "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, ..." may be reported for queries that need to allocate memory chunks larger than 2 Kb (for example queries with long strings), while there is still memory available in each engine's local memory cache.
385017 In rare circumstances, ASE running on HP-UX, the message current process infected with 11 may be reported when dbcc printolog() is executed.
385033 Supply a document (ASE-12_5/ThirdPartyLegal/ASE-1253ThirdPartyLegal.pdf) containing licenses for third party products included as a part of ASE 12.5.3. The PDF contains links to the source code distributions for those third party components that require it as a part of their licenses.
385166 The error 3702 "Cannot drop the table '# < temp_table > ' because it is currently in use." may be raised followed by error 216 "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." when sp_spaceused or OAM builtins are used concurrently with sessions dropping their temporary objects.
385401 100030 error is reported by dbcc checkstorage for text page after cross-platform database load.
385470 Inf and NaN can be 'updated' into a float column using JDBC client applications.
385559 A 703 error: "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch" may sometimes be raised if too many sort buffers have been configured with respect to the available procedure cache. This CR adds a recommendation to retry with lesser sort buffers.
385793 When an attempt to run a SELECT INTO query in parallel mode fails because there is an insufficient number of worker processes, an error 11015 is raised instead of executing the query in serial mode.
385795 SELECT @@rowcount may return incorrect value after executing EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement if the server configuration option "send doneinproc tokens" is set to 0.
385942 A new feature request to avoid error 7205 state 3 while a SITE HANDLER is destroying a SITEBUF.
386107 The message 'current process (...) infected with 11' together with module eval_cnst_expr, run or com__mk_rslcnst may be generated when an incompatible constant SARG is used in a where clause.
386172 HA VCS: Auxiliary server online operation is incorrectly reported and offline operation fails
386327 Adaptive Server may provide incorrect results for ct_dynamic() call requesting CS_DESCRIBE_OUTPUT if the dynamic SQL executes multi-statement batch and SELECT statement returning the data is not the first one in the batch.
386421 Under rare circumstances, a time slice error may happen while running a cross platform < LOAD DATABASE > command for byte-swapped architectures and if the source database contains partitioned tables.
386423 Error 7351 is raised when a view is created in the same batch as a select of a variable value, although the variable is not part of the view definition.
386445 A column defined in DB2 as LONG VARCHAR was not being mapped correctly and any SELECT of the column would fail to return the correct data.
386447 srvbuild fails to build ASE if the master device size configuration is set to more than 2GB
386769 A new column ErrorStatus has been added to monSysStatement, indicating the error status upon completion of statement execution.
386912 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'com__subquery' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'constree' and 'com__op' may be reported in the error log for a SELECT with a subquery under a CASE statement and an OR clause. A view using the same combination can also result in error 3626, "The transaction was aborted because it used too much stack space"
387023 Queries containing many aggregates and at least one AVG() may return incorrect results or fail with a stack trace on 64bit platform.
387036 sp_start_rep_agent with 'recovery' option run for an offline database will report the error 9280: Unable to start repagent on database < dbname > because that database has not been recovered and/or is not online.
387121 HA: On ASE HA Active/Passive configuration with Sun Cluster 3.x environment, if a child ASE monitor process (ase_monitor) dies, a parent ASE monitor process restarts ASE.
387143 An exec immediate SQL command using a command string built from concatenated strings can fail with syntax errors or generate incorrect results if one of the strings used to built the command string has a NULL/empty value.
387279 An 875 error, "Unable to grab a buffer to allocate a page to the log in database id < id > ..." may be reported on a heavily-used 32bit Linux system that is making use of large memory support (the "extended cache size" configuration parameter is non-zero). Now, the wash size for the < server page size > pool in all user-configured caches (not the extended cache), is set to the configured wash size; prior to this change it was set to a fixed value.
387287 When sampling for update statistics is enabled and the index/column does not have existing statistics, then the resulting join density and total density are set to a default value of 0.1. Traceflag 2703 is now provided such that when the traceflag is turned on, the join and total density will be gathered from the sample instead of being set to the default value.
387313 LOAD DATABASE has a new option, WITH VERIFY[ONLY] [= HEADER | FULL ]. This performs basic page header sanity checks (HEADER) and both page header checks and intra-page row checks (FULL) on every page loaded. If VERIFYONLY is used, the pages are read and checked from the dump archive but they are not copied onto the database devices.
387421 A stored procedure that has a statement whose execution requires a work table creation, may encounter remapping problems when the statement is executed using the pass through mode on a remote server and the local server has multiple temporary databases defined. The problem will manifest with the message "current process ... infected with 11" in module proc__reset_wktbl().
387440 The error 8419 "Could not find index descriptor for objid < value > , indid < value > in dbid < value > ." may be raised during the recovery phase of a database with a stack trace reported in the error log with modules 'recovery', 'pg_zap_dealbit_db' and 'pg__recalc_oams'.
387469 HA SC 3.x: If a parent ase_monitor is dead after a child ase_monitor is dead, ase_monitor processes do not wake up and nobody monitors dataserver process.
387523 On a 32 bit Linux platform, a 695 or 697 error may be reported in a server configured with 2K pages and Large Memory Support(the "extended cache size" is set to a non-zero value).
387532 The message "infected with 11 in mda_populate_monCachedProcedures()" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'mdarpc_exec' and 'exec__native_rpc' may be written to the errorlog when ASE monitoring tables are enable and the 'number of open objects' parameter is not configured high enough.
387680 CIS: SELECT from proxy_table might return the number of rows according to the previous SET ROWCOUNT, even though the rowcount has been set back to 0.
387711 Recompilation of a stored procedure containing a statement with correlated subquery in the HAVING clause may lead to different errors indicating query tree corruption.
387722 The ASE for the 64-bit linux platform for the AMD64 process in the ASE 12.5.2 release can be run without any license. The licensing is not enforced in that ASE software. With this new release for the 64-bit Linux platform for the AMD64 processor in the ASE 12.5.3 release, the licensing requirement is enforced in the ASE software. For the step to add licensing, refer to chapter 3, Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) in the Install Guide for Linux.
387753 If the debug version of ASE is booted with the trace flag 722, the server performs additional checks on the heap memory to detect possible memory corruption.
387756 The message infected with 11 in decision is printed in the errorlog, together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_compile_stmt', 'execproc' and 's_execute', when executing a stored procedure which performs a select from a view having a UNION clause. This statement must be the second statement in the stored procedure.
387857 ASE on Windows uses Certicom SSL Plus 3.1.15b libraries, and ASE on UNIX platforms uses Certicom SSLPlus 3.1.14 libraries.
387878 Query with index joins may execute very slowly.
387954 Sub-optimal performances may be seen on queries with < LIKE > ... < ESCAPE > expressions
388018 In rare circumstances, the ONLINE DATABASE command fails with a 2610 error after a cross-platform database load. To avoid this error, run "dbcc traceon(3199)", reload the dump and online the database using "ONLINE DATABASE".
388074 Under stress conditions, ASE running on HP-UX, the message 'current process infected with 11' together with a stack trace which include the module 'addCharArrays' may be reported in the error log when the client is using SSL.
388267 After failover is complete, sometimes a child ase_monitor process still remains on primary node.
388369 If user installs an ESD to a release directory that doesn't have file ASE-12_5/scripts/installjconnect, the installer will throw a ServiceException.
388401 Sybmon dump with ASE 12.5.2 ESD#2 on Windows platform fails. ASE reports seek error in errorlog similar to 'File positioning failed (4).Seek offset: 828964864'
388427 The message "current process infected with 11 in expand_ALL_nodes" is printed in the ASE errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'd_upgradeobj', 's_normalize' and 'u_view_driver' when executing the command DBCC UPGRADE_OBJECT() on a stored procedure containing a view having a SELECT * on a table which is dropped and recreated before executing the actual DBCC command.
388475 On the Windows platform, issuing the xp command "xp_cmdshell 'type long.txt'" where long.txt is a text file with a very long line ( > 255 characters) of text and no final carriage return, will result in the text file being repeatedly typed in an infinite loop
388889 CIS: Selecting from proxy MSSQL table involving builtin functions hextoint/inttohext could give an error "... not a recognized function name" from the backend server.
389129 Error 511 "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size < value > bytes is larger than the maximum size ( < value > bytes) allowed for this table..." may be raised during the execution of a stored procedure using the reformatting strategy and the creation of a DOL (Datarows Only Locking) work table. Alternatively the error 9561 "An insert or update to table 'temp worktable' places column '(unknown column)' at offset < value > ..." may be raised.
389218 Illegal escape sequences in Unicode literals (U&'...') are not detected properly when the server's default character set is configured as UTF-8.
389287 Encryption key names are limited to 29 characters, whereas other identifiers in ASE (stored procedure names, table names, etc) can be upto 30 characters in length.
389302 Sqlupgrade may report "Error fetching results for query: ... CREATE TABLE spt_committab... " after "Running installcommit script", likewise the installcommit script may report error 2714, "There is already an object named 'spt_committab' in the database."
389364 ASE may prematurely enforce a resource limit for "tempdb_space" resulting in error 11056 "Exceeded tempdb space limit of < value > pages." being raised. This may happen due to some inaccurate accounting of tempdb space during the execution of DROP TABLE, TRUNCATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX commands.
390136 An INSERT ... SELECT query that uses the TOP delimiter will unexpectedly insert zero rows in the target table.
390212 User will see English Help if Help contents is missing from Localized help but included in English help.
390371 select into encrypt is NOT failing with error 11776 when identity columns are encrypted.
390450 ASE has supported Apple's service discovery mechanism, previously called Rendezvous (and now called BonJour) since ASE version This service allowed client programs to discover the location of a server, and connect to it, without having to configure the server in an interfaces file. However, services could only be discovered on the same subnet as the client. Since Mac OS X 10.3, the Rendezvous (BonJour) API has been updated to allow domain-wide service registration and service discovery. To enable domain-wide service registration within ASE, first set an environment variable in the RUN_servername command file at $SYBASE/ASE-12_5/install. The environment variable is BONJOUR_DOMAIN. For example: set BONJOUR_DOMAIN ; export BONJOUR_DOMAIN This feature is also available for Backup Server and XP Server, and is triggered by the same environment variable.
390627 The error 4821 "Identity value overflow error" may be unexpectedly raised during the insertion of rows with the BCP utility, if the target table had its schema changed earlier to gain an IDENTITY column and one or more non nullable column(s). This error would manifest only if the given columns were added through a single ALTER TABLE command.
390632 Message "getMsg: failure during argument substitution for message code %1" is printed to stderr when srvbuild[res] or sqlupgrade[res] failed to install installmaster.
390696 Wrong linenumbers could be reported while debugging a stored procedure using the sqldbgr program.
390760 Performance optimization and enhancements on Mac OS X 10.4.2
390802 The boot time message "Database < DBNAME > is now online." may be unexpectedly printed twice in the ASE errorlog for "model", "sybsystemdb", and "tempdb" system databases.
390932 HA VCS: During failover, dataserver process is not killed if shutdown is not successful. This can result in failback operation failure with error "Agent is unable to offline resource. Administrative intervention may be required."
390936 HA VCS: Offline operation may timeout and fail because, under high load conditions, ASE waits indefinitely for the server to complete all transactions on shutdown with wait.
391170 HA VCS: Clean operation generates "Illegal division by zero at line 1258" error.
391178 The input parameter @table_name in sp_columns is limited to 32 characters. Passing in a name greater then 32 characters using [] to 'escape' special character _ for the LIKE clauses used in sp_columns, will cause sp_columns to return no results for that tablename.
391298 TIBCO JMS libraries are now dynmically loaded rather than statically linked into the ASE executable. The user must include the correct DLL path(s) in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivalent.
391734 On a 32 bit Linux platform, an OAM page of a recently created table may contain the object id of another recently created table, resulting in a 605 error when server is configured for Large Memory Support (the "extended cache size" is set to a non-zero value).
391901 A 2630 error "In database ' < value > ', page < value > is linked backward to page < value > , but that page is linked forward to page < value > ." may sometimes be encountered while several sessions are running concurrent DELETEs on the same DATA_ONLY LOCKED table in a multi-engine environment.
392110 On the Windows platform, when ASE is blocked while sending results to an SSL client, the process can now be terminated using the kill command.
392262 On (32-bit Linux) RH AS 2.1 or RHEL 3.0, the operating system ignores requests from ASE to bypass the file system cache for file system database devices. This can result in modified data pages not flushed to disk when ASE thinks the data is on disk. In cases where there is a power failure or other system crash, these modifications may be lost leading to data corruption.
392492 The message current process infected with 11 in vu_fixupvar is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'vu_fixupview', 'vu_addviewqual' and 'pre_aggview' when executing a SELECT containing a subquery in the select-list, a derived table expression in the FROM clause and another subquery in the WHERE-clause.
392544 sp_helprotect does not show privileges related to encryption keys.
392691 Revoke Decrypt does not get called for group and user objects when revoke (a cross sign) is selected on permission tab. Correct that in this CR.
392779 Disk Init on NFS : On AIX, performing a disk init of a very large device over an NFS share hangs indefinitely.
392963 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ind__copy_row' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'des__systs_flushall' and 'des_checkpoint' may be reported in the error log during dump database when the "number of open indexes" is under configured and Adaptive Server is configured to use more than one engines.
393368 The message "Invalid column length: < xx > . Value must be between 0 and 30 for 'all-pages' row with minimum row length of < xx > ." is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'insert_index_row', 'ncupdate' and 'obj_newrow' when executing CREATE TABLE < identifier > , whereby the identifier is > 30 bytes using a multibyte character set.
393502 Highlight text foreground color forced to be white color.
393542 In rare circumstances, a 692 or other similar error may be reported on the master database when restarting Adaptive Server after a earlier abnormal termination or SHUTDOWN WITH NOWAIT.
393740 The stored procedure sp_help when used on an encryption key displays a blank name, owner and object type information.
393754 CR 378774 fix in 12.5.3 ESD#2 is not effective and syconfig.exe does not allow choosing location of sybsystemdb device.
393895 Makefile make.unix provided for sample program sample/esp/xp_echo.c does not work on IBM AIX 64bit platform.
394278 Error 20019 "Attempt to initiate a new SQL Server operation with results pending." will be reported by a dblibrary routine that tries to send new commands to the server after a successful call to dbwritetext().
394365 Server Groups folder Details panels now displays "n/a" (Not Available) on version/platform/status columns when the information is not available, i.e. when ASEP is not connected to the server and the server is not monitored by Unified Agent.
394524 The number of private buffers for parallel query plans were not being accurately calculated and claimed. This could result in infinite loops in the cache manager where somewhere higher on the stack a Lava expensive operator was attempting to grab a buffer.
394750 Killing a spid with status "MAINTENANCE TOKEN" during login authentication with Kerberos when traceflag 7844 is used, blocks all Kerberos activity on the engine. A dataserver should be run with traceflag 7844 when MIT 1.3 Kerberos libraries are used to workaround concurrency problems within the MIT Kerberos client libraries.
394754 The Adaptive Server Enterprise 32-bit Express Edition on Linux has the 2GB memory configuration and hence the configuration 'enable extended cache' is not a valid option for the server.
394880 An Infected with 11 stacktrace containing functions omni_getnext and exec_eop is generated when a query uses an aggregate function against a DATE column in a proxy table defined against an ASIQ table.
394927 A 221 message, "Column of type (BIT) does not allow nulls. It may not be compared with null." is raised when assigning the result of SELECT to a variable of type BIT. The SELECT is from a view with a UNION ALL clause with a select-list having a column of type BIT.
395119 On windows platforms only the sybmigrate tool for ASE 12.5.3 fails to start with ASE 12.5.3 ESD#1 or ASE 12.5.3 ESD#2 installed. The error at startup is: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sybase/util/ds/ldap/LDAPWarning
395497 A new feature has been added to allow a load of 15.0 database dump file from a byte-swapped architecture.
395523 The command 'sp_encryption system_encr_passwd, null' fails with a message 'Message number 19339, passed to RAISERROR, does not exist in the sysmessages catalog.'
395732 During sec_session_close the Kerberos security session context is freed. During heavy login and disconnect processing the sec_memfree can get a segv.
395745 sp_encryption 'remove_catalog' fails to give an error when it finds a column encrypted by a given key in the same database. It removes the sysencryptkeys system table in preparation for downgrade without adequate checking.
395749 Using bcp OUT of a view using the -C option on bcp will fail if the view uses an encrypted column in the where clause.
395858 In rare circumstances the message "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'ubo_object_from_slot', 'pss_getunkept_pss', 'lock_vsema' and 'log__unlock' may be reported when many transactions are active within a database and at least one of these is a transaction that is externally coordinated by XA, MSDTC or a remote Adaptive Server (a transactional RPC).
395894 A 2631 error, "The maximum number of index levels '255' has been reached for index < indname > of table < tablename > in database < dbname > " may sometimes be encountered while inserting data into a clustered index with a large index key.
396081 Sybase Central ASEPlugin now supports BCP in/out for User Tables(/partitions), and views
396136 Under rare circumstances the execution of DBCC CHECKSTORAGE may hang if the given scan workspace is very large.
396144 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'memcpy' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'ss_chartoblob' and 'run' may be reported in the error log during an UPDATE of a TEXT column using a J-connect program or a CT-library program that uses host variables. In some cases a 510 error, "Bad eop type 0x.." may be reported instead.
396266 The message "infected with 11 in s_is_cachable" is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_normalize' and 'sequencer' when executing a query performing an INSERT into a temporary table based and on a SELECT with a UNION clause whereby the last SELECT contains a subquery.
396296 Sub-optimal performances may be seen on queries with LIKE expression performed on a unichar or univarchar column.
396479 When an UPDATE that uses the tsequal() builtin function is done within a stored procedure, tsequal() no longer returns a timestamp value unless the 4080 trace flag is being used. When an UPDATE that uses the tsequal() builtin function is done outside a stored procedure, tsequal() returns a timestamp value in the TDS_RETURNVALUE token.
396536 sp_helpdevice reports the allocated database fragments on a database device
396708 A 15052 error, "Index error: Table id < id > , indid < id > calculated maxlen < value > does not match < value > in Sysindexes" may be reported by DBCC CHECKCATALOG on a table that has at least two bit columns, after ALTER TABLE was run to add/modify a variable length or NULL column.
396811 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'lddb__stat_translate' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lddb__unscr_stat_page' may be reported in the error log, when loading a database across platform, if the database has an orphan row in syssatistics.
397260 The config numbers for 'max online Q engines' and 'number of Q engines at startup' are not correct. They should be 447 and 448 instead of 443 and 444.
397320 HAFAILOVER occurs on clients when killing a spid on ASE. The condition occurs when the spid is involved in a non-resultset transaction, such as insert into command. When the kill is issued, ASE is internally rolling back the transaction, and the HA Session id is still valid at this point. This enables the client to re-connect. Client should receive some sort of disconnect message instead, like jConnect JZ006 IOException, or isql operation terminated due to disconnect.
397342 Flush all data to the Sybmon log file whenver the 'log off' command is executed.
397359 The error 632 "Attempt to move memory with an incorrect length of < len > . Maximum allowed length is < maxlen > ." will now be raised during garbage collection of index leaf pages if the length of memory being moved goes beyond a page boundary, instead of silently trashing the data cache.
397535 When exec_procedure auditing is enabled for system stored procedures sp_encryption and sp_ssladmin, the password parameters are visible in the audit trail.
397539 The recovery task may appear to hang forever executing the functions 'at_do_reserve', 'pg_oam_pagecounts' and 'pg_recalcoam' after loading a database dump which was taken on a very active ASE environment.
397658 If an LDAP server does not allow anonymous binds then one cannot set the "primary_url" and "dn_lookup_url" even if the "access_account" has been successfuly set.
397700 ASE Job Scheduler fails to execute jobs scheduled to repeat with an interval greater than approximately 25 minutes.
397873 Enable Java support on Solaris x64 (opteron) platform.
397910 Suppress raising error 2513 from DBCC CHECKCATALOG if rows are found missing in syscomments for definition-time partition condition objects that were left behind due to some errors that occured during creation of tables with partition conditions.
398110 Transactional queries involving remote tables may hang on Windows platform configured with SSL when trace flag 3431 is used.
398212 If Adaptive Server is unable to find an encryption key when it is processing an encrypted column, an unhelpful error message (15424) is raised. This scenario can occur if, for example, the database containing the key has been taken offline.
398675 The error 874 "Process < spid > is trying to unkeep buffer < buf_addr > (dbid: < dbid > , pageno: < pageno > ) without releasing the < type > latch it holds on the buffer." may be raised when an interrupt is received by a query on a Data-Only-Locked table using the isolation level 3 (serializable) and performing a backward scan.
398768 A 8206 error, "Object < negative number > was not found in WorkTabList" may be reported in the error log for a query referencing multiple times the same view and performing aggregates on view columns. This problem will happen only if the query is executed in the parallel mode.
398819 ASE reports "master device corrupt" even for the situation of missing master device when booting a server without providing the master device.
398897 The output from sp_sysmon system stored procedure may report incorrect values for the "Free" counters in the section "Metadata Cache Management".
398968 User can specify RMI port other than 9999 for Unified Agent connection.
399163 ASE Plug-in previously only uses default RMI port (port number 9999) to communicate with Unified Agent. This now can be modified by opening ASE Plug-in preference dialog (Tools - > Adaptive Server Enterprise - > Preferences) and select "Use agent port number < port_number > by default" where user can set < port_number > to be the port number that ASE Plug-in should use.
399320 Make the network listener immune to non fatal errors.
399374 An incorrect RETURN status may be sent by Adaptive Server when executing a dynamic SQL statement which had to be internally recompiled, for example, due to a schema change for some of objects referenced by the statement.
399400 The maximum value for "default network packet size" and "max network packet size" is 65535 as per the syscurconfigs table. However the maxiumum value ASE will allow the administrator to configure is 65024. Therefore this CR changes the syscurconfigs maximum to be 65024.
399440 UPDATE all STATISTICS on a proxy table that has partitions results in a stacktrace with Server Error Msg 1142 "Invalid OAM page 0"
399737 Under rare circumstances a session may hang forever during a lock request despite the session having send an interrupt request to ASE (Control-C). This may happen if the session was waiting initially for the lock request and ASE receives the attention request just before it awakes this session in order to initiate a deadlock search.
399972 Enable native XML support for HPIA64 platform
399978 Attention during unmount operation is not properly handled. DBT3_UNMOUNT_IN_PROGRESS and DBT3_DBSHUTDOWN_FROM_ACCESS bits in dbtable are not cleared when we unkeep it. So, the database is not accessible to anyone after this.
400034 The correct @@error values can be got when we run xmlvalidate(),xmlextract() and xmlparse(), involving the options "null" and "message", meeting with some exceptions (such as the XML parser error).
400122 Got stack trace when upgrade from text the computed columns that invoke SQLJ functions.
400177 Add Powerdesigner and Infomaker back into the ASE 12.5.3 pcclient image.
400253 After the preupgrade test in sqlupgrade, if you click the "Go Back" button, it takes you to the "sqlupgrade - Specify sybsystemprocs device" screen, instead of the options screen.
400309 Client applications requesting the ipaddr receives 64 characters instead of 15, potentially breaking a client application. This problem may appear on all platforms in 12.5.3 ESD#3 and the 12.5.3a GA releases.
400327 The error 216 "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed." may be raised when the configuration parameter "number of locks" is under-configured.
400341 Syntax errors may be reported from the remote server when a select into query is executed on a proxy table and the local column names do not match the remote coumn names.
400368 Job Scheduler install fails when configuration parameter 'check password for digit' is enabled.
400554 The ipaddr column in sysprocesses may contain trailing junk when each field of the ip address contains 3 digits.
400662 Various errors related to the TEXT pointer inconsistency may be raised when executing a query under trace flag 289 and the query references a view with union and is using convert function on TEXT data.
400669 CIS: A 2762 error, "CREATE TABLE command is not allowed within multiple statement transaction" may be reported when executing a SQL INSERT..SELECT from proxy table mapped to a RPC. This is resolved with a server-wide traceflag 11232 or a session level traceflag 11228. Either traceflag has to be turned on to allow CREATE TABLE command in the remote procedure.
400751 When exec_procedure auditing is enabled for system stored procedures sp_companion and sp_config_rep_agent, the password parameters are visible in the audit trail.
400797 HA: When a cross database 'drop table' operation is performed on the primary node of an HA configuration, the operation succeeds on the primary but fails on the proxy database on the secondary node without error.
400907 Improve the performance of drop table in tempdb by extending the functionality implemented under CR 316222 to the drop of user objects in tmpdb. CR 316222 released the system catalog locks when not in DDL-IN-TRAN mode after the commit of the transaction but before post commit work started; this enhancement is triggered by -T3706 either at boot time or via DBCC TRACEON(3706).
400948 Remote Job Scheduling wizard inappropriately displays the Load and SQL Editor buttons, implying that the user can modify the automatically generated job commands.
401092 When LDAP User Authentication feature is enabled and the LDAP directory service does not respond to connection or search requests from ASE, logins attempts will hang. This prevents further authentication requests from succeeding on any engine where this occurs. Messages such as "Waiting for native threads to be released, or for 'max number of native threads' to be increased." appear repeatedly in the errorlog after a number of login requests become blocked. When this message appears in the errorlog, other use of native threads are also prevented.
401098 sp_helpartition reports the number of data pages per partition. This is extended to report the number of rows per partitions in addition to the number data pages.
401149 CIS: Ctrl-C on rpc mapped to a remote procedure will not cancel the execution of the remote procedure if it does not execute any SQL queries on the tables.
401153 sp_syntax does not include mount/unmount command help. The ins_syn_sql script is now included to complete the resolution of CR 350291.
401167 On 64-bit platforms, an infected with 11 message followed by a stacktrace may appear in the ASE error log due to the execution of the sp_shmdumpconfig stored procedure when a "message" type dump condition is configured in ASE.
401249 Put Directory Services Editor under ASE Plug-in utilities tab for Unix platforms.
401265 The Job Scheduler Administration dialog always indicates the Job Scheduler is not running, even when it is running.
401281 Negative zero value may be inserted into a float column on HP-UX and Linux platforms only.
401306 Enable native XML support for Linux AMD64 platform.
401382 sp_helprotect was not showing the 'Decrypt' permissions that were granted.
401385 Error when executing trigger after an alter table .. decrypt a column. Misleading error when altering a column that belonged to a clustered/placement index
401414 Scheduled Job Summary says that the Job Timeout value is in seconds instead of minutes.
401500 For unsigned integers, sp_datatype_info should return the user syntax "unsigned < int > ", not the internal name "u < int >
401595 A 702 error, "Memory request for 49858 bytes exceeds the size of single page of 16384 bytes." together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'cpyconstvalue' and 'memalloc' may be reported in the error log for a SELECT INTO statement with a aggregate on a string longer then 16384 characters.
401658 In Windows silent install, the installer doesn't tell user to reboot the machine after it configures new servers.
401660 In ASE 15.0, after Load Database has loaded a database dump that was created by an ASE executable of a version preceding 15.0, if there should be a system failure during the Online Database command, then the ensuing boot recovery may see error 605 (page uninitialized) or error 692 (wrong object affinity) or error 806 (page number out of range) while recovering the same database.
401718 proc_role() may return incorrect results if run in parallel.
401742 Windows Only: When perfmon is used with ASE 15.0, ASE counters are not visible in the perfmon utility to monitor.
402044 Incorect value may be assignment to the local variable if the query is executed in the parallel and the query has a scalar aggregate. This problem may happen if the showplan output shows multiple query steps with "Parallel result buffer merge" execution strategy.
402240 If user applies the ESD over $SYBASE that was copied from another directory, the installer produces a warning message and ask if he/she wants to continue. If the user chooses "No", the installer displays the same warning message and quesion again. He/She cannot exit this infinite loop.
402274 Query with equi-sargs predicates containing IS NULL on indexed columns can result in wrong selectivity estimation.
402324 The sybmon stack command has been extended to support dumping metadata for all threads running a parallel query plan. The new command is: stack family < alfa_spid > Note, that alfa_spid must be the spid of the parallel plan's alfa thread.
402353 If a SQL update statement uses an assignment of an encrypted column into a T/SQL local variable or parameter (@variable), Adaptive Server may return Msg 15445: "The datatype of the ciphertext data (NUMERIC) is incorrect for column ''."
402355 The message, process infected with 11 in 'proc__setdb_derived_table' is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_getTreeOrPlan', 'proc_setdb' and 'proc__setdb_tree' when a SELECT statement containing a derived table expression is executed. ASE must be configured with user defined tempdbs and statement cache on.
402441 This CR implements 'dynamic partition elimination': when predicates such as 'where part_col = @v' appear in a query on a table that is semantically partitioned on 'part_col', the query execution engine will determine the partition that could contain matching values based upon the semantic partitioning conditions, at execution time, when the value of @v is known. The partitions that cannot contain matching values are eliminated from the scan operation. Dynamic partition elimination will also be applied to nested-loop join operations, where the substituted value of the column of the outer table is known before the inner table is scannned. A new message will appear in showplan output when dynamic partitioning is active: [ Using Dynamic Partition Elimination ]
402536 XPServer fails to start on linuxia64 platform with default value of "esp execution stacksize" parameter.
402732 This fix enhances the query optimizer's ability to find optimal query plans for complex queries more quickly without compromising on plan quality. The enhancement primarily comes from changes made to the ASE query optimizer's optimization timeout mechanism and greedy search strategy. The following user interface changes have also been made for the optimization timeout mechanism: At the server level: sp_configure "optimization timeout limit", < 0..1000 > - this option is now valid for ad-hoc queries only - the range has changed from < 1..1000 > to < 0..1000 > - the value 0 represents "no timeout" - the default is still 10 sp_configure "sproc optimize timeout limit", < 0..4000 > - this option has been introduced for stored procedure queries - the is from < 0..4000 > - the value 0 represents "no timeout" at server level - the default is 40 At the session level set plan opttimeout < 0..4000 > - this can be specified for both ad-hoc queries or stored procedures - the range has changed from < 1..1000 > to < 0..4000 > - the value 0 represents "no-timeout" at session level - for ad-hoc queries, values specified above 1000 are discarded and default of 10 is used At query level select * from TabA ... plan "(use opttimeoutlimit < 0..4000 > )" - only < 0..1000 > can be specified for ad-hoc queries - < 0..4000 > can be specified for stored procedures - a value of "0" represents no-timeout at the query level
402835 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'dbt_unkeep' followed by a stack trace may be reported in the error log when a session is detaching from an external transaction and the revert to the database that was active at the time of the attach has failed. The modules 'xact__detach_external' and 'closedb' will also be reported. As a result an implicit shut down of ASE will occur.
402897 Performance problem could occur when a query has 2 or more IN lists that can be applied to the same composite index on different keys. The behavior was that the index will likely be chosen in the query plan, but if this index was a weak choice, then there could be a performance problem. e.g. select * from T where T.a IN (1,2) and T.b IN (5,6) and ... some other predicates suppose an index existed on T(a,b) and all rows of the index qualified with the above predicate, then a full index scan with lookup of all data rows will occur, which would normally be much slower than a simple table scan or some other index scan with the remaining predicates.
402902 For an INSERT ... SELECT query a 14108 error or 605 error can occur if all of the following conditions are met: The rows to be inserted contain at least one LOB column (TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT); The SELECT that generates the values to be inserted must access at least two distinct tables, each with a LOB column; The query plan must use a HashDistinct operation, i.e. the showplan output contains: HASH DISTINCT Operator. The 14108 error can occur if at least one table in the query has no LOB columns. If all tables in the query have LOB columns, the 605 error can occur.
402922 After 32bit < - > 64 bit or cross-platform dump load, if server is shutdown and boot again, accessing semantically partitioned table or roundrobin partitioned table with global clustered/placement index may run into segv.
402986 Installjsdb released with ASE 1253 ESD#3 on Mac OS is an incorrect version and causes Job Scheduler not to function on Mac. This affects only Mac OS platform. ASE reports in errorlog messages like "Incorrect Job Scheduler sequencer version found within 'sybmgmtdb'", "Job Scheduler can not operate, Expected 0:27:27, Actual 0:26:26", "Job Scheduler failed installing its required sequencer code", "Job Scheduler Task failed to initialize", "Job Scheduler Task state set to stop".
403071 Update auditinit for sunx86 platform. Previous release has incorrectly shipped auditinit from other platform.
403075 Update auditinit for HPIA64 platform. Previous release has incorrectly shipped auditinit from other platform.
403382 CIS: In some circumstances, running sp_showplan on a multi-engine server with sessions involving CIS query or MDA tables may be infected with signal 10 or 11 and core dumps, or causes ASE to hang.
403461 This fix is to update logic of counting physical processors considering introduction of SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) capable Power5 processors.
403462 This fix is to support additional license type "EV" for evaluation period license.
403592 Error 4022 should have a severity of 10, but a severity of 16 is raised which results in ODBC connections being refused.
403600 On HP-UX Itanium platform, the stacktrace in case of a crash doesn't include all the frames and may also report wrong function names even though we have the correct instruction pointer.
403968 REORG REBUILD on a single data partition is not supported yet. Added an error message 11935 in rbld_main() to warn the user.
403972 On SuSE 32 bit Linux platform (SuSE 9 SP1 or later), ASE incorrectly identifies AIO to be KAIO while using Posix AIO. This can lead to ASE hang. Solution is to start ASE with trace flag 1630.
403986 In certain rare types of operations on non-clustered indexes, fatal error 539 may be seen when out of log space.
403989 When a database has almost, but not quite, enough available space for upgrade, and the upgrade will need to create new tables in that database, the preupgrade utility may fail to detect that the database needs to be made larger.
403996 Job Scheduler Agent has problems with Japanese job command text.
404123 CIS: When a table is marked for replication with sp_setreptable, updating the table with text or image data using UPDATE or INSERT-SELECT command from a proxy XFS table results in 605 or 806 error.
404291 QPMETRICS: Implementing a new 'filter' command for sp_metrics. The syntax will be: sp_metrics 'filter', '@gid', '@predicate' e.g. sp_metrics 'filter', '1', 'lio_max < 100' which will delete all qpmetrics records in group 1 where lio_max < 100.
404355 The system stored procedure SP_HELPCACHE may report an inacurrate name value for a given user-defined cache, if it was created with a long name initially.
404470 UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS raises error 9810 with a stacktrace containing the function call sl_update_ctrlpg_pagecnt
404487 Monitor counters reporting Run-Time adjustment of parallel queries are functional Monitor counters are: total number of parallel queries number of run-time-adjusted queries due to thread limit ('max parallel degree' or session 'parallel_degree' setting.) number of run-time-adjusted queries due to a lack of available processes.
404643 CIS: When an error occurs while inserting data into proxy tables within a local transaction, it results in partial commits on remote pre-DTM servers.
404649 Fixes missing information about plan version, statement number and line number for a stored procedure.
404651 Out of many Per Key attribute for an index scan operator, only the first one was shown. This fix now shows all the perKeys for an indexScan
404666 Advanced tab is not shown for the versions of servers where it is inapplicable
404751 When the option SET ROWCOUNT is set within a procedure where SET EXPORT_OPTIONS is ON, the option is not exported to the procedure caller.
404816 Separate object id/name and partition id/name parameters in the following dbccs. The new syntax is shown below: dbcc tablealloc(tablename | tabid [, full | optimized | fast [, fix | nofix [, data_partition_name | data_partition_id ]]]) dbcc indexalloc(tablename | tabid, indid [, optimized | fast [, fix | nofix [, partition_name | partition_id ]]]) dbcc rebuild_text(table | "all" [, column [, text_page [, data_partition ]]])
404841 dbcc checkstorage and reorg rebuild, when run concurrently, may result in an undetected deadlock due to missing wakeup in a rare window.
405000 Upgrade to 15.0 from a 12.5.x release containing the encrypted columns feature may fail while upgrading sysindexes. This occurs because column IDs for encryption-related sysindexes columns are different between the two releases.
405112 When using parallel mode, a query cannot use an index on an inner table of a nested loop join. This is prevalent in a case where the partitioning of the inner table of a nested loop join is useless with respect to the columns in the join clause. This fix can only be enabled using a session level command "set replicated_partition 1".
405113 Possible different trailing spaces from pre-150 when assigning an order-by char type column to a char type variable. Here is an example: create table #t (c1 char(5) null ) go insert #t values ('123') go declare @v1 char(10) select @v1 = c1 from #t order by c1 go @v1 would have different number of trailing spaces compared to pre-150.
405315 If the "number of open objects" is under configured, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'crc_ckconstr' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'crt_main' and 'crt_constr' may be reported during the creation of a table. Similarly, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'procrm' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_recompile' and 's_rmpbuf' may be reported during the execution of a stored procedure.
405460 At login time, if the password has expired, it is possible that a shared page lock on syslogins is not released after the login has completed.
405514 A cursor declared on a select statement with a where clause that searches an encrypted column using a literal value may fail to find qualifying rows. The failure occurs if the column being searched is encrypted by a key created with init_vector NULL.
405646 Incorrect result set ordering for an INSERT ... SELECT.. ORDER BY ... query where some of the ORDERBY columns is not part of the INSERT scalars. For example: insert into t1 (col1) select col1 from t2 order by col1, col2 desc In the above query, col2's ordering requirement may not be enforced.
405894 SQL Logging dialog now saves the previously set options. Two additional options are added: adding 'go' at the end of each SQL statement, and displaying row numbers in query output. Also, date/time output now contains the elapsed time of the SQL. Note the elapsed time, displayed as 'Execution time', include the time that ASE Plug-in spends before and after the query execution (preparing query and processing query results, e.g.)
406005 Downgrade from 1253a and then running sp_bindrule, sp_bindefault, etc causes stack trace because of the extra columns added in syscolumns for encrypted columns.
406060 An 8201 error "Keep count of descriptor ... was expected to be 1. Instead 2 was found." may be raised during LOAD TRAN or LOAD DATABASE, when the configuration parameter "per object statistics active" is turned on.
406068 Encrypted columns of type CHAR, VARCHAR, BINARY and VARBINARY that are specified as nullable fail to decrypt using ALTER TABLE .. MODIFY .. DECRYPT.
406092 During Migration Tool (sybmigrate) setup using the graphical interface: on the repository database setup screen the drop-down that shows a list of potential devices to use for the creation of the repository database may be empty if no devices have enough free space. If the Next > button is pressed a java NullPointerException is raised at com.sybase.sybmigration.gui.SPWizRepositoryPage.validateInput(
406166 Due to packaging error, ASE Plugin included in 12.5.3 ESD#3 and ESD#4 cause following errors. When ASE Plug-in that is coded with JRE 1.4 is run with 1.3 JVM, it gives stack trace during Create Table which results in a stack trace that says java.lang.NoSuchMethodError. When ASE Plug-in that is coded with JRE 1.3 is run with 1.4 JVM, focus error will be seen during Create Table.
406294 jsagent process terminates and core file is generated when the user issues the sp_js_wakeup "stop_js", 1 command.
406313 Previously Databases folder was sorted incorrectly when connected to a 12.0 ASE. This has been fixed.
406314 The changes included in OCS 12.5.1 ESD#10 include fixes for the following issues: SCL/Kerberos memory leaks on successful connections when using MIT Kerberos, CR 385928. After many hundreds or thousands of successful Kerberos connections, memory leak resulted in memory allocation errors in the errorlog and authentication errors returned to clients. The memory allocation errors reported: "Security Control Layer's memory allocation routine returned an error." An API change occurred to OCS internal functions used by Security Control Layer (SCL) drivers called by ASE. The request ID changed to type long to handle 64bit request ID used by SCL and DCL drivers. CR 384600, the associated OCS fix, avoids a segmentation violation that can occur on 64 bit platforms when using Kerberos or Directory Services lookups.
406437 Stacktrace sometime occurs in sp_showplan for queries running in parallel.
406478 The order of tables in queries having a large number of tables in the FROM clause affects the plan chosen.
406547 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" or a timeslice error may be reported in the error log during boot time after recovery processes a PFTS log record that contains information about a bogus page number.
406623 SCL error messages are not available to display on engine 1 and greater. Instead of the text message explaining the error that occured, the following message appears: 01:00000:00049:2005/10/12 15:59:25.84 kernel Failed to get the Connectivity Library (Security Control Layer) error message.
406630 When Kerberos or other SCL authentication mechanisms are used and 1601 errors such as the following occur due to attempts to exceed the limit of "user connection" resources, then a memory leak occurs. server There are not enough 'user connections' available to start a new process. Retry when there are fewer active users, or ask your System Administrator to reconfigure SQL Server with more user connections. server Error: 1601, Severity: 17, State: 7 After memory in the pool used by these authentication mechanisms is exhausted, memory allocation failures and segmentation violations occur with continued authentication attempts. Memory allocation failures appear with message: server Security Control Layer's memory allocation routine returned an error. Segmentation violations due to attempts to use invalid addresses appear with message: kernel current process (0x11200025) infected with 11 kernel Address 0xff130988 (memset+0x74), siginfo (code, address) = (1, 0x00000000) These messages may be accompanied with or without stacktraces in the errorlog.
406637 When a 11.9.x or 12.0.x installation is upgraded to ASE 15.0, the configuration parameters 'enable surrogate processing' and 'enable unicode normalization' will not have the configuration and run values set to the default value. Please see the system administration guide for descriptions of the above mentioned configuration parameters. The work-around is to modify the configuration parameter values in the configuration file and reboot Adaptive Server.
406718 Sometimes, mainly on single CPU machines, if the job scheduler is enabled, then the job scheduler may fail to start and the message "Job Scheduler Task failed to spawn an Agent" is reported in the ASE errorlog.
406777 Queries with sort operators that have a large estimated input size may encounter 701 errors. These queries can request large chunks of contiguous memory in the sort manager for merge run processing. The size of the requested memory is a function of the number sort buffers. In previous releases, this was bounded to 500 by default. The fix is to once again to bound the number of merge run buffers (how many runs can be merged at a time) to 500. This problem can be diagnosed from a memdump. The stack of the spid encountering the 701 error will contain alloc_merge() in it.
407021 Procedure cache management is enhanced to perform auto-tuned large allocation. Procedure cache memory request start with chunks of 2k. Large chunks, upto 16k, are allocated based on the past allocation behavior for the query. The enhancement reduces external fragmentation in the procedure cache.
407076 When Interactive SQL's Results panels is in Text mode, previously Export does not work (i.e. Export only worked in Grid mode.) This has been fixed so that Export works in both modes.
407088 Cross-platform load incorrectly fails to convert or initialize unallocated pages. In rare cases, the unconverted page contents may mislead recovery at some time in the future.
407191 Stack trace when executing an update query on a table with parallelism enabled and when the table being updated has more than 8 referential integrity constraints are defined.
407404 When converting from univarchar type to unichar in assignments, blanks are not padded at the end.
407419 Configurable Shared Memory DUmp (CSMD) may report that a shared memory dump was not performed because a configured dump condition has reached the maxdumps value even though no shared memory dumps have been performed for that dump condition.
407433 Rep Agent returns error 9254 and 9204 after cross-platform database load.
407522 A writetext command run on a replicate table could lead to 692 errors if the text/image column was marked for replication using sp_setrepcol.
407541 A query like: declare @v select @v = 100 select @v = @v + id from sysobjects where id < = 3 returns 106 instead of 103, because every value of is added to @v instead of just the last one. The expression, @v = @v + id, should only be evaluated for the last qualifying row.
407666 When comparing NULLs with fixed-length columns, stacktrace may occur in LeOrScanContext::setOrVtuple().
407687 Alter table add/drop/modify, Reorg Rebuild table and alter table partition by... on table with local clustered index and the number of partition > = 29 on 32 bit server may run into error 632 .
407981 Error 515 is raised despite presence of default on column and use of DEFAULT keyword in the values list when insert statement includes list of column names.
408142 If a user task is moved from execution class EC0 (critical priority) to a non-critical priority class, the change is not immediate for that process, only on subsequent login.
408212 Reimplemented MDA table access (proxy tables mapped to native rpcs) without the need to use a network connection.
408242 In rare circumstances, upgrade of sysstatistics catalog to ASE150 might fail with the error message "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysstatistics' with unique index 'csysstatistics'"
408384 A 8211 error, "Mismatch found between the name and id descriptor hash table for table < internal LWP name = (* + number + alfanumeric suffix) > , objid = < negative number > . Descriptor hashed by name = 0x0 and hashed by id = < hexadecimal number > ." together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lwp_create' and 'des_lwpdescreate' maybe be reported in the errorlog if a client application connection has executed a high number of dynamic sql statements without disconnecting from Adaptive Server. In the same conditions and if the same connection is holding a cursor open which uses internally a worktable then the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'proc__install' may be reported in the error log and it could bring Adaptive Server down.
408416 When the ALTER TABLE command is run in tempdb using a parallel query plan, a 202 error can sometimes be generated.
408482 An infected with 11 in the function StMergeHistSargs::Stmhlncrement may result due to insufficient procedure cache during optimization
408492 A compute-clause query doesn't return groups correctly if the by clause contains expressions. This has been fixed.
408596 In rare circumstances on a server that has been configured with large buffer pools, 644, 2628, 2511 or other similar errors may be reported after an update to a non-leaf index page table is lost.
408984 When you have a SELECT DISTINCT < all constants include scalar aggregates > as part of your query, you might hit a siginal 11 during the call to CgpUnion::_cgpInit() or get wrong result with extra rows.
409170 Server might have unneccessary index page split due to uninitialized/incorrect pnextrno on an index page header
409455 This new feature allows user to selectively display discovered servers based on a set of filters, e.g. version, platform. To create/edit filters, click Settings button on ASE Plug-in's logon dialog and select Server Discovery page. Click Filters button to proceed. Note that filters, along with other server discovery or LDAP settings, are shared between ASE Plug-in and Interactive SQL.
409471 Memory allocation in the network memory pool may fail in a boundary conditions even when memory is available. The failure to allocate memory may manifest as failure to allocate large network memory pools.
409579 QPMETRICS: Add new sp_configure options for configuring thresholds of QP metrics capturing. The new sp_configure options are 'metrics lio max', 'metrics pio max', 'metrics elap max', 'metrics exec max'.
409605 If user enters blank schedule for a job, the job scheduler task within ASE terminates and job scheduler stops working.
409802 signal 11 and stacktrace can be seen for CgpScan::_CgpScanPePredBmToScalar(). It could happen on an execution plan for a query with all three following conditions satisfied: 1. it has a DISTINCT. 2. the best plan chosen has at least 3 subqjoins together. 3. the first subqjoin's result is used within one of the other two subqjoins because of the transitive closures (equijoin clauses).
410030 In rare circumstances, sysqueryplans capture may fail with error 3949.
410036 EFTS: txtsvr crashes/creates_core when memory usage reaches 264-220 meg on AIX only.
410272 When joining with a union-in-view(uiv) through an expression on the uiv column, a stacktrace might be seen in CgpUnion::_CgpInitProjection(). Here is an example: create view v as select id from t unon select id from t go select * from v, t where* go
412040 Sybase Central fails to send sp_changedbowner with the true argument when the user checks the 'Transfer aliases and their permissions.'
414519 JS Agent may sometimes stop or/and report errors like "Failed to allocate memory for job output data row", "Failed to allocate memory for job output header" etc., in the JS Agent log file and bring down the Job Scheduler due to memory leaks in JSAgent.
414590 dbcc tune(ascinserts, 0, tab1) does not turn off the corresponding status bit on indstatus2.
414692 Error message: Msg 586, Level 16, State 5: Line 1: Illegal identity value specified for identity field 'idcol' in table 't1'. could be seen when inserting into a table with IDENTITY column from a union/union all.
414777 A table with suspect partition due to sort order change or cross platform dump load may be treated as regular table after clustered index is created on the table before the suspect partition is fixed.
414786 Previously, negative integer values exported to an Excel spreadsheet were exported incorrectly (the values were incorrect). This has been fixed. DOUBLE, FLOAT, NUMERIC, and REAL values were not affected.
414832 Specifying an invalid "optimization goal" name may cause infected with 11 in strlen() on Japanese environment.
414837 After you run ALTER TABLE ... LOCK command on a table with a non-materialized computed column, you may get the wrong result from selecting the non-materialized computed column.
414876 Create clustered index with empty partitions (at the beginning like: 0, 0, 120,and 454 are the number of rows in each partition respectively) will result in Error: 691. Severity: 20. State: 1.
415008 After an identity column is added to a table through alter table without data copying, reorg rebuild on the table or "alter table partition by..." on the table lead to column offset corruption.
415053 Column with type bigint, date or time cannot be encrypted. This applied to both create and alter table. A column can not use both ‘encrypt’ and ‘compute’ options These changes will be seen in Column Properties and Table Editor.
415144 The format of a database dump that is created with DUMP DATABASE ... WITH COMPRESSION= < level > has changed in order that the dump may be loaded into an archive database.
415150 An insert into an identity column raises an incorrect error when the inserted value is an expression.
415570 Error 7221, state 2, "Login to site %s failed." is received by a spid that attempts to use XP server if the login associated with that spid is configured to run a login script.
415595 If SYSGAMS is extended as part of an ALTER DATABASE command in a server configured with pagesizes greater than 2K, wrong page numbers will be found in the newly allocated extent for SYSGAMS.
415658 If table name is specified in the format of "dbname..tblname" for dbcc tablealloc and dbcc indexalloc, server will not search the table in the database specified in "dbname", rather it will only search the table in the current database.
415721 dbcc checktable(syslogs) does not report space free/used/reserved.
415739 dbcc checkstorage will report 100039 (Incorrect extent oampage extent) after create index on very large tables.
415772 When you have a SELECT DISTINCT < all constants include scalar aggregates > under union all, you might hit a siginal 11 during the call to CgpUnion::_cgpInit().
415818 A query with a CASE expression that can select a LOB column (TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT) from two or more different tables and that has an ORDER BY clause can return incorrect results for the LOB values. An example query is: SELECT c1, CASE when c1 = 1 then t1.c2 else t2.d2 end from t1, t2 ORDER BY c1 where t1.c2 and t2.d2 are LOB columns and c1 is a non-LOB column.
415916 A stack trace will occur when set showplan is on and the query has more than 166 eliminated partitions, i.e. partitions that wouldn't be scanned.
416150 Executing a stored procedure which includes an insert ... select from an external file may result in a stack trace, which includes the routine fil__ins_infinite_loop.
416369 Added BlockedBy and BlockingState columns to the monLocks table. These columns indicate whether a lock is blocking other lock requests and the identity of the holders of blocking locks.
416500 Index selection appropriate for the minimum or maximum aggregate early termination was underestimated, and the advantages of EXISTS subquery early termination of a scan was underestimated. The result was sub-optimial performance in some cases.
416590 Queries having OR clauses on tables that are range partitioned does not eliminate all the partitions that do not participate in the query. This results in a large number of I/O leading to a performance degradation.
416618 Improve HPIA64 stack printing capability by including argument list.
416780 @@resource_granularity shows a wrong value even though it was set at a session level to a different value.
416839 Eliminate the duplicate character 0x before the address in stack trace information on all linux platforms.
416850 The producer.log and consumer.log files are consolidated into one. The name of the consolidated file is webservice.log.
417155 PV now supports displaying partition information. Each node of the tree now displays information as to which partition is in use Vs which ones are eliminated
417267 When an update command setting a variable without updating any columns, server stack traces in LeVtuple::LeVtGetColumn().
417308 An attempt to create a placement index for a DOL table being empty but having several allocated pages may fail with an error 3935 reading "Fatal protocol error. xact_beginupdate() API was invoked in the wrong context. The transaction is currently in 'Command-attached' state."
417425 Reduced procedure cache consumption when large number of tables are joined in a query.
417428 Query chooses a table scan even though it forces a unique clustered index via abstract plans on servers using a case-insensitive sort order.
417517 Infected with 11 in LeGroupSortedOp::_LeOpNext() when using group by in a query against a view containing scalar aggregates.
417647 Optimize select into by avoiding frequent access to the syspartitions metadata cache to obtain the current last page of a data partition.
417712 A 221 message, "Column of type (BIT) does not allow nulls. It may not be compared with null." is raised when assigning the result of SELECT to a variable of type BIT. The SELECT is from a view with a UNION ALL clause with a select-list having a column of type BIT.
417737 The optdiag utility would report a very large value for Large I/O efficiency on Windows. This formatting issue has been fixed.
417913 The sort operator's physical I/O is over reported when using "set statistics plancost" or traceflag 9500 for performance analysis. For large input sets, the number is approximately 50% more than it should be.
417918 DDLGen only works if hostname:portnumber is specified in the '-S' option. If servername is specified in the '-S' option then DDLGen gives an exception.
418002 SYSAM SC Plugin under $SYBASE/SYSAM-2_0/SYSAMP for LM Server administration.
418028 In a server having HA enabled, attempts to create a new user may fail with error 8013, "A CT-Lib operation failed during a native RPC," accompanied by a stack trace in the server error log.
418043 Performance improvements for tables with large number of partitions.
418053 sqlupgrade doesn't install all system procedures on Japanese environment.
418059 Cache binding information is not being written to unpartition restamp log record. So, during runtime rollback, the pages are being fetched into the default data cache. This is leading to the condition that a page is in two caches at the same time. So, further attempts to fetch the page throws 693 error.
418114 When a select statement contains concatenation of builtin functions that result in strings constants over 255 bytes, stack trace might occur in LeRun() - > concat().
418153 Signal 11 in PeBasicPredicate::PeAnySetAllPredBm occurs when "UNION ALL" is used in the SQL statement with "SELECT DISTINCT"
418164 The Job Scheduler Administration dialog always indicates the Job Scheduler on pre-15.0 servers is not running, even when it is running.
418179 stacktrace in _lopConsSequence() when a GroupBy query has a constant projection and a Having clause with only constant in it. Here is an example: select 'x' from mytable group by mycol having 'abc'='abc'
418271 Plan Viewer now allows user to update state for tables/columns that are missing density.
418295 Execution time increases, for an insert, as the number of partitions in the table are increased. The performance degradation is due to redundant memory allocation during DMLs.
418409 Syconfig encounters an error when it attempts to increase the size of the sybsystemdb database on servers with a 16k page size. It alters the database with a value that is smaller than the minimum.
418448 Siginal 11 could happen in _lopConsCmds() when the query contains a correlated subquery and the correlation is on some outer query block other than the immediate parent outer query block. Here is an example: select 1 from t17a where 1 in (select cint2 from t17c where cint2 < = (select (select 100 from t17b where t17b.ctype = t17a.ctype)))
418459 While executing the jobs having job command text > 1800 characters, the jobs may not get executed and even jsagent process and Job Scheduler task in ASE may terminate. As a result of Job Scheduler task terminating, messages such as "Job Scheduler Task set to stop", "Job Scheduler Task was not stopped by a Task shutdown request" etc. appear in the errorlog file.
418622 Possible wrong result with missing predicate on the primary key for a DISTINCT under UNION ALL query .
418638 For bulk insert, 925 error (Maximum number of used databases exceeded) could be reported when some number of insertion attemps are failed
418693 Truncate APL table does not unkeep the buffers (kept for non-clustered index root pages)leading to 803 errors.
418815 WSDL files generated by the Perl SOAP-Lite toolkit fails to be processed correctly by ASE Web Services Consumer. The consumer.log file would contain two log messages similar to: INFO [Thread-1] - Begin parsing WSDL File: [ < URL for WSDL file > ] ERROR [Thread-1] -
418905 Previously Table Properties Space page contained incorrect information. This has been corrected by displyaing results from sp_spaceused directly.
418949 In rare cases, when delete from #temp table and there is a system attention, there could be a stack trace printed due to the attention. This doesn't mean corruption or any other problem with the server, it happens only with certain exact timing of the system attention.
419061 In rare circumstances, upgrade of SYSSTATISTICS rows on a 16k pagesized server from ASE 12.5.x to ASE 15.0 might result in "invalid column length" errors.
419384 In a server starved for procedure cache (701 errors), sessions may get a SEGV when attempting to unkeep buffers while closing a hash operator. This will only occur if the session received a 701 error during the acquire phase of said hash operator.
419553 During query optimization, if a relation in the query is not available (dropped/database shutdown etc.) then the query optimizer may not be able handle this situation leading to stack traces. This fix ensures that the optimizer generates an appropriate error message for such situations.
419772 692, 695, 697 or 903 error etc might be returned for the load target database or other databases after load database, if the dump file is created by backupserver which is started with -m option and/or BLOCKSIZE option of DUMP command.
419817 Union ALL query with Compute clause could hit signal 11 in CgpPop::CgpInplaceUpdateVars().
420011 On servers supporting encrypted columns, report mode (only) in sybmigrate gives error "Internal Error: 'Encryption Key' is not a valid migration task type" when executed in non-gui mode and 'encryption_key_migrate_list= < ALL_OBJECTS > ' is specified in the resource file
420142 Plan Viewer now supports localization
420165 Reduced compilation of queries when a large number of tables are joined.
420196 If the query has an equijoin under OR and the same joining column is also part of an equality sarg under the same OR branch, e.g. "... OR ( u.USERID = i.OFFERED_BY AND u.USERID = 'U01')", sometimes the server could stacktrace around CgpIndScan::_CgpIndSpecialOrPePredBmToScalar() or hit error 206(Operand type clash).
420204 Procedural object caching may result in signal 11 in some rare cases. The signature of the stack trace will include: s_getTreeOrPlan()- > proc_get()- > proc_read()- > alloc_proc()- > kisignal()
420206 False 7930 error may be generated for index upgraded from 12.5.x when dbcc checktable is used
420392 Regression fix. We should log seperate restamp log records for the following pages. 1. OAM pages 2. last page in the datapage chain of partition. This is because these pages get modified after restamp operation. For recovery to proceed properly, they should be logged seperately.
420402 In a highly active system, Load Transaction could in theory fail in rolling forward a sort, with unpredictable errors regarding the identity of the table or primary index that is the source of the sort.
420535 The optimizer may choose to run a join query using sort merge join instead of nested loop join while the nested loop join may show better performance.
420572 reformatting (store_index) costing can be way off (mainly due to wrong row count number being used). It could, for example, cause an optimal plan with reformatting not being chosen when useful index scan is not available inner to a nested loop join.
420626 Not all missing multi-attribute densities were shown when running the "set option show_missing_stats on" command that prints missing statistics for a query. This has been fixed with this resolution.
420740 If the tempdb cache has multiple pools (e.g. 2k and 16k), then it was possible for queries with hash operator's to get into an infinite loop in cm_cache_wash() (as seen from sybmon stack dumps). This was caused by the hash operator incorrectly grabbing buffers from the tempdb's cache's largest pool. This has been fixed. Note, that in these cases, the session could not be killed.
420797 Alter table repartition on table with clustered index on descending column can run into error 1530.
420844 DDLGen generates partition spec definition of range partitioned tables in lexical order of partition names, whereas they shoud be generated in increasing order of partition range bounds.
420853 318 or 2601 error might be returned during ONLINE DATABASE after LOAD DATABASE across platform where endian type is different, if UPDATE [INDEX|ALL] STATISTICS command was executed on sysstatistics, sysusers or other system table before the DUMP DATABASE.
421076 After a SELECT-INTO, where encryption is specified on the target table and where the data is generated from a UNION of SELECT statements, a subsequent SELLECT of the data in the target table will generate the error, "Msg 154133, Level 18, State 5, An internal error occurred during an encryption operation (errorcode -1). Please contact Sybase Technical Support".
421245 If you execute "ALTER DATABASE master" enough times (how many times depends on the server's page size: 146 on a 2k page, more on larger pages), eventually the command will fail and the server connection will be lost. The server's error log will show the process "infected with 11", with an associated stack trace.
421325 Wrong non-NULL value was generated for an equijoin column coming from an inner nested left outer join. Example: SELECT T1.PNO, T1.PNAME, T2.PNO, T3.PNO FROM PARTS T1 LEFT OUTER JOIN (PARTPRICE T2 LEFT OUTER JOIN SUPPLY T3 ON (T2.PNO = T3.PNO AND T3.PNO > 'P1')) ON (T1.PNO = T2.PNO) T3.PNO may be incorrectly missing NULL substitution.
421527 When run xmlextract() functions, got empty results.
422003 A SELECT statement using a LIKE clause with NULL variables returns Msg 712.
422051 A query involving a semantic partitioned table will do a non-covered index scan of a non-clustered index, when it appears that the query can do a covered scan. This is because the query adds all partitioning columns of the underlying table, which can make the scan non-covered if the partitioning columns are not present in the nonclustered index. This problem has been fixed in the CR such that the partitioning columns are added only for the duration of partition elimination, but not to the actual query.
422089 BCP IN fails when the table has an encrypted column and a Java abstract data type (ADT) defined in it.
422375 The expensive Lava operators (hash, sort, store (for reformat)) have been limited to a configurable percentage of tempdb's pagesize buffer pool. This percentage is controlled through the "max resource granularity" configuration option. This value defaults to 10%. Before this checkin, each instance of these operators could keep upto 50% of the MRU area of the pagesize buffer pool.
422381 ASE Plug-in used to selectively display information/warning messages even if user has selected "Show informational and warning messages". This has been corrected.
422388 During normal shutdown, the server only flushes free space counts from the first disk fragment of a database back to master.dbo.sysusages. Upon subsequent reboot, this causes the database disk map to have incorrect free space counts on all but the first fragment.
422423 Fixes parsing issue with server name entry of style "ipv6 mac adress:port no".
422434 When trying to parse large XML documents, ~3MB+, ASE will hit the 712 'insufficient heap memory' error.
422537 If the generic form of a join is specified in an Abstract Plan using the "join" keyword, and the tables specified in the forced plan violates outer join semantics in the "from" list in the query, the query could return wrong results. Note that a work around was to specify the specific join, for example "nl_join" for a nested loops join.
422719 set option show_missing_stats on will print some spurious multi-attribute sets that cannot be corrected by update statistics e.g. references to the "Rid" attribute, as well as references to BIT, IMAGE, TEXT attributes that cannot be placed in update statistics commands this fix will limit the hints provided by the tracing to just those that can be corrected by update statistics
422860 Listing the tables in the FROM clause in a different order could result in a very different query plan, sometimes a very bad performing query plan.
422966 Queries containing hash operators with large estimated input sets could consume significant portions of the procedure cache and spend significant amounts of CPU time in memalloc() (as seen from sybmon stack dumps). This was the result of extraordinarily long subordinate PROC_HDR chains where the subordinate PROC_HDR is effectively empty (as seen from sybmon "procmem prphdr < main_phdr_address verbose" command). This has been fixed by freeing and recreating the PROC_HDR as processing proceeds from one input set to the next. Sessions in this state can significantly impact overall system performance.
423070 Corrects a performance issue with IN lists If a table t1 has an index i1 on columns (a1,a2,a3) and multiple IN lists are defined e.g. select * from t1 where a1 in (1,2) and a2 in (10,11) and a3 in (100,101) the optimizer would only consider costing subsequent IN lists if the previous IN lists were reasonably selective. The change is to cost all IN lists, since strongly selective IN list can follow weak IN in lists, and then determine whether to avoid some less significant IN lists due to poor selectivity.
423383 Queries involving inner tables of an outer join query with predicates of =NULL returns wrong results. An example of such a query would be: select 1 from r left join s on r.a = s.a where s.a = NULL
423441 On IBM Power Linux platform, stacktrace does not report all the functions on the stack.
423583 A UNION query such as: select a from x where 1=2 union select b from y, which contains a predicate that is always false (in this case 1=2) in the first SELECT of the UNION may not return all of the rows of the result set if the query plan chosen by the optimizer contains a hash-based UNION operation. The presence of the hash-based UNION operation in the query plan is shown in showplan by the line: HASH UNION Operator.
423902 All partitions can be eliminated in queries against a partitioned table that is list partitioned and contains queries that has a predicate on the partitioned key that is used to eliminate partitions. The predicate must be composed of a BETWEEN clause on the partitioned key AND another predicate on the partitioned key that selects ONLY the partitions that would be selected by the BETWEEN predicate.
423962 If one element of the xml document contains attribute and text child, then the stack trace would be thrown out randomly.
424130 Conversion errors, error code 257, raised during optimization when there is a constant expression in the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement. These constant expressions involved VARCHAR data types.
424281 This fix is to update logic of counting physical processors considering the introduction of CMP and CMT capable processors.
424287 This fix is to update logic of counting number of physical processors considering the introduction of intel hyperthreaded processors.
424463 sqlupgraderes can not boot old ASE in the upgrade process.
424608 This fix is to support new license type "NA". "NA" stands for not applicable.
426097 Queries that have a large number of joining tables and also contain subqueries in the SELECT and the FROM clause can result in a stack trace if the opimizer times out before getting a valid plan.
426908 102 error given for "with override" option for load database on linux 32bit.
429806 Queries involving constant predicates under OR (e.g. 1=@v1 OR r.a=5) could result in poor performance since the selectivity of the constant predicate (1=@v1) was not accounted for resulting in possible poor join orders. Magic numbers are now used for the constant predicates.
430940 There was a problem in the hash distinct and hash aggregation operations when processing large datasets. This could possibly lead to duplicate rows in the distinct case and/or incorrect row interpretation in the aggregation case.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0 ESD #2
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 ; Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition 15.0


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