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2166442 - Data sorted incorrectly in Crystal Reports when reporting on multiple data sources


  • Sort incorrect.
  • On some reports, the data is sorted in the wrong order.
  • After setting the sort on the repprt, the data is sorted as expected, but after closing and re-opening the report, the data is sorted incorrectly.
  • After applying a product update, reports based on multiple data sources, displays the data in the wrong order in Crystal Reports.


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013 - Support Pack 03 and higher
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.1

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In Crystal Reports 2013 with Support Pack 03 and above, or in Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.1, create a report with more than one data source.
  2. Sort the data on a database fields for the rows or a group.
  3. When refreshing the report, notice the report is sorted incorrectly.


  • This issue only occurs for report based on multiple data sources, when the rows or groups are sorted on a database field coming from the second database connection used on the report.
  • This issue has been tracked under SAP Note 2111292


  • This issue has been resolved in the following product updates:
    • Crystal Reports 2013:
      • Support Pack 04 - Patch 7
      • Support Pack 05 - Patch 3
      • Support Pack 06
    • Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.1
      • Support Pack 04 - Patch 7
      • Support Pack 05 - Patch 3
  • If you cannot apply the latest product update for some time, then to workaround this issue, uncheck the report options "Use Indexes Or Server For Speed"
    ( The steps below are for Crystal Reports, but the same workaround applies for Crystal Reports for Enterprise )
    1. Open the report based on multiple data sources in Crystal Reports.
    2. Under the menu "File", select "Report Options..."
    3. In the "Report Options" window, uncheck the option "Use Indexes Or Server For Speed"
    4. Click "OK" to accept the change.
    5. Save the report.
      Now, when refreshing the report, it will sort the data correctly. But note the report performance may degrade, since the WHERE clause wil not be sent to the database server, and therefore a larger data set wil be sent back to Crystal Reports.


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