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2160509 - How to Process an Activity with "Duplicate Case" Status in E-Verify [BasicPilot] - Onboarding 1.0


  • Corporate Representative is closing E-Verify activities as duplicate
  • Why does the candidate have duplicate status?
  • What triggers or prompts a duplicate status in E-Verify? 
  • What is a Duplicate Case?


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A duplicate case found alert appears for a case that contains the same information found in one or more cases created within the last 30 days under the same employer account. As a background of this feature, on June 2014 E-Verify launch a new feature where E-Verify gains the ability to identify duplicate cases. A duplicate case is a case that contains the same Social Security number (SSN) as a previous case entered by the same employer. E-Verify started alerting users when a case that contains the same SSN as an existing case is entered. This status shows after the initial verification where a Social Security number that matches a case previously entered within the last 30 days.



Receiving a duplicate case found alert does not necessarily mean that you should not proceed with the new case you are creating. There may be valid reasons for an employer to create a new case for the same employee, such as if the previous case contains incorrect information. However, all cases must be closed in order for the cases to be considered complete. Review the situation and decide whether to continue with the present case and close any open duplicate cases that may have been created in error. Follow the steps in the resolution section on how to process an E-Verify activity with a duplicate status.




For Live Customer(s)

If your hiring managers or corporate representative who is trying to complete an activity with a "Duplicate Case" status, please note that the reason why it appears is due to a previous E-Verify activity of candidate contains the same SSN within the last 30 days. This is not a bad thing, this feature helps identify that a previous case was created and either it was closed as Employment Authorized, Incorrect Data, Duplicate Case, or a Final Nonconfirmation.


What to do when we receive this kind of status?

Educate your hiring managers or corporate representative to not resolve the case as duplicate if it is not a duplicate of an open E-Verify activity and instead follow the workflow to close the case in DHS


What are the common misconception or mistake when an E-Verify activity shows with "Duplicate Case" status?

  • Hiring Managers and Corporate Representative, mostly make a mistake to resolve the case as duplicate if they receive a duplicate case status which leads for their SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Administrator who have access to launchpad to create an case to ask for a kick-start or creation of new E-Verify activity
  • A duplicate case status means that record of candidate is incorrect; this is incorrect, a duplicate case is a case that contains the same Social Security number (SSN) as a previous case entered by the same employer for the past 30 days


How to complete or close an E-Verify activity with "Duplicate Case" status?

  • Step 1: During an E-Verify process, after the hiring managers or corporate representative submit the initial verification they might encounter a status such as "Duplicate Case"

    SAPSUPPORT-00025 07-04-2019 11.25.14 PM.png

  • Step 2: When Duplicate Case shows as the Initial Eligibility, click Next to proceed and not Resolve Case

    SAPSUPPORT-00015 07-03-2019 12.31.11 PMv2.png

  • Step 3: A panel will show the number of duplicate cases and their status if completed or not

    SAPSUPPORT-00026 07-04-2019 11.25.21 PM.png

    a. The panel will show a section of all previous E-Verify cases with the same SSN for the past 30 days
    b. Corporate Representative needs to select the action to continue without changes on new hire's record

    SAPSUPPORT-00027 07-04-2019 11.25.28 PM.png

    SAPSUPPORT-00031 07-04-2019 11.30.45 PM.png

    c. If there is information needs to be corrected, select View/Edit Case Details; if the record of the employee contains a wrong information, we advice to resolve the case as incorrect data to rectify the US Form I-9

    SAPSUPPORT-00028 07-04-2019 11.25.33 PM.png

    SAPSUPPORT-00029 07-04-2019 11.25.40 PM.png

    d. Click Next when action is selected properly

  • Step 4: After Next is selected, a new status will show and it is either Employment Authorized, Photo Matching, Tentative Nonconfirmation, or Final Nonconfirmation.

    SAPSUPPORT-00032 07-04-2019 11.30.56 PM.png



New hire should receive An Employment Authorized to Work status from E-Verify in order to be compliant with the government. Please note that there are special cases where new hire's record received a Final Nonconfirmation but DHS/SSA overturned the case status to Employment Authorized.


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