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2146628 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.7 SP136


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
393424 KBA 2159644 - The sp_monitor connection option may encounter an arithmetic overflow exception of any of the connections with active queries on the server has been established for a long period of time.
693491 A transient 605 error may be raised by a query against a table(lock scheme datarows) having des_bind and REORG REBUILD has just been done. Please use dbcc tune(des_unbind,dbid, objname) to unbind the object before REORG REBUILD to avoid the error.
735498 It can take a long time to detect that there has been a KILL of a REORG REBUILD and thus to start a rollback when a huge table is involved.
743958 Under some rare situation, the error, "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" followed by a stack trace involving the module 'CgEvals::_CgCompVcol' may be reported if the plan has HASH join or MERGE join with numeric parameters in the join predicate.
746083 Provide 64-bit backup server binaries on those platforms that still used the 32 bit backup server builds.
746085 High CPU utlizaton and spinlock contention on a db_cache spinlock may be observed for the sysattributes table.
750085 A 14108 error, "Could not find partition descriptor for objid < obj_id > , indid < indid > , ptnid < ptn_id > in dbid < db_id > " will be raised when creating a local index on a partitioned table if the database option 'allow incremental dumps' is enabled, or while a concurrent database dump command is executed.
759590 When SAP ASE is upgraded and the higher version server writes a new configuration file after upgrade is complete, then under some circumstances that configuration file may contain entries that were unexpectedly changed from what the older version server originally configured.
762625 KBA 2127755 - An UPDATE statement which doesn't update any row and involves a replicated table with a LOB column may fail with an error 539 "Unexpected internal access methods error..." and state 31.
764438 There is a potential for high statement cache spinlock contention when the statement cache is full and all/most of the statements are pinned by a SPID. This may result in significant system sluggishness. Dumping the monitor counters shows that proc_ssql_not_found is relatively high while proc_ssql_procs_available is relatively low for an interval in addition to the SSQL_CACHE spinlock counters being high and possibly negative due to overflow.
767494 There may be index space bloat on tables with high deleted row count.
768441 Error message, "EXECUTE permission denied on object sp_showoptstats, database sybsystemprocs, owner dbo", may be reported when sp_showoptstats is executed by users other than system administrator.
768510 Database timestamp (@@dbts) jumps by a large amount unexpectedly during LOAD TRANSACTION.
769985 A 923 error, "User not allowed in database - only the owner of this database can access it", is raised when a nested stored procedure prefixed with the database name is executed in a database configured for DBO USE ONLY.
770041 OpenSSL FIPS is not certified.
770497 Error 2809 may be raised incorrectly, specifying the name of an object that isn't involved in the query, for some queries involving a derived table and view in another database that has the same object id as a procedure in the user's current database.
771876 KBA 2111156: Performance problem with application context builtins due to excessive permission checks.
773191 Incorrect values can be reported by the SAP ASE optdiag utility for "Large I/O efficiency" when large I/O pools have been configured in SAP ASE.
774289 A 1105 error, "Can't allocate space for object ' < name > ' in database ' < db > ' because ' < segname > ' segment is full/has no free extents. If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment", may be reported when ONLINE PARALLEL CREATE INDEX is executed with a large number of consumers and the default configuration is used.
775572 The 12334 error, "Attempts to read logical page `%ld`, virtpage `%ld` from virtual device `%d` for %S_PTNINFO failed due to read failure in prefetch. Please contact Sybase Technical Support", may be observed during prefetch while running selects on the tables APL table table with clustered or local index and on DOL tables with local index.
775622 KBA 2153952 - When upper case letters are used in a login name, sp_passwordpolicy 'expire login passwords' on that login name fails to find the login.
775633 Logical I/Os metrics may be incorrect for MDA tables for sensitive, insenstive cursors
775754 When creating an index on unichar columns on the Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX platforms, a stack trace (SIGBUS or SIGSEGV) may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog. The stacktrace will reference the lastValidPosInUnistring function.
776546 A 12308 error "Internal error : Invalid row id (Row < > , Page < > ) encountered in the table < > in database < > ." may be reported by level 0 scans / dirty reads or a 1514 error "Sort failed because it attempted to allocate page < > and found that the page was busy..." may be reported during create index, on a table on which 'reorg rebuild with online' has been run.
776552 After upgrade from SAP ASE 15.7 ESD#4.2 or older releases to SAP ASE 15.7 SP63, SP130, ASE16.0 the decryption of LDAPUA access account passwords or SSL private key passwords stored in sysattributes which use 3DES encryption algorithm fails with message in errorlog: "... SSL or Crypto Error Message: 'An unexpected failure occurred while performing an OpenSSL cryptography operation. Root error: error:06065064:digital envelope routines:EVP_DecryptFinal_ex:bad decrypt.'."
776796 When Granular Permissions is enabled, a user with CHANGE PASSWORD privilege but not MANAGE ANY LOGIN privilege fails to change another user's password with the following error: Msg 10331, Level 14, State 2: Line 1: Permission denied, database master, owner dbo. You need the following permission(s) to run this command: MANAGE ANY LOGIN.
776942 In GUI mode, sybmigrate cannot connect to the dataserver. An error message like "Fail to connect to 'servername'. Please check if server is running and serve name is correct" will be reported.
777296 A 940 error, "Dbtable in wrong state for operation: < name > ", is reported against tempdb when repeating a query which uses work table for more than 32k times.
777566 An additional shared memory segment is created when the local cache partitions for the default data cache is set to "default" and the number of online engines is greater than 2, resulting in auto-tuning recommending additional cachelets. It is also possible that this may cause the server to fail to boot.
777640 A 16805 error, "A LOB LOCATOR was used that is no longer valid: Either the transaction that created it has ended or it has been deallocated", may occur when a LOB variable is used with the substring function.
777693 KBA 2131993 - Under a rare situation, an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) stacktrace in the function s_readproc() with s_recompile() and tdsrecv__dynexec_xoltp() may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog.
777822 An exception (e.g. infected with 11, SIGSEGV) in the ctlib async thread brings down the SAP ASE server.
777895 KBA 2154406 - A 6103 error, "Unable to do cleanup for the killed process; received Msg < message_num > " followed by the error, "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)", may be reported in the SAP ASE error log, when executing sort on a worktable.
777948 Add support for "with recompile" to DML statements within stored procedure.
778071 In rare circumstances, the message, "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)", followed by a stack trace that includes the modules s__merge_finish() or CgpStoreInd::_CgpStoreIndPePredBmToScalar() may be reported in the error log when running a query with MERGE UNION and INSERT.
778145 KBA2203739: A new resource governor limit, lock_count, is provided to allow limiting the number of locks held at once by a process.
778237 A 17870 error, "Table '#sphelpuser2ro' does not exist in database 'tempdb2'", may be observed while executing sp_helpuser.
778347 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)", followed by a stack trace that includes the module 'QpClearGc' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when using a CURSOR with SELECT FOR UPDATE.
778359 KBA 2140761 - A 2601 error, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object ' < objname > ' with unique index ' < indname > '", may be erroneously hit while updating a Data Only Lock table that is partitioned with a unique index. Additionally a 9275 error, "RepAgent(#): Could not locate the before image for the INSERT log record at ( < pageid, row_num > ).", may be reported if the table is replicated.
778536 A 1205 error, "Your server command (family id #%d, process id #%d) encountered a deadlock situation. Please re-run your command", may be reported in Cluster Edition for some concurrent DMLs even in one node.
778585 A 2540 error, "Table Corrupt: Page is allocated but not linked" may be reported when running DBCC CHECKALLOC on a SDC server.
778911 There may be a nan or NaN (not a number) reported in optimizer tracing that could result in poorly performing query plans. Optcriteria CR778911 will check that the range summary stats (such as range density and range unique) are non zero if there is at least one non-zero range cell in the histogram.
779495 KBA 2153917 : A 624 error: Adaptive Server failed to retrieve a row via its RID in database "dbname" because the requested RID has a higher number than the last RID on the page. may sometimes be encountered while rolling back a transaction containing an open cursor on an ALLPAGES LOCKED table with a clustered index and one or more nonclustered indexes, if DMLs within that transaction caused a page split of the data page on which the cursor was positioned.
779599 When a a bunch of selects from tables with predicated privileges are done in a batch after running alter table and update index statistics on the table, errors 706 - "Process < n > tried to remove PROC_HDR < addr > that it does not hold in Pss." and 941 - "Illegal database context operation." may be reported.
779616 The stored procedure, sp_modifythreshold, can create a duplicate threshold entry if two identical thresholds exist on two different segments, and one of them is changed to monitor the other segment.
779750 KBA 2040888 - Error 12034 occurs due to global fragment pool too small when read MDA tables such as monCachedObjects, monStatementCache
779792 The command REORG DEFRAG ... WITH TIME=hh:mm doesn't take into account the time spent on waiting for synchronization with isolation level 0, read uncommitted, scanners while checking for the duration this command can continue to be active.
779794 KBA2135388. The informational message "The specified partitions, or all the partitions, of table ' < > ' are already marked as fully defragmented. Retry your command without the ' < > ' option to restart the defragmentation." may be reported during the execution of REORG DEFRAG with the option 'resume' enabled when it finds that the partition/table is marked fully defragmented. The expected behavior is to have the SAP ASE resume the defragmentation from the start of the object instead of prompting a re-issue of the command.
779826 When using stored procedures, showplan message wrongly indicates that a table in tempdb resides in an in-memory database.
779858 If the command sp_dumpoptimize is executed to change the allocation_threshold using either a suffix of this keyword or via 'archive=min|max|default', the value will be set in the Backup Server but it will be overwritten at dump time with a default value of 40% or with any previous value that has been configured using the full allocation_threshold keyword.
779877 In rare circumstances the performance of the undo recovery pass during boot recovery may be sub-optimal when open long running transactions need to be rolled back, and SAP ASE had been terminated with an impolite shutdown command or had crashed.
779891 DDLGEN may report a “Critical internal application error” if there is a Cross Database Foreign Key and there is a bad dbid in sysreferences.
779895 With XML option being enabled for optimizer trace output, correct XML elements should be used to print the deferred parallel processing information of optimizer.
779922 Error 11060 reported for maximum number of recompilations(10) for the isolation level 0 transaction
779957 Two wait states were using wait event ID 727 (Encrypted Columns module waiting for csi factory creation). This change introduced wait event ID 831 to ensure all wait events have unique IDs.
779974 In rare circumstances, when REORG REBUILD ... WITH ONLINE is aborted due to an internal error or a forced kill, while the database options ‘full logging for all', 'full logging for reorg rebuild', and ‘enforce dump tran sequence' are enabled, errors like 605 "An attempt was made to fetch logical page '' from cache ''. Page belongs to < > and not to < > .", 697 "An attempt was made to fetch logical page '' for < > from cache ''. Wrong logical page '' was found in cache.", 12546 "During undo the timestamp to be assigned to a page is less than the current page timestamp. Page = '', object id = < > , page timestamp = (x y), new page timestamp = (p q), or 806 "Could not find virtual page for logical page '' in database < > ' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log.
780039 KBA 2135472 : REORG REBUILD on deferred tables fails with 691 error.
780144 In rare circumstances on a multi-engine system, a 1142 error, "Invalid OAM Page < value > . Found pstat= < value > , object= < negative value > , ..." may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'trunc_wktable', 'LePlanOpenAndExecute' and 'LavaThreadDriver' when some parallel queries are executed concurrently.
780207 KBA 2136531 - A segmentation violation error may be hit by the SAP ASE backup server process during the execution of a DUMP or LOAD database command causing it to shut down, if the machine has configured a network interface with no addresses. In the backup server errorlog a stack trace with the modules 'ng_islocalif', 'ng__cmpifaddr' and 'get_in_addr' may be reported.
780228 When the stored procedure sp_hadr_admin 'config_bs' receives a NULL second parameter it inserts one entry for the backup server listener IP address in the hosts.allow file. This a new feature to insert one line for each of the host names aliases for the listener IP address instead of the IP address.
780390 When shared memory is not available from the operating system during server startup and a memory allocation fails during initialization of RSA module, then a segmentation violation may occur in uppopaffinity().
780424 During periods of heavy I/O stress, creating page signatures can result in incorrect page linkage with 2628 error, "In database < db_name > , page < page_id1 > is linked forward to page < page_id2 > , but that page is linked backward to page < page_id3 > . Please report this internal error to Sybase Technical Support" reported in the error log.
780535 In LPAD( < source_string > , < len > , < pattern_string > ), if the number of characters in the < pattern_string > is greater than the number of characters that need to be padded at the left of the < source_string > during multibyte character handling, the number of characters in the result exceeds < len > .
780614 cis idle connection timeout does not work as expected.
780619 KBA 2140170 : Under some conditions, such as killing a process using execute immediate, may cause the server to hang.
780738 DBCC ZAPDEFRAGINFO will not delete the rows from sysattributes when no action is specified.
780810 KBA 2144033 - Framework collectors in DBACockpit DCF fail with Error 605 while running REORG DEFRAG table WITH SKIP_COMPACT_EXTENTS on multiple saptools staging tables concurrently
780832 In case we are running REORG REBUILD in a multi-threaded environment on an APL table followed by DBCC CHECKALLOC() on the database to which the table belongs, the DBCC hits error 12909 indicating that pages reserved by LSA are not unreserved.
780983 This only affects the diagserver Occasionally a false positive assertion will occur due to roundoff errors when selectivity estimates slightly exceed 100% of the intermediate result in the optimizer.
781067 Enhancement to allow the Backup Server be identified by another remote Backup Server by its listening address instead of using the default one defined by the routine tables in the operating system. This option is enabled by default. To disable this feature execute "sp_configure 'bind backupserver address', 0".
781099 KBA 2143875 : SAP ASE goes into an infinite loop during index creation with parallel hashstats enabled.
781113 When 'plan sharing' is on, a lightweight procedure(LWP) plan may raise error 2834 during cloning of primary plan.
781134 RAT error 9219, Severity 20, State 453 may be raised when RAT attempts to flush a schema object containing a non-null non-materialized column.
781374 A 7175 error, "Textptr ( < > ) for an in row lob either contains an invalid datarow RID or the datarow cannot be read.", may be reported when running WRITETEXT command with a text pointer value obtained from @@textptr immediately after updating in-row LOB column and one or more columns of other datatype in the same UPDATE command.
781394 A buffer overflow may be seen when non materialized default columns with a default value greater than 500 bytes are replicated, resulting in a stack trace including the module 'ra_process_lr' reported in the SAP ASE error log.
781455 KBA 2168445 - Running UPDATE STATISTICS and TRUNCATE TABLE concurrently may cause the server to hang due to undetected deadlock.
781493 A timeslice error in the module 'rdfrag__display_progress' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'reorg__ptn_defrag' and 'reorg_main' may be reported in the error log when REORG DEFRAG is executed with the option 'skip_compact_extents' enabled.
781495 KBA 2153895 : An 814 error, "Keep count of buffer < ID > in cache < cache_name > holding logical page < page_id > in database < db_name > has become negative", may be reported when altering an IMDB having multiple cache partitions.
781513 ASE on windows may report an error with a stack trace including an unknown signal (-1073741784)followed by the message, "A SERIOUS UNHANDLED EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED".
781610 Under rare circumstances, REORG DEFRAG utility when run with the option 'skip_compact_extents' may terminate prematurely with the error, "REORG DEFRAG of < dbname > terminated due to error or user interrupt.
781650 An 834 error, “Illegal attempt to clean buffer: BUF= < > , MASS= < > , ...”, in the module ‘buffree’ together with a stack trace which includes the modules ‘bufunkeep_cache’ and ‘inserttext’ may be reported in the SAP ASE error log while an INSERT command is executed into an in-memory database table.
781684 In rare circumstance, a memory dump might fail with an "Error writing memory segment" error when the option "memory dump compression level" is set as a value greater than 1.
781774 In rare circumstances, CREATE INDEX may fail with a 1289 error, "Internal Error in lock manager routine: Invalid lock mode exclusive page, requested by task (family id < > , spid < > ) conflicts with existing family request mode exclusive page belonging to task (family id < > , spid < > )"
781815 Under rare circumstances, a 605 error, "An attempt was made to fetch logical page ' < > ' from cache ... ", together with a stack trace which includes the module 'dol_bt_getnext' may be reported in the error log when a DML is executed on a table on which a REORG DEFRAG command was run before while rows were being concurrently inserted.
781828 A 12964 error, "DBCC cannot insert the row in the dbcc_operation_log table for this check of database < database name > , aborting check." may be reported when running DBCC CHECKSTORAGE on a SDC server.
781934 KBA 2161325 - sp_monitorconfig "additional network memory" always return a value of 0 for Num_active.
782006 A new error message 140064, "ERROR in < module_name > for plc < 0x > ... " is created to qualify for a shared memory dump condition in case wrong number of log records are moved during PLC discard which may result in wrong count in PLC. Additionally new error message 140063, "ERROR in < module_name > for plc < 0x > ... " is created to qualify for a shared memory dump condition in case of wrong PLC count or wrong log record size in PLC while the PLC is flushed to syslogs. These messages are printed in the error log. These errors may result in error 3475.
782010 In rare circumstances, SAP ASE may hang as a result of an undetected deadlock between a process doing REORG DEFRAG and a process doing level 0 scans or dirty reads under a transaction that included DMLs.
782011 A 1108 error, "Cannot deallocate extent < extentid > , database < dbid > . Object id < objid > , index id < indid > , status 1 in extent does not match object id < objid2 > , index id < indid2 > , status 0 in object being deallocated. Run DBCC CHECKALLOC." may be reported in the module 'pg__dropbuf' together with a stack trace in the error log which includes the modules 'xact_rollback' and 'undo_apl_aextent', when online reorg rebuild rolls back.
782102 A 3475 error, "There is no space available in SYSLOGS to log a record for which space has been reserved in database ' < dbname > '", can sometimes be reported if the current process or other processes in the system are executing minimally logged DMLs on tables having TEXT/IMAGE columns.
782222 The fix for CR 776287 is redesigned not to take corrective actions in the context of error 3475.
782225 A 1105 error, “Can't allocate space for object ' < > ' in database ' < > ' because 'syslogs' segment is full/has no free extents…”, may be reported on a user defined temporary in-memory database when DML commands are executed concurrently in cross-imdb transactions whereby the log cannot be truncated.
782294 When auditing is enabled and an audit option that captures ALTER LOGIN is set and ALTER LOGIN .. MODIFY PASSWD is executed, then the ALTER LOGIN audit event is missing in the audit trail.
782316 A 11277 error, "Operating system error 2: 'No such file or directory'", may be reported on Windows when the stored procedure sp_dump_history is run with the 'list' option.
782319 sp_helpcache reports the "In memory cache size" as negative for cache sizes > = 2GB.
782345 Incorrect progress report (progress > 100%) may be reported when running dbcc tablealloc() on syslogs table.
782355 ALTER LOGIN must check the caller password when Granular Permissions (GP) is on and the caller has sso_role.
782445 A query with decimal conversion in an IN clause may not correctly return rows which should qualify when the statement cache is enabled.
782486 KBA 2190386 - The error, "Attempt to start database device i/o failed: State = 118 Msg = Attempt to issue i/o beyond offset of 2 GB failed, since the operating system does not support it", will be reported in the Backup Server errorlog when a database device is bigger than 2GB in solaris 64 bits.
782567 Enhancements to the Sybmon utility to prevent signal 11 when 'mmgrpools' or 'who' command is executed, improve the performance of the 'spinlocks' command, and prevent signal 11 when 'log on' command is executed while the log file is already open.
782571 Addition of validation checks for a session's User Log Cache when log records are added or removed from it, so as to manage error handling in case any inconsistencies are found.
782573 In rare circumstances SAP ASE Cluster Edition may encounter an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) or errors 1265 - "An illegal attempt was made to release an invalid lock or a lock that is not owned by the process family...." or 834 - "Illegal attempt to clean buffer: ..." during compilation of stored procedures.
782596 KBA 2168634 : A 3474 error, "During redo the page timestamp value is less than old timestamp from log. ...", may be reported during LOAD TRANSACTION of a transaction log dump that includes log records pertaining to DMLs executed after a successful run of the online reorg rebuild. Or, a 2503 error, "Table corrupt: Page linkage is not consistent" may be reported by a DBCC CHECKTABLE on the table after the database has been onlined after the above mentioned load sequence.
782609 The timestamp in a database after a cross platform load does not match the timestamp of the source database.
782648 The message, "Backup Server: Backup Server Internal Error in function 'fatoi'", will be raised by the Backup Server when trying to execute a remote dump or load on a Backup Server with a version less than 15.7SP60, or a version between 15.7SP101 and 15.7SP121.
782685 A 7128 error, "Text pointer value < value > references a data page which is no longer allocated. This text pointer references first text page < page # > , which belongs to object ID < object ID > .", may be reported when running SELECT command on LOB columns while concurrent DELETE command is also running on the same table.
782706 When using deferred parallel, optimizer may not choose parallel query plans that it would have chosen in non-deferred mode.
782735 The role_locked audit option is missing in the list displayed by sp_audit
782835 KBA 2161415 : On SAP ASE Cluster Edition, the value of the spid displayed is zero when executing the system stored procedure sp_help_rep_agent and when querying the MDA tables monRepLogActivity, monRepScanners and monRepSenders even though the Replication Agent Thread is running.
782845 When using "alter database ... off" to shrink a database, if a disk piece's location column in sysusages is null and that disk piece must be divided, the resultant sysusages entry for that disk piece can have invalid entries for unreservedpgs and crdate.
782871 KBA 2164927 : In some circumstances, a query on the monLock MDA table may cause some running processes to be infected by timeslice errors.
782880 KBA 2165280 - A 10350 error, "Permission related internal error was encountered. Unable to continue", may be reported when executing DML statements on tables with encrypted column having decrypt default on columns 64 and above.
782907 In rare circumstances an undetected deadlock may be seen among DUMP DATABASE, DUMP TRANSACTION and CREATE INDEX when these commands are executed on the same database concurrently. A 8213 error, "Failed to acquire address lock on object DDLOG", may result from the deadlock.
782972 Partition statistics is not retained when UPDATE STATISTICS is executed on a semantic partitioned table with ONLY 1 partition.
783072 KBA 2160024 - A 11060 error, "This statement has exceeded the maximum number of recompilations (10). This indicates an internal error", may be reported when executing a stored procedure that includes a SELECT INTO with the source table having an encrypted column with decrypt default and a convert() function.
783261 KBA 2162777 : A 9209 error, "RepAgent( < dbid > ): Missing datarow in TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT insert log record. Transaction log may be corrupt. Please contact SYBASE Technical Support. (current marker = ( < page# > , < row# > ))", may be reported in the SAP ASE error log during data replication, if the server uses a multi-byte character set, and if LOB data is inserted by WRITETEXT bulk command, and if the last character of the LOB data is a multi-byte character that has to be split into two LOB pages. Alternatively a 9219 error, "RepAgent( < dbid > ): Internal coding error", may be reported.
783288 KBA 2162037 - Under some rare condition, SAP ASE could throw 707 error in mem__shrink_this_phdr() with calls to tdsrecv__dynexec_batch(), tdsrecv__process_batchparam(), tdsrecv__xoltp_finish(), memshrink() while cleaning up after dynamic SQL fails.
783294 KBA 2161945 : Error 4902 is reported when running ALTER TABLE on a table named 'master'.
783358 Parallel Optimizer generated some parallel query plans with negative cost values. This fix is enabled under opt criteria CR782580.
783594 jConnect: Calling getColumns() method on DatabaseMetaData object may execute with sub-optimal query plans after a large number of database objects are created.
783598 KBA 2166005 - If a query has several predicates on the same columns and the columns are CHAR/VARCHAR datatypes, it could hang when we try to eliminate some predicates. For the DEBUG binary, it will cause an assertion failure.
783665 The PCA/JVM default configuration settings have been changed to disable File I/O opeartions for the temporary directory option 'pca_jvm_tmp_dir' and the working directory option 'pca_jvm_work_dir'.
783667 The PCA/JVM provided Secure Class loader will deny executing methods that request to load dynamic shared libraries by default.
783679 SIG 11 in CgEvals::_CgCompVcol and stacktrace including CgEvals::_CgCompAggOp(), CgGenLava::CGConsOrScanOp(), and CgpIndScan::cgpORJoin()occurs when a value in IN list of a query coming from subquery select list.
783714 KBA 2165910 Cross-platform dump/load may encounter error 1142 "Invalid OAM Page..." when executing online database on the target server.
783804 KBA 2172868. The 15413 message, "An internal error occurred during an encryption operation (error code -1). Please contact Sybase Technical Support", will be reported with inserting into encrypted columns with select list and order by having encrypted column with length > 255 bytes.
783860 The qrmutil tool may return an exit status of 0 even when when the command fails.
783985 KBA 2168462 - The error, "Pathname parameter must specify an absolute pathname", followed by error, "RPC ('as_arch_device') execution failed", may be reported in the SAP Backup Server error log if a remote DUMP DATABASE USING CONFIG command is executed while using a remote configuration option that was defined by sp_config_dump 'remote_cfg'.
784030 The 15432 message, "A validation check failed when Adaptive Server decrypted an encryption key. This error may indicate an incorrect password.", will be raised when ALTER ENCRYPTION KEY is executed to add key copy for recovery and to recover the key copy in a stored procedure.
784069 A 3957 error, “New transaction cannot be started due to an ongoing HADR deactivate operation.”, may be reported when a DML command that is part of an already running user active transaction is incorrectly terminated while sap_failover < site1 > , < site2 > , < timeout_in_seconds > is executed. Moreover SAP Business Suite applications can run into data consistency errors since SAP Business Suite does not reapply lost transactions when error 3957 is raised. The expected behavior is that active transactions will not be interrupted when sap_failover < site1 > , < site2 > , < timeout_in_seconds > is run.
784106 The command "alter encryption key key_udp with passwd login_passwd recover encryption with passwd 'newpasswd1'" hit signal 11 as the key copies protected with login password should not be used for key recovery.
784222 KBA 2170606 : An 899 error, "The page < page# > requested for in-memory database ' < dbname > ' ( < dbid > ), object ' < name > ' ( < id > ) was not found in in-memory storage cache ' < cachename > '(id < cacheid > ). Please contact Sybase Technical Support.", may be reported in the SAP ASE error log during startup while an in-memory database is recovered and when there is more than one in-memory database and the configuration option ‘number of large i/o buffers’ value is not sufficient. This error can also be reported during the creation of in-memory database when a concurrent load database is run. Sometimes a 6103 error, "Unable to do cleanup for the killed process; received Msg 14120.", may also be reported.
784606 An 871 error, "Process %d is trying to release a latch on buffer 0x%x (dbid: %d, pageno: %u) without holding a latch on the buffer", may occur when executing an online parallel create index in the Data Page lock scheme.
784716 With CR 689004, different values of @@rowcount may be obtained when the configuration parameter “send doneinproc tokens” is set to 0 when compared with earlier releases. The old (incorrect) behaviour may be required by some applications. To restore the old behaviour, enable trace flag 11002
785103 In rare circumstances, a 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page '' from cache ''. Page belongs to < > and not to < > .", or a 697 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page '' for < > from cache ''. Wrong logical page '' was found in cache.", or a 12546 error "During undo the timestamp to be assigned to a page is less than the current page timestamp. Page = '', object id = < > , page timestamp = (x y), new page timestamp = (p q), or an 806 error "Could not find virtual page for logical page '' in database < > ' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log by an 'online database' command when preceded by a sequence of load trans of transaction logs that contain at least one incomplete transaction pertaining to online reorg rebuild.
785132 KBA 2188555 - Killing a nested user defined functions UDFs may cause a timeslice error to be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog.
785196 On a Solution Manager system, spid's executing UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS may appear hang in the module ptn__datachange_reset().
785333 KBA 2186543. An infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) at decompress_column_by_colid() may be encountered during upgrade from SAP ASE 12.5 to SAP ASE 15.7.
785377 TRUNCATE of a specified partition may sometimes may truncate the wrong partition when there exists a partition name for the table whose partition name starts with the full partition name of the partition that is intended to be truncated. e.g. if partition name "week1" was requested to be truncated and there was also a partition name on the table called "week14", then "week14" may be truncated instead of "week1".
785404 ESP (extended stored procedure) execution may fail if overall path of the ESP DLL is more than 99 characters or more (including the name of the DLL).
785441 In rare circumstances, when online partition utility is running, an infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog.
785504 KBA 2181636 - When loading a database dump that contains CIS proxy tables with LOB columns that map to remote tables on a system that does't support text pointers, the load sequence will be incorrectly broken if SAP ASE is restarted, because the database recovery will incorrectly create one transaction for each of these proxy tables.
785554 Under UTF8 sort order 99, if a composite index contains a leading NULL VARCHAR field, REORG REINDEX may not be able to rebuild the index.
785668 Sometimes CREATE ROLE creates role with an invalid 'status' column value in system catalog SRSSRVROLES.
785701 In rare circumstances, a 3474 error, "During redo the page timestamp value is less than old timestamp from log. Page #= < > , object id = < > ..." is reported by SAP ASE during a LOAD TRAN of a transaction dump that includes a transaction of online REORG REBUILD or non-online CREATE INDEX if the earlier portion of load sequence contains a transaction of online CREATE INDEX with deferred recovery.
785919 In rare circumstances when number of deleted rows in an allocation unit are more than 65535, the delete row count in systabstats may remain incorrect after a REORG DEFRAG is run.
785923 Reduce the likelihood of deadlocks contention if a unique index exists on a table.
786104 Using ALTER TABLE ADD column_name IDENTITY sets the wrong attributes in syscolumns.
786283 In rare cases, if a transaction performing INSERT on table with LOB columns gets rolled back due to HADR force de-activation with message 3958, command rollback happens instead of transaction rollback.
786412 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)", in the module fix_multiref() followed by a stack trace that includes the modules 'remove_illegal_const' may be reported in the error log when 'abstract plan load' and 'enable literal autoparam' are enabled and runtime recompilation has happened.
786420 KBA 2201449: A 15413 error, "An internal error occurred during an encryption operation (error code < n > ). Please contact SAP Technical Support", may be reported when selecting data from encrypted columns.
786474 The monLocks table, may only report a subset of locks from syslocks..
786478 The 9502 error may be reported incorrectly when using a UNIVARCHAR column with a NULL value with statement cache enabled. For example, when inserting a NULL value into the column through a JDBC prepared statement.
786588 An 8201 error, "Mismatch found between the name and id descriptor hash table for table...", accompanied by a stack trace that includes the modules 'des__clean' and 'des__scavenge' may be reported in the error log in some high concurrency scenarios.
786594 It can take a long time to return all rows from MDA tables if the result set is very large.
786618 KBA 2192618: On AIX Platform, xpserver fails to start with error messages: "exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program xpserver because of the following errors: 0509-150 Dependent module could not be loaded. 0509-022 Cannot load module 0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path name does not exist." This shared object is not distributed with SAP ASE or the SAP Connectivity SDK.
786672 A 594 error, "The UPDATE WHERE CURRENT OF to the cursor ' < name > ' failed because column ' < name > ' being updated was not specified in the SELECT list", may be reported when an updatable cursor has an internal query.
786692 The command LOAD DATABASE from < archive > with listonly=create_sql may incorrectly report the options INDEX_COMPRESSION or ENCRYPT WITH < keyname > for the CREATE and ALTER DATABASE commands, when the dump file belongs to an older SAP ASE version where these options did not exist.
786808 The message, "SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Fatal Error: Database emulator failed while executing command 161", will be printed in the Backup Server error log and a DUMP command will abort if the database being dumped is created on ZFS file system and the backup server is started with trace flag -D512.
786895 If a stored procedure is accessing an object that is created by a different user, SAP ASE cluster edition may report the error "Cannot add rows to sysdepends for the current stored procedure because it depends on the missing object ' < object name > '.". The stored procedure will still be created.
787016 KBA 2224574 - If SAP ASE configured to use native threads encounters a segmentation fault (infected with 11 (SIGSEGV)) whilst dumping shared memory (a the dump configured with multiple dump threads) then SAP ASE may crash.
787228 At SAP ASE startup the following error message may appear in the errorlog, "Error: 3701, Severity: 11, State: 1, Cannot drop the encryption key 'syb_xpskey*', because it doesn't exist in the system catalogs."
787245 In rare circumstances, SAP ASE may fail to perform ALTER TABLE UNPARTITION with error 11051 - " < op > on the object < name > ' failed. Table is currently being used by one or more other tasks", if the table is created with 'for load' option and ALTER TABLE UNPARTITION is being executed from a node immediately after booting the node.
787692 The monProcedureCacheModuleUsage and monProcedureCacheMemoryUsage tables might report zero in HWM column although the Active column is not zero.
787699 In rare circumstances, when online CREATE INDEX is issued on an empty table and concurrent DMLs insert new rows in the table that cause addition of new index level, syspartition may report wrong ptnfirst value and subsequent CHECKALLOC may fail.
787966 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)", followed by a stacktrace that includes the module mda_fill_and_send_monProcessObject() may be reported in the error log when running the query, "insert #monProcessObject select from master..monProcessObject"
788080 On the IBM AIX platform, xp_cmdshell executions may fail with the error message: "Could not load library < $SYBASE > / < $SYBASE_ASE > /lib/"
788311 DDLGen reports the error, "UDM9: Critical internal application error occurred", when DDL is generated for a database and that database contains user defined messages.
788474 KBA 2211717: Under some rare condition, if columns in a table have more than one constraints (not necessary in the same column), it can cause invalid rows to be inserted.
788552 In rare circumstances, when CREATE INDEX with ONLINE is executed on an APL table and there are several concurrent DMLs active, SAP ASE may hit an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV).
788702 The 3475 message, "There is no space available in SYSLOGS to log a record for which space has been reserved in database 'tempdb'", may be reported in the SAP ASE error log for database tempdb, when a log fragment was previously dropped from tempdb using sp_dropsegment.
788769 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module ‘mda__populate_RepScannersTable’ together with a stack trace which includes the modules ‘mda_exec’ and ‘mda_populate_monRepScanners’ may be reported in the error log when a query on the master..monRepScanners table is run and while the Replication Agent is shut down concurrently.
789251 KBA 2218075 - In rare circumstances unexpected results could be returned when a query involving a LIKE clause is executed inside a stored procedure run WITH UPGRADE option (or which required to be upgraded internally from source text) and the LIKE clause references input parameters defined in the stored procedure.
789426 When IMDB is used with multiple cachelets and the database size is altered, then SAP ASE may report error 899, "The page < page > requested for in-memory < objinfo > was not found in in-memory storage cache ' < name > ' (id < n > ). Please contact SAP Technical Support."
789675 The p_drv_bcpmetadata stored procedure is enhanced in order to improve the performance of jConnect ENABLE_BULK_LOAD.
789967 In rare circumstances, a 12308 error, "Invalid row id (Row < > , Page < > ) encountered in the table 'T' in database 'D'" or a 614 error "Adaptive Server accessed a row that has an illegal length of < n > while in data base 'X' ..." may be reported by a REORG REBUILD index or a DML following REORG DEFRAG on a table.
790193 On IBM AIX platforms, when LDAP directory services or LDAP User Authentication are used, SAP ASE will report a stacktrace, a segmentation violation, and fail to start during initialization of LDAP drivers.
790394 In rare circumstances, the message "Current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module 'dbt_unkeep' together with a stack trace which includes the module 'close_range' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when a query uses a worktable.
790654 The %SYBASE_ASE%\bin\optase.vbs script reports an invalid 'exit' statement if the specified memory is lower than the required size.
790983 A 3475 error, "There is no space available in SYSLOGS to log a record for which space has been reserved in database ' < name > ' ( < id > )", may be reported when the difference between the last change threshold and a user defined threshold for the log segment is less than 128 pages.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 ; SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 Cluster Edition


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