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2103300 - Reassign Job Requisition tool - Recruiting Management


  • How to reassign Job Requisitions in Recruiting Management
  • Can a Job Requisition pending approval be reassigned?
  • A user is inactive in Recruitment Management. Can the Job Requisition be reassigned to another active user?
  • How to permission a user to be able to reassign Job Requisitions

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In Recruiting Management, users are now able to reassign Job Requisitions. Admin users with the relevant required permissions can reassign Job Requisitions to other Recruiting users if there is a change in assignment or a user becomes inactive. Job Requisitions pending approval will be routed to the new “Currently With” approver upon reassignment.

To grant access to the feature:

  • Manage Permission Roles → select Role → Permission → Manage Recruiting → Reassign Job Requisitions

Reassigning Requisitions

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Manage Recruiting > Reassign Job Requisitions
  2. Select a Job Requisition template or search for a Job Requisition by entering the Job Requisition ID:
  3. Select the Job Requisitions you would like to reassign by enabling the check box to the left of the Job Requisition. Click “Continue.”:
  4. Choose an operator (or operators) you’d like to reassign the Job Requisitions to, then click “Reassign.” You can reassign multiple operators (for example, the Hiring Manager, Recruiter and Sourcer) in one action. There is no means to reassign the operators by relationship (xM, xMM, XM+, etc.) because those are not "recorded" in the Job Requisition itself, but they are related to the actual current operator:
  5. Operators who have been reassigned to these Job Requisitions will receive an email notifying them of the change. The Admin user will also be notified of the changes:
  6. For instances where Recruiting Teams are configured, if the Hiring Manager is changed, and that Hiring Manager has preferences set for a Recruiting Team, those preferences will populate into the operator fields on the reassignment screen. Once the Hiring Manager’s team preferences have been applied, you can keep them or edit them. Team preferences for any operator will be applied by default.


  • Removing the role from the user also means removing his access from the Job Requisition, the user will not have any permissions to access the Job Requisition.
  • The "Template Name" will display all the requisition templates present on the instance, there is no validation of the staus of the template (inactive or active).
  • The "Additional Filter Options" are hardcoded, so it's not configurable.
  • If you reassign any user already being a part of the Job Requisition to another operator (Recruiter, Hiring Manager, etc.) that user will not be removed from its original assignment, but will occupy the roles of multiple Operators.
  • If a user has access to the Reassign Job Requisitions tool, they will have the ability to access all Job Requisitions in the system and reassign users on them accordingly. There is no way to restrict the number of Job Requisitions in this tool that they can see.
  • Any changes to the Job Requisition reassignment are visible in the Audit Trail of the Job Requisition. It will show the previous operator (Old Value) and the new Operator (New Value), who did the changes and when. The Source in the Audit Trail is "Job Requisition Reassignment".

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