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Resources to help you in planning and timing for new Performance Planning cycles. Part of our main administrator guide for launching new Performance & Goals processes.

What do we need to do and by when to get ready for our upcoming launch?


  • Performance Goals



The following outline has been developed to assist Platinum Clients work with their Platinum Account Manager in preparing for a new cycle, but we provide this resource to you as it contains many principles that every client should attempt to follow in any new cycle.

90 Days


  • Hold cycle planning call (or use regular weekly meeting) to discuss preparing for upcoming cycle
  • Review Release Schedule for potential conflicts with HCM Calendar
  • Customer to begin documenting needed configuration changes (if any) for PM/GM/ form template (s) on CCOR
  • Customer starts case for PM/GM/Comp template changes

60 Days


  • Ensure completed CCOR has been submitted for any form template changes (configuration change requests could take up to 2-3 weeks to complete by TSE team)
  • Ensure discovery call takes place
  • Ensure it is specified in CCOR whether form template is going to be loaded into test first, then production or directly into production.  If template is being tested first in the test environment, customer will need to build time into the process for testing in BOTH test and production, and form will need to be migrated into production by TSE team as well
  • Customer to ensure that test users set up to test form in both test and production

30 Days

  • If updated templates are completed, customer begins thoroughly testing updated form template (testing checklist below) can be acquired by contacting CSM)
  • Customer should test reporting outputs as well (included in testing checklist)
  • Customer should test routing map (updating dates if applicable) and permissions plus form behavior
  • Customer should have TSE migrate template to production if it was initially only loaded into test
  • Customer to consider any changes in scheduled job (Quartz) settings as well for document transfers
  • Customer should also take a look at form template settings under admin tools and update these accordingly
  • CSM will check in with customer on testing progress; note that if any additional configuration changes were discovered, these need to be submitted ASAP at this point to ensure adequate turnaround time

2 Weeks

  • Customer should have a process outlined  for launching forms and all data filters should be set up correctly for a mass-launch
  • All testing activities should be complete.  Any issues found should be discussed with CSM

1 Week

  • CSM to check in with customer on testing progress (testing should be close to complete at this point)
  • Review launch plan
  • *SM to inform customer of any scheduled maintenance activities that may be occuring during launch as you become aware of them
  • Launch
  • Use weekly meeting (or schedule a meeting) to review launch plan
  • CSM to answer any questions customer may have regarding launch
  • Discuss after hours support process if needed


Important Info: If you are changing how your program worked (as opposed to relaunching the same program with standard year-over-year updates) then please engage Professional Services early. Customer Success Support does not provide consultation to reconfigure existing programs or build new programs except for small year-over-year updates as listed below.

Click here for a list of supported updates for free vs. paid professional services requests.

Pre-Cycle Planning for Performance Management


1.       Are you launching to the same group as last year or is it changing this year (impact on custom filter for choosing target populations)?
2.       Do you expect to have changes in competencies libraries or job codes this cycle (impact on form config, job code mapping in Families and Roles and/or competency libraries)
3.       Do you plan on launching forms in one language or multiple languages (impact on form creation and form configuration)?
4.       Are  you going to feed the ratings to an external system (impact on Ad Hoc Reports and Quartz scheduling)?
5.       How did your company manage hierarchy changes last cycle and is it changing (impact on FTP/import settings and/or Employee Change Engine).
6.       Has the timeline for your cycle changed (both for when cycle is starting and the amount of time spent in each cycle phase)?
7.       Have business drivers changed in the last year that are impacting the way you would like to measure performance? (goal-focused, competency-focused, etc)
8.       Has your approval process changed in the past year?  (route map changes)
9.       How do you plan on calibrating performance? (either through SF tool or externally, customers need to consider how PM data is going to be exported for use in calibration discussions)
10.     Are you planning on linking performance to pay this year (either within SF or using existing tools)?



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