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2162424 - Date Filter rule selection is not working as expected in reports


  • When using Form End Date or Form Due Date filter in adhoc or dashboard and setting it to the specific date (using "Like" or "Equal to"), no data is returned.
  • An Ad Hoc report with a filter rule ("Less than or Equal to"), has the records shown a day before the date you have entered. For Example, you give Form End Date "Less Than Or Equal To" 12/17/2010 and generate the report but you notice that the records displayed stop to the day before the selected value e.g. 12/16/2010.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
    • Online Report Designer / Report - Canvas : Detailed Reporting
    • Ad Hoc / Table reports

Reproducing the Issue

First symptom:

  1. Create an Adhoc report of Performance Management
  2. Apply a filter on the Form Due Date field
  3. Select the filter rule "Equal to" and type or choose a specific date
  4. Run the report
  5. The result is blank

Second symptom:

  1. Login to the instance
  2. Select Reporting > Analytics > Ad Hoc Reports
  3. Create an Ad Hoc report
  4. For this example, create a filter rule as below:
  5. Form End Date Less Than Or Equal To 12/17/2010 where the date 12/17/2010 is entered manually rather than selected from the drop down list.
  6. Generate the report
  7. The report will give data up to 12/16/2010 for this column.


The current report behaviour is as designed.
The date field in ad hoc consists of date AND time even thought it does not show the time.


The reason you don’t see the record that happened during the day of the selected date is because when filtering on a date field, it is actually filtering on date + time.
When the filter is set to EQUAL TO, it's filtering on a specific date and time, therefore it does not always return the result user expected

The solution to get the desired result is to create a filter with date range instead of using "EQUAL".  To do so, you can create filter with lower bound and upper bound date range.  For example, if you want all from with date of Nov-27-2018.  You can create Date Greater or Equal to Nov-27-2018 and Date Less than Nov-28-2018.   This will capture all data date of Nov-27-2018 regardless of the time.

Using the example of the second symptom: "Suppose if we give Form End Date "Less Than Or Equal To" 12/17/2010 and generate the report. It will give data up to "12/16/2010""
The reason for such behaviour is that the actual filter is on date + time, e.g. "12/17/2010 00:00:00"; Therefore records that have happened during the day of the 12/17 will not appear.


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