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2138823 - User Data File (UDF) or Employee Import: General Error Codes - PLT


  • When performing an Employee Import via Admin Center Tools a General Error code is received.
  • E-mail notification from the Employee Import scheduled job with a general error.
  • UDF import unsuccessful: some users show an error code.
  • When any of the above happens, an error code that can assist in determining the issue is generated.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Admin Center > Import Employee Data;
  2. Select an Entity for the import;
  3. Click Choose File to select your user data file;
  4. Click Validate Import File or Click Import User File to validate/import your user data file;
  5. The errors are displayed on the top of the page.

Example of errors will look like:

Failed to add/update user USERNAME. General Error with error code - -XX"


  • The cause of the problem is related to the error code:
    • USEREJB_OK = 0;
    • USEREJB_ERROR = -1;
    • INVALID_LOGIN = -2;
    • INVALID_USERID = -6;
    • INVALID_HR_ID = -8;
    • USERBEAN_IS_NULL = -9;
    • USER_NOT_FOUND = -14;
    • ACCOUNT_LOCKED = -16;
    • PROXY_NOT_EXISTS = -19;
    • INVALID_PROXY_ID = -21;
    • USER_IS_PURGED = -27;


The following is a list explaining the most common codes received:


  • Failed to add/update user [XUser] "XUsers" (Distribution;N/A;State): Invalid Password -5
    Password does not meet encryption standard set. Please check your password policies in admin tools.


  • Failed to add/update user [XUser] "XUser" (Distribution;N/A;State): INVALID_USERID = -6
    Invalid format for USERID. Typically only 0-9 Aa-Zz are acceptable values.


  • Failed to transfer user "XUser" from old mgr "NO_MANAGER" to new mgr "XUser1"; INVALID_MANAGER_ID = -7;
    "XUser1" was not a valid user for the system.


  • Failed to update HR for userAdmin Administrator[XUser] (Distribution;N/A;State): Invalid HR Id - "XUser1"
    "XUser1" was not a valid user for the system. The HR user may have been inactivated.


  • Failed to add/update user [XUser] "XXXXXXXX" (Distribution;N/A;State): Manager Cycle detected with this manager Id - "XUser"
    The hierarchy is invalid. A user could be designated as reporting through the hierarchy to a user who is lower in the hierarchy or there could be another cyclic relationship, the USERID of the manager might be a duplicate of another USERID, or the manager's record is INACTIVE
  • Use the check tool to check the User Hierarchy is correct : 2472648
  • Review the employee and manager records in the import file (UDF).
  • Review who is listed as the manager's manager in the import file (UDF).
    If it is the employee, correct this and reload the file.
    If the manager is listed as reporting to the correct person, continue looking up the chain at the record of each manager until you discover the erroneous reporting relationship.
  • When you have corrected the record, import the UDF again.
  • Please NOTE: If you are updating this manually, but normally you have an automated import from your HRIS system, you will need to make sure the HRIS system has the correct information as well. If not, you automated imports can overwritte your fix on the affecting users. 


  • Failed to add/update user [XUser] "XUser" (Distribution;N/A;State): Invalid Username - "X User." INVALID_USERNAME = -11;
    Invalid format for USERNAME. Username must be a character string with no spaces.


  • Failed to add/update user [XUser] "X User" (Distribution;N/A;State): Duplicate Username - "XUser" DUPLICATE_USERNAME = -12;
    Duplicate USERNAME. This often occurs when a customer is using leading zeroes in the USERID field and is attempting to upload users without the leading zeroes, or vice versa. USERNAME must be a unique value for every user. You may be trying to use a username that is already assigned to another active or inactive user in the system. 
  • See more details on KBA 2089382 - User Import Errors - Duplicate Username or Username has already been taken by a soft purged user - Platform


  • Failed to add/update user [XUser] "X User" (Distribution;N/A;State): PASSWORD_EXPIRED = -13; Password does not meet encryption standard set. Password may have expired past date set in encryption standard.


  • The means missing values for required fields when importing inactive new users.
  • This error code - -17  doesn't have any actual business impact, it won't cause import job failure. Customer can either ignore the error code - -17 error message or maintain values for all the required fields for inactive new users to avoid error code --17.


  • Failed to add/update user [XUser] "X User" (Distribution;N/A;State): General Error with error code - -21
    Please check the userID's used in the Proxy column and correct the proxy list.

Failed to deactivate user:

  • "XUser" - User does not exist.
    Client was trying to inactivate a user who never existed.

Failed to update manager

  • For user X User [XUser] (Distribution;N/A;State): Invalid Manager Id - "NO_MGR".
    Correct format is NO_MANAGER.

Failed to update HR

  • For user X User[XUser] (Distribution;N/A;State): Invalid HR Id - "NO-HR"
    Correct format is NO_HR.


  • Importing username causes General Error with error code - -27
    The user you are going to upload has been purged by DRM. The purged user can not be imported again with the same userid


  • This error means means the user id that is been imported has already been taken by an external user and cannot convert that external user to the internal employee via Employee Import.
  • To resolve Permanent purge the external user id to release the user id you want to use.
    If user id is taken by an external LMS user, see KBA  2922739 - How to purge external learners using DRM - SAP SuccessFactors Learning

            If user id is taken by an external ONB user, you may follow this KBA 3052056 - [ONB 2.0] How to delete or permanent purge an inactive onboardee user


  • This means the assignment id in has already been used by other users, download the User Data File using employee export to verify. 


  • This means ASSIGNMENT_ID_EXTERNAL in the employee import file is invalid. 
  • Suggestion to remove ASSIGNMENT_ID_EXTERNAL column in the import file. Note: you don’t have to add this column during import because employee import can't update Assignment ID.
  • Another case: If you're trying to create a new userid 000200921 with assignmentId 200921 and get this -32 error. then it's due to 20091 has already been taken by another user, if you checked User data file and didn't find 20091 has been used, then it could be taken by a soft purged. 


  •  This means Assignment id that has been input in the User Data File is not same as the users Userid. 


  • Other error codes may require additonal search in the Knowledge Base. It is recommend to use new found cause as a search term/keyword. You will learn more about the expected data in an Employee/Associate Import.
  • If the KB search was unsuccessful, create a Support Incident, referencing the specific error code. Remember to provide as many details as possible such as:
    • Job Name
    • Date and Time of Execution
    • Date and Time of Received Notification
    • InstanceID
    • Timestamp

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