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2151880 - Online Report Designer (ORD) Admin Features


How to use Admin Features in the Online Report Designer:

In SuccessFactors, from the main menu, select Analytics then Analytics sub tab to access the Online Report Designer (ORD)


  • SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Online Report Designer


Features available in ORD as Admin once a user is assigned "Implementation Partner" Role are as below.

User Maintenance

User Maintenance will give you the full list of users who have access to Online Report Designer (ORD) and allow to make the following changes:

    1. New User > Allows to add a new user to ORD
    2. Bulk Unlock > Allows to unlock users
    3. Reset Password > Allows admin user to reset the password for specific Users
    4. Tree Security > It applies only for WFA instances
    5. Edit User > Allows to edit user information
    6. Delete User > Allows to delete the user after confirmation

NOTE: Some of the above options may not be displayed or some fields editable due to additional backend settings managed by Support.

User maintenance.jpg

Note: After refreshing the user list, you can select additional columns for the view.

Bulk User Upload

You can upload users in bulk rather than user getting created automatically in ORD,with the help of attached “Bulk User Upload Template “.

You can also get the updated version of Bulk User Templates from SF community.

Role Maintenance

Under Role Maintenance you can create your own role or copy existing role.

In addition to this you can do below changes in existing custom roles, Standard roles are not available to make any change:-

  1. In role summary section you will get to know how many users are assigned to this role.
  2. In setting section you change the landing page for that role. Example – if mangers want to have particular report to be shown as soon as they login to Analytics page, so you can put that report as landing page. Select  “Report Book “ >> Select custom report created.
  3. Permission Section will give you opportunity to give permission of “Actions “, “ Dimension “, “Restriction “.
  4. Reporting Position Section is not Applicable for BizX only customer.
  5. Measure Restriction section is not Applicable for BizX only customer.
  6. Tree Security section is not Applicable for BizX only customer.

Role Maintenence.PNGLanding page.PNG

Site Statistic

Gives you data relating to Audit of login in user, depending upon the date range that you select.

Site Statistic.PNG

FTP Configuration

You can set FTP setting here to schedule or place report on FTP.

These details can be provide by your Admin.

FTP Configuration.PNG


Question Maintenance

This is used to store instance specific documentation.

Report Transfer

You can transfer report from one instance to another instance with this feature. However it is not recommended for BizX only customer to transfer one report from one instance to other, since all instance can be configured in different manner.

Report Transfer.PNG

Instance Validation

 You can validate, all reports, Detailed Reporting Queries, Advance Reporting Queries (if applied) at once.

Instance Validation.PNG




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Bulk User Load Template - WFA + BizX.xls