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2149253 - Mismatch in Org Unit and Reporting Line Unit for Employees After Migration


Basic Employee Data of Employee ABC was migrated where the Reporting Line Unit is maintained as XYZ (Organizational Assignment). Later, the Personnel Administration data was migrated where the Organizational Assignment is maintained as RST in Work Agreements tab.

Now, in the system

1. Open the Personnel File of the Employee, the Reporting Line Unit is displaying as XYZ which is correct.

2. Go to Organizational Structure, where the Employee ABC is listed under the Org Unit XYZ. But as per the Personnel Administration migration, customer is expecting this Employee to be under RST and it suppose to be the Cost Center.


In the migration process of Basic Employee Data, you have entered Reporting Line Unit value in the Org Assignment tab which is XYZ. The migration was successful. Hence what happens now is in the backend a Position will be created for the migrated employee. Now during migration of Personnel Administration Data, you have filled Org Unit (Cost center) RST and expecting it to be shown in the same way in the Personnel File of the employee.

But this is not the case, once a position is created for an Employee, though Org Unit is entered in the Personnel Administration Template this cannot be overwritten. So here while doing basic employee data migration if RLU data is given, then position is created based on that and when you give it in Personnel Administration migration the position data is unchanged and hence the problem. To give you more idea, if you give RLU in basic step both the org and RLU is RLU and when you give cost center in basic step it derives RLU for RLU field and Cost center will be the original org assignment, further whatever you give in the Personnel Administration step it wont create update anything. This is not a core issue but the expected behavior of position .


However this issue can still be solved, if you enter the value for Reporting Line Unit (XYZ) as Org Unit - RST. By doing so the system derives the corresponding RLU for the mentioned Org unit in the template.

So now you have to follow the below steps mentioned:

1. Enter the Org Unit/ Cost center in the Employee Basic template
2. Enter the same org unit in the personnel admin template as well.

Now once the migration is successful, the personnel file will reflect with the right vales for RLU & Org Unit.


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