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2155224 - Incident prioritization for “ BizX Reporting and Analytics / WFA/WPA “


Judging the right prioritiy for Cloud HCM Support Incidents.

In order to ensure healthy service levels for all our customers, priority of incidents reported will be judged based on the business impact of the issue. This KBA article outlines the principles which should be used for determining the incident priority.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Priority P1 “Very High”  -  Highest Business Impact

This is considered to be the highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through an Immense Business impact. Following are few examples which will be considered under P1 Priority


  • No reports can be run for any user (Ad Hoc (Report - Table), Dashboards, Report - Canvas (Detailed / Advanced Reporting), WFA) for a customer.
  • A release regression issue impacts all customers in a data center e.g. reports built using EC Sub Domain Schema fail to run following a change in code. 
  • No users can access Report Centre for a customer.
  • No reporting data available for any user for a customer.

Workforce Analytics & Workforce Planning

  • The monthly data refresh is not published within 5 days of receipt of customer extract data – this is a contractual agreement.
  • The refresh has been published to Preview and or Production however the data showing on the site is incorrect eg missing latest month's data; significant discrepancy in data.  If the issue is not the fault of the customer this will be treated as a P1; if the issue is caused by incorrect/incomplete customer extract files then the ticket priority will be set to a P3.
  • All User getting Application error while logging in to Analytics Instance .

Priority  P2 “High”

This is considered to be second highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through a business impact however the business can still perform some of its tasks without any issues.


  • Most reports for multiple users fail consistently for a customer.
  • An Application error appears when validated reports are run and impacts all adhoc report users for a single customer.
  • Single sign on issues for most users for a customer eg accessing Online Report Designer - directs to Login Page.
  • Users for a customer are unable to access Online Report Designer post instance refresh or migration.
  • Report - Canvas Designer fails to load when editing / running a report. 
  • Failure to Upgrade to new tools in Upgrade Centre

 Workforce Analytics & Workforce Planning

  • Application error for multiple users accessing the WFA/WFP application (not Online Report Designer) directly or via SSO.

Priority P3 “Medium”

This is considered to be something in which the business impact is least however there is some functionality loss which is adding on to some issues for your organization.


  • Performance/Latency issues while creating and running adhoc reports which impacts all adhoc report users for a single customer.
  • Operational Data Store (ODS) load/reload fails multiple times or does not complete successfully.
  • Unable to connect to the sftp server while scheduling a job for adhoc/spreadsheet report from the provisioning account.
  • Unable to run a report in a particular browser.
  • Specific user unable to run a report.
  • One specific report does not run for all users;
  • Unable to delete reports in Report Centre.
  • Application Error in Report Centre.
  • Unable to Schedule/Create New Job in Provisioning.
  • Unable to run a report that a user should have access to.
  • The 'Learning' folder is available in Online Report Designer but cannot be expanded ie no tables visible.
  • Reports cannot be distributed in Report Distributor eg process not completed successfully or reports not successfully distributed to all recipients; output not available to download from SFTP.
  • Reports are not able to be successfully run to completion.
  • Unexpected data (often duplicates) showing in a report ie does not match what the customer is seeing in the BizX module (Employee Central).
  • Enablement of new tools.
  • Intermittent issues with reports.

 Workforce Analytics & Workforce Planning

  • Workforce Analytics application functionality not working as expected.
  • Missing analysis dimension for a measure.
  • Limited by’ functionality not working.
  • Data discrepancies eg headcount figures do not match with the customers HRIS.
  • Drill to Detail does not display correct results .
  • Individual employee results displayed in Drill to Detail do not match the total value for the measure result.
  • Employee rows are missing.
  • 'Duplicate' employee rows are displayed.
  • Issues with target setting.
  • Issues with Headlines.
  • Generation of a Workforce Planning forecast will not complete.



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