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Failed to add/update user [123456] "TEST USER" ABCD (XXXXXXX): User is purged in database


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Reproducing the Issue

Import a user from Admin Tools->Employee Import.


User is imported via "Employee Import" scheduled background job.
The error "Failed to add/update user [123456] "TEST USER" ABCD (XXXXXXX): User is purged in database" appears in the notification email.


Username and UserID are unique. Neither the username nor the userid can be mapped to more than one individual. This holds good even if the users are purged in the database.

Consider the below scenario:

At an earlier point in time, you had username 'abcd' mapped to userid 001234. Later on you decided to revise the userids to not have leading zeroes. So you purge this user id. This is how the purged user gets saved in the backend.

UserID Username First Name Last Name
001234 abcd Purged User

Now, you are trying to map the username 'abcd' to userid 1234. You will receive the error like this:

Failed to add/update user [1234] "TEST USER" ABCD (XXXXXXX): User is purged in database.

This is because username 'abcd' already exists in the system against userid '001234'. In short, there are two user IDs mapped to one username.


  1. Prior to B1611 release this required support to create and run a script on your behalf. However since B1611 you can now reactivate these users via the user import. Or you can permanently purge the users using the permanent purge in data retention management tool.
  2. To find the steps to purge or reactivate the username and userID, refer to KBA 2088065 - Data Retention Management - Purge Data - Platform
  3. Once reactivated, you need to change the username corresponding to the reactivated userid to something else. For e.g. if the username 'abcd' was mapped to userid '001234', you may change the username to 'abcdx'.
  4. Thereafter, you can purge this user again.

Now the entry in the system is as below:

UserID Username First Name Last Name
001234 abcdx Purged User

As the username 'abcd' is no more mapped against any other userid, you should be able to import this username successfully with userid 1234.


  • import error
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  • Failed to add/update user [123456] "TEST USER" ABCD (XXXXXXX): User is purged in database
  • soft purge
  • permanent purge
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