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2167526 - How to delete an entry or many entries from Data Replication Monitor in Successfactors system


How to remove an entry or many entries from Data Replication Monitor UI in Successfactors system?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
    • Data Replication Monitor


You'll need the Person ID of an employee to complete this activity, unless you are dealing with a Time Off/Absence Data replication entry. If this is the case, please skip to the note at the end of this section.

Follow below steps to delete an entry or many entries from Data Replication Monitor:

  1. Login to SuccessFactors System
  2. Go to admin tool -> Metadata Framework -> Import and Export Data
  3. Export Data with generic object as "Employee Data Replication status"


  4. Go to Admin Tools-> Manage data -> “Employee Data Replication Status” and search for the external code.
  5. This will trigger a background job which will download a file. This export file can be found under Admin Tools -> Process Job Monitor -> Monitor Jobs. Here, you can download the file.

    mon job.JPG

  6. Now, open the file and search for Person ID and copy the corresponding external code.

     Export file.JPG

  7. If you want to delete single entry, you can go to Admin Tools -> Metadata Framework -> Manage Data. Select "Employee Data Replication Status" and search for copied external code. Click on Take action and select "Permanently Delete Entry".
  8. If you want to delete many entries at once, use the file you opened in the step 6 and add in the 1st column the word "DELETE". Keep in the file just the entries you want to delete in the SF system. In the sample below we have just 2 lines to be deleted. 
    1. Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 09.21.06.png 
    2. With your file ready to be imported, open the Admin center > Import and Export Data > Import Data > select the object "Employee Data Replication Status", choose the file and use the button "Import", sample below:
    3. Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 09.29.26.png
  9. Go back to Data Replication Monitor and search for the record(s). It must have been deleted.

NOTE: If you are dealing with Time Off Data or Absence Data replication, the procedure is a little different:

  1. Only the employee's user ID is needed;
  2. Perform step 7, but select "Data Replication Proxy" instead of "Employee Data Replication Status", search for the employee's user ID and delete the entry.


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