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2117390 - Error: Data Source creation failed .The engine failed to start before timeout. Restart the application. (HDB 10005)"


  • Opening an existing document or creating new document may result in the error: 
"The engine failed to start before timeout. Restart the application. (HDB 10005)"


  • SAP Lumira


Reproducing the Issue

  • Open an existing document, or click "select a source" to acquire a data source for a new document.


  • There is a number of causes for the error message.


  1. Shut down SAP Lumira Desktop, make sure all instances of SPALumira.exe and iqsrv15.exe are down. You can confirm this with Process Explorer.
  2. Open “C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\SAPLumira.ini” and append “” without the double quotes.Terminate the line with a Carriage Return. This sets the startup timeout to 30 seconds; the value is expressed in milliseconds. Restart lumira.
  3. Adjust MaxPermSize setting in SAPLumira.ini: -XX:MaxPermSize=1024M
  4. Selecting a different dataset, or restarting the application (or operating system) usually resolves the error by freeing RAM (memory) allocation.
  5. In certain situations, removing a conflicting SybaseIQ client middleware installation can unblock the application.
  6. Deleting the folder "DataBase" (where the file Hilo.db is stored), followed by a restart of the application, will recreate the folder and should fix the issue. Path to file is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\SAP\SAP Visual Intelligence\DataBase
  7. Adjust virtual memory (paging size) of your computer in system preferences.
  8. In some cases, an uninstall/reinstall of the software may be required. Please download the latest version from the marketplace or use the update function in the client. (File > preferences > auto-update)

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SAP Lumira, desktop edition 1.0