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2156994 - What Integration components in Successfactors Integrated Solutions on Boomi Middleware are supported by SAP/SFSF?


This document describes different components of Successfactors Integrated Solution Landscape and explains which components of Integrations are supported by SAP/SFSF and which components are supported by other parties.


For integrating Successfactors with SAP Cloud/OnPremise or 3rdParty Applications, SAP/SFSF provides the framework and standard pre-delivered content, which can further be Configured orCustomized by the Customer or Implementation Partner(Professional Services(PS) or Partner).






There are 3 possible ways to transfer data to/from SFSF applications:

1) Direct File transfer.

2) Using a Middleware.

3) Direct Web-service call.


This document only discusses about the Integration using Boomi Middleware as Integration platform.

Components of Integrations:

1) Successfactors Applications
2) Data Interfaces: Import/Export Jobs, AdHoc Reports & Web Services
3) Integration Platform: Boomi consisting of Integration Content(Processes, iFlows), Local or Cloud atoms
4) Integrating Applications: OnPremise (including SAP) and Cloud Applications (including SAP Cloud & External Cloud applications)


5) Infrastructure: Refers to the Successfactors data centers which hosts SF Server, API server, Boomi Cloud Atoms, Boomi Local Atoms, SFTP/FTP servers in SFSF DC, SFTP/FTP servers in customers landscape.


What is supported by SAP/SFSF?

  1. check.jpegSuccessfactors Application issues.

  2. check.jpegData Interfaces:

    • Import/Export Jobs, Adhoc Reports issues(Customer IT/Partner/Professional Services responsible for initial setup)​
    • WebServices(SFAPI/ OData) issues(Customer IT/Partner/Professional Services responsible for initial setup
  3. check.jpeg​Integration Platform:

    • SAP/SFSF pre-delivered standard content/iFlow issues: Issue with Mappings, wrong data being sent/passed/transformed, iFlow process design issue.​

    • SFSFBoomi Connector issues

    • Boomi product limitations: (SAP/SFSF provides 1st level support for Dell issues and engages with Dell to provide a solution)

  4. check.jpegIntegrating Applications

    • SAP Cloud Payroll/ECPayroll issues.
    • SAP ERP/OnPremise application issues.
    • Configurations issues on the SAP Cloud/OnPremise(Customer IT/Partner/Professional Services responsible for initial setup)
  5. check.jpegInfrastructure/Environment related​

    • SFSF Boomi Atoms: Boomi Atom down, Boomi connectivity issues.​
    • Boomi Platform ( down.
    • Local Atom: Issue with local atom due to bug in Boomi atom installation packages. (Customer IT/Partner/Professional Services responsible for initial setup) ​(SAP/SFSF provides 1st level support for Dell issues and engages with Dell to provide a solution).
    • SFSF managed FTP/SFTP server: SFTP error issues  (Customer IT/Partner/Professional Services responsible for initial setup)


What is supported by other parties(outside the scope of SAP/SFSF support):-

  1. wrong.jpgData Interfaces(Responsibility of Customer/Implementation Partners):

    • Customized API Data Dictionary
    • Customized reports: Issue due to a customized report created which does not generates the desired input file for Boomi process.
    • How to questions on API? Customers/Partners should reach out to PS for any consulting questions on APIs. 
  2. wrong.jpgIntegration platform(Responsibility of Customer/Implementation Partners):

    • Custom Integration content(SAP/SFSF does initial triaging and customer is responsible to fix issues with custom content).
    • How to questions for Custom Boomi processes(Customer IT/Partner/Professional Services responsible for initial setup. Please refer to for reference material on Boomi).
    • Customized/enhanced SAP pre-delivered content. (customer responsible for any issue with modified/enhanced/customized SAP pre-delivered content)
    • Customer manually work on all corrections, legal changes and feature enhancements they need after modifying the pre-delivered content.
  3. wrong.jpg3rd Party Integrating Application(Responsibility of Customer/3rd Party Application provider)
    • Any issue with 3rd party applications such as Kronos, Ceridian etc.
  4. wrong.jpgInfrastructure/Environment related(Responsibility of Customer/ 3rd Party SFTP/FTP provider):

    • Local Atom issues: Process failing due to Local atom down, or no memory on the local atom.
    • Customer/3rd party vendor managed FTP/SFTP server:  SFTP/FTP error issues.
  5. wrong.jpg Middleware(Boomi) Process executions:
  • SAP does not montior your daily process exeucutions and this should be done by an admin from your side who can understand your Boomi business processes. 


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