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2157471 - Hosting Files on a SuccessFactors Server


  • This KBA explains how to host files on a SuccessFactors server in order to generate customized links to be used in the system.
  • What are the requirements and information needed to provide to Cloud Support for file hosting requests?
  • How can I request a file to be hosted on the instance?
  • Which is the proper process to request to host a file in SuccessFactors?
  • Is there a limit on how many files can be hosted per request?
  • What is the maximum size of a file to be hosted in SuccessFactors?
  • How can I request for hosted file deletion?


SAP SuccessFactors HCM


How does the hosting files process work?

  • SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support team hosts files on an internal SFTP server from which they are synced to the SuccessFactors webserver.
  • The file will be available in a URL link provided in the case created for the request.

Important highlight: 

Be advised that your requested static content files are hosted in a public directory. Anyone with the content URL can access your files on the public internet. If you agree to host your content in a public directory, please add the following note to your case/ticket:

  • "[Customer Name] consents to having its static content files hosted in a Public Directory”.

Note: The maximum file size for each attachment is 250 MB.

What information is required to raise a hosting files request?

Raise a medium priority Support case under the component LOD-SF-PLT-HOS with the below information:

  • Company ID;
  • Datacenter Location;
  • Files to be hosted, zipped into a single folder;
  • For the case you have a Business Justification for a P2 (High), please make sure to provide that on the support case. In case no valid Business Justification for a P2 is provided, CPS team will adjust the priority to P3 (Medium).

Note: Files hosted on a SFTP server can be accessed by anyone with access to the server. Therefore, validate the information shared in the files, and make sure confidential data is not included.

In case of deletion:

  • Hosted file URL

Best practices:

  • Avoid using non-English characters in the file name.
  • Do not use special characters in the file name with the exception of underscore "_" and hyphen "-".
  • When attaching files to the case, please remove all spaces from the file title.
    • Incorrect: example file.txt
    • Correct: example_file.txt


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