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2093411 - The Difference & Purpose of the Item Status Report & Online Item Status Report


What is the difference and purpose of the Item Status report and Online Item Status report?


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Online Item Status Report

  • The Online Item Status report will show the most recent record based on the CREATE_DATE of the record in the PA_CBT_STUD_CPNT
  • This report does not take into consideration whether or not a completion status/date exists and most importantly only shows the most recent (based on CREATE_DATE) record
  • This is the functionality that is intended and shows the most recent because retraining or reassignment may occur
  • It is intended to report on the latest (most recent based on creation date) status of all ASSIGNED online items
  • “Assigned” means the item is on the user’s learning plan (see the assigned items without filters in new admin UI)
  • This is not a history report, and will only report on the most recent, and will not include other prior history records
  • Use this report to track the status of a current assignment
  • If the item was assigned and after the completion it was removed from the user (by an Assignment Profile (AP), or by an admin, etc.), the user data will be deleted from the table PA_STUD_CPNT, therefore for those users there will be no data in the Online Item Status report. To check if the assignment was deleted, please run the User Learning Plan Audit Report for those users.
  • If the settings "Add to History on Failure" and "Remove Item from Learning Plan" are checked abd upon failure in in the online content settings, then when user failed, the item will be removed from the Learning Plan and user data will also be deleted from the table PA_STUD_CPNT. Thus there will also be no data in the Online Item Status report.
  • Instead, use the Learning History report to check the completion event for those users

Item Status Report

  • The Item Status report will show all instances in the users history where a completion date/status exists
  • This report will include all history records for items
  • This report will therefore include duplicate history records, and records that were recorded as complete but never assigned to the user, and never added to the learning plan
  • This report is used by customers to answer the question, "What is the completion status of an item for a group of users?"

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