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2155158 - Incident Prioritization for SuccessFactors Platform/BizX


  • How to evaluate the right priority for SuccessFactors Support cases that are under LOD-SF-PLT component (aka SuccessFactors Platform or PLT module) ? 
  • This KBA article outlines the principles which should be used for determining the support case priority.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


In order to ensure healthy service levels for all our customers, priority of cases reported will be judged based on the business impact of the issue. 

Following are few examples of issues/requests in SuccessFactors and their appropriate priority:

Priority P1 "Very High"

This is considered to be the highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through an Immense Business impact. 

  • Production instance is completely inaccessible and multiple users cannot login
  • Application errors all across different modules

Priority P2 "High"

This is considered to be second highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through a business impact however the business can still perform some of its tasks without any issues.

  • Application Performance/Slowness
  • Login issues impacting few users
  • Job failures (such as Employee Import/Export)
  • Emails not triggered
  • Email Notification
  • SFTP Connection
  • Security breach
  • People Search

Priority P3 "Medium"

This is considered to be something in which the business impact is least however there is some functionality loss which is adding on to some issues for your organization.

  • Standard service requests
    • SSO enablement
    • SFTP creation
    • Scheduled Jobs
    • Host of files
    • Instance Refresh requests
    • Backup and Restore
    • Data Center Migration
  • Proxy assignment
  • User Account Management
  • IAS & IPS integration/Upgrade
  • PGP Key encryption
  • Role Based Permission assignment
  • Change Audit/Read Audit reports
  • Users Purge
  • Super Admin creation
  • Instance Synchronization Tool
  • Picklists
  • Manage Languages/Text Replacement
  • Latest Home Page cards
  • Organizational Chart
  • Outbound SSO
  • Penetration Test
  • DKIM/SPF Email Security
  • Manage Documents
  • Upgrade Center
  • Maintenance notification (CAC)

Priority P4 "Low"

This will majorly apply to issues like:

  • How to/Consulting/Implementation questions
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) requests
  • SSH Key update
  • Custom Login Page
  • SSL certificates
  • Data Model sync
  • Reset users password
  • Theme Manager
  • Quick Link and Deep Linking
  • Company Logo
  • Check Tool
  • Data Inspector Tool
  • Admin Alerts
  • IT Contact Change

Important Notes:

  • If the issue you are experiencing is on a Preview environment, consider the next lower priority for the scenarios covered.
  • Keep in mind that sometimes a case may not fully meet the definition of Very High, but given the critical nature or management visibility of the issue you may judge it to be Very High.
  • If you believe your issue/request need to be handle with a higher priority than it is classified above, then make sure to provide a full business impact.
    Reasons why your issue can be judged with higher priority:
    • Time critical Service Request that could impact customer business operations might be considered High, not Medium
    • Usually impacts one module or a part of a module
    • Regressions of major functional loss from patches impacting more than one customer
    • There is a system issue however a workaround is in place but the client is not comfortable with the workaround
    • Issue is affecting one or more, but not all SuccessFactors modules
    • The issue is not major however its impacting several groups/managers within the company
  • The more information we have regarding business impact, the better we can prioritize your case. Please see note 1281633 - Speed Up Processing of a Customer case - SAP for Me for the information we need to validate the priority.

We will keep updating this document in an ongoing manner based on feedbacks and experiences to ensure uniform benchmarks apply for all of our Customers.

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