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2151991 - Unable to Change the Organizational Unit and Job ID of Service Agent Since the Fields are Grayed out


You have a requirement to change the Organizational Unit and Job ID of certain Service Agents but observed that these fields are grayed out.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Partner Data work center
  2. Select Service Agent view
  3. Select and Edit a Service Agent


This issue could happen when this particular Service Agent is also an Internal Employee.

This Service Agent is internal and external Employee at the same time. This has been done as long as Personnel Administration was not in scope. Now Personnel Administration is scoped and in the service agent screen the organizational assignment can't be changed anymore, because the Employee is also internal Employee and then this can only be done in the Internal Employee screen.

So the Employee in the Business Partner data work center view is not visible anymore (because Personnel Administration is scoped). But for this Employee, the migration of Personnel Administration data has not been executed so far and therefore the Employee has no HCM data like Work agreement and Employment and therefore the Employee will not be found in the Personnel Administration Work center within view Employees.


So the steps you have to execute is as described below:

At first, user has to add the missing Personnel Administration data via migration. This can be done as follows:

1. Go to Business Configuration work center.

2. Go to Implementation Projects view.

3. Select tab Integrate and Extend.

4. Search for valid activity Migration of Employee Data - xx (xx stands for country)

5. Open this activity and you can use two functionalities for adding HCM data to an existing Employee:

a) Migrate Personnel Administration data using the migration tool (excel driven mass functionality) or

b) Manually create Personnel File using basic employee data (Screen driven for one Employee)

Once, you complete the migration of personnel administration data of those Employees will be visible in the Personnel Administration work center.

But please note that if you execute the migration you will get an information message after they enter a date into field Hire Date (for instance 01.01.2014): The service agent must first be hired in this activity. Perform a subsequent transfer for the employee if you require a change in the employee's organizational assignment.'

If this is done, the you has to execute a transfer. This transfer can be done within work center Personnel Administration in view Regular Tasks via selecting link Transfer Employee.


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