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2135405 - Error Message "Number range interval 01 does not exist" While Creating New Service Agent


When you create a Service Agent, system throws below error messages:

Number range interval 01 does not exist
Save Failed


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Reproducing the Issue

1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
2. Select Implementation Project view and open activity Define Administrators for Project Team.
3. Select create new Service agent option.


There is a problem with the number range for business partners. When creating service agents you also create a business partner. And for that you need a working internal number range for the business partner.

For some reason, this number range might be missing in the system.

One of the reason is error is due to the overlap between the available number range rows.

The number ranges are separated, often by source (internal and external), so that the system knows from which "pool" of number ranges to draw a new ID when a new record is created based on the source. If these number ranges overlapped, the system could draw IDs from an incorrect number range pool and this would generate inconsistencies — as such, system does not allow saving a configuration in which number ranges overlap.


  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Look for the activity General Business Partners 
  3. Select Define number ranges for Business Partners.

There perform a change for the Internal number range, which might be ranging from 0001000000 to 0099999999. Then save. With this the change be deployed and then the missing number range should be available.

Please define number ranges that do not overlap between categories. For example, if you are defining the internal number range as 0001 to 9999, the external number range should be 10000 to XXXXX (where XXXXX represent any end number higher than 10000).

If you can see no overlap, than the issue might be caused by alphanumeric values in the interval of a manual number range, which can cause effects that are not obvious at first sight. Check the "See Also" section for more information.

Then you should be able to create service agents.

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