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2098607 - Unassigned Task Overdue: Complete Time Data (Hire) Created in the Business Task Management for HR Administrator


You want to know, why system created unassigned task Overdue: Complete Time Data (Hire) in the Application and User Management work center.


The HR Administrator does not have access rights to work center view HCM_TIMREGULARTASKS and hence the task was unassigned.


  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center
  2. Go to the User and Access Management view
  3. Select the relevant Business User
  4. Navigate to the tab Work Center and View Assignment
  5. Assign the work center view HCM_TIMREGULARTASKS
  6. Save and Close

The Overdue: Complete Time Data (Hire) is an escalation task informing a user that time data for a hired employee was not entered within the set time period. The original task Complete Time Data (Hire), which appeared in the work list of the Time Administration work center, still needs to be processed. The system automatically triggers this escalation task after a (configured) deadline has passed. The task is sent to the HR administrator who performed the hire in the Personnel Administration work center. This HR Administrator triggered the hire and is considered to be responsible for the overall process. The HR administrator receives the escalation task in the Work view of the Home work center.

As the person responsible for the hire of the employee concerned, you should ensure that the time data is completed. Depending on your task distribution you can either complete the escalated task Complete Time Data (Hire) in the Time Administration work center or you contact the HR time administrator responsible for this task.

The escalation task Overdue: Complete Time Data (Hire) will be completed and removed from the work list automatically once the original task is completed. Alternatively, the user can manually set the escalation task to completed or canceled. If you choose not to respond, both tasks remain in the following locations:
•Original task: Time Administrator’s work list in Time Administration work center.
•Escalation task: Your work list in the Home work center.


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