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2155391 - Incident Prioritization for SAP Jam


In order to ensure healthy service levels for all our customers, priority of cases reported will be analyzed based on the business impact of the issue. This KBA article outlines the principles which should be used for determining the case priority.


 SAP Jam Collaboration.


P1 "Very High" - Highest Business Impact

This is considered to be the highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through an Immense Business impact. Following are few examples which will be considered under P1 Priority -

  • SAP Jam is inaccessible to all users.
  • Critical feature is not working (Unable to access documents in SAP Jam).
  • Extreme Latency, >15 minute period, > 2.5x previous 3 business day average. 

Priority P2 “High”

This is considered to be second highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through a business impact however the business can still perform some of its tasks without any issues.

  • Only some users can access SAP Jam. i.e.: New users added more than 24 hours ago cannot access SAP Jam or SAP Jam has become inaccessible to some group of users.
  • External users are unable to access SAP Jam. (External Group invites are handled by the SAP ID system, but directly related to SAP Jam).
  • Intermittent latency, >15 minute period, > 2 previous 3 business day average.

Priority P3 "Medium"

This is considered to be something in which the business impact is least however there is some functionality loss which is adding on to some issues for your organization. 

  • SAP Jam Administrator creation request.
  • SAP Jam Integration with BizX request. 
  • SAP Jam up gradation request.
  • Feature defect.
  • Unexpected module behavior.


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