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2153465 - Mass Assign - Mass Upload on Assigning Goals - Goal Management


This feature enables mass upload functionality for assigning of goals. The Beta Goal Import is updated with the action of ASSIGN to accompany the existing ADD, EDIT, and DELETE.

This is accomplished using an excel spreadsheet (csv file) to assign certain targets for specific employees in one upload step.


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To grant the "Add Group Goal Assignment" permission:

RBP - Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > Permission... > Goals > Add Group Goal Assignment

Non RBP - Admin Center > Administrative Privileges > Manage Goals > Add Group Goal Assignment

Note: Based on label configurations, Goals label may be different to different companies.

For Admins, access Beta Goal Import via Admin Center.

For Users (with permission) can use the Mass Assign button in the Goal Plan.



  1. Go to Goals tab, select the Goal Plan.
  2. Click Mass Assign button. Note: The Mass Assign button is a push feature, meaning it will not require any additional configuration to activate in addition to the Add Group Goal Assignment permission mentioned above.
  3. In the dialog, click Browse and select the csv file.
  4. Click Upload. 


How you can use the CSV header template.

  1. The CSV Header template is accessed by clicking on the Generate CSV Header button in the Goal Plan or from the Beta Goal Import.
  2. The Generate CSV Header button appears in addition to the Mass Assign button when the “Add Group Goal Assignment” permission is granted to the user.
  3. We leveraged the existing Beta Goal Import tool for this solution. The change we made is to add an additional action option of ASSIGN. The headers are generated based on the plan template. The following is a sample of what it looks like, with the ASSIGN action field populated.

    Assign group goal.png

  4. The FILTER_USERNAME allows the Assigner to populate one or more UserID’s. Multiple UserID’s are entered by separating the IDs with a semi-colon (;).
  5. You can have an individual row for each FILTER_USERNAME if needed.
  6. You can have an individual row each Target for each user if needed.
  7. Fields can be populated to be included in the assignment based on permissions settings configured for the Plan Template. For example, weights for targets can be populated in the template, and assigned to employee assuming that the assigner has been given edit permission for the field (via the template configuration).
  8. When using the action of assigning, some fields can remain empty (except for TYPE, ID, FILTER_USER, ACTION). If they are not empty, then the behavior will depend on the configuration of the form as to whether a field is a push down field (that the assigner cannot modify) or a field that the assigner can modify (like the weight field). If a field is populated for a push down field that the assigner does not have access to, then the system will ignore that value (as opposed to showing up as an error in the job run e-mail).
  9. The assignment of new group goals allows you to make assignments to inactive users.
  10. The file does not have an explicit row limitation; however there is a 5 MB size limitation/recommendation for the CSV file.


Running the Import Job

  1. The import job gets scheduled immediately (there is no schedule setting option).
  2. When the job is complete, an email is sent to the user who initiated the import with the details like rows added, updated, deleted. (For the new “assign” action, it will include additional messages for assigned as well).
  3. If there is an error in the processing, the reason for the error will be included.


Assigning the Target More than Once

  1. Currently, from the existing user interface, a warning is provided when a user tries to assign the same goal twice, however that does not stop the assigner from assigning twice.
  2. In the scenario that a duplicate assignment is included in the CSV import file, then the duplicate record will get rejected, and will be included in the e-mail report. It should be noted that in this situation, just the duplicate gets rejected. The other valid goal/targets will continue to be processed and assigned.
  3. A check box is provided at the import screen, which would determine whether duplicating a goal is an allowed action during the mass assign. If checked, then the systems will allow the duplicate goals to be assigned. If unchecked, then the system will provide an error message in the job complete e-mail.

Please review the following article for information regarding Group Goals 2.0:

2072705 - Manage Goal Data - Group Goals Version 2.0 - Goal Management


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