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How to manage SAP Jam Email Notifications?


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Enabling and Disabling Email Notifications

  • As an SAP Jam Company Administrator of the Company you can only disable the daily alert email notification for the company users by:
    1. Login as SAP Jam admin;
    2. Go to Admin settings;
    3. Product Setup;
    4. Features;
    5. Disable "Send daily alert emails to all members".

  • As an SAP Jam End User, to disable the other particular email notifications, user have to login to their SAP Jam instance:
    1. Go to SAP Jam account settings;
    2. Email;
    3. Chose the type of Notification for which you want to receive the Notification and Disable others.

  • If SAP Jam Company Administrators want to disable SAP Jam email notifications for a company:
    1. Go to Admin settings;
    2. Compliance & Security;
    3. Security;
    4. Disable "Allow SAP Jam to send members content via e-mail".
      • Note: It does not stop emails to company admins to warn of approaching/exceeded extranet user limit and disk usage limits.
      • Note: It can be very useful if a company runs into issues where a mass migration process inadvertently starts spamming / sending out hundreds of thousands of email notifications. Notifications are queued to be processed asynchronously, at the time when an event happens the notification is queued, but it could be processed hours later. Every single notification process checks if sending email content is allowed, if not allowed it simply skips that item.

  • The SAP Jam Company Administrators can control whether daily alert e-mails and active task reminders are sent in your company:
    1. In Admin Console->Product Setup->Features->Feature Management section, a company admin can check whether:
      1. Select the Send daily alert emails to all members option to allow users to receive the notification emails listed in the Daily Emails section of their Account Settings->Email Settings page. Disabling this option will prevent users from receiving daily alert emails regardless of any options that they may have checked in the Daily Emails section of their Account Settings->Email Settings page.
      2. Select the Send active task reminder to all members option to allow users to receive email reminders of their un-completed tasks. Disabling this option will prevent users from receiving active task reminders regardless of whether they have checked the Active Tasks Reminder option in the Daily Emails section of their Account Settings->Email Settings page.

  • As an SAP Jam Company Administrator, you can prevent a particular user from receiving email notifications by following:
    1. Go to Admin Console;
    2. Users;
    3. Users and Member Lists section;
    4. Search for a particular user here;
    5. Click Edit;
    6. In E-Mail settings section, select Stop all e-mails. The default for this option is Enable Emails.
    • Note: Users will receive Daily Email notifications only if the following five conditions are true:
      • The Allow <your_company> Jam to send members content via e-mail option is selected in the E-Mail Settings section of the Compliance and Security->Security page [ADMIN].
      • The Send daily alert emails to all members option in the Product Setup->Features page is selected [ADMIN].
      • The All option in the user's Email Settings section, accessed from the Users->Users and Member Lists page by clicking edit in the row for their account, is set to the default value of Enable Emails. [ADMIN]
      • At least one of the Daily Emails options in the user's Email Settings page is selected. [USER]
      • There is content in the category of the daily summary option(s) that is (are) enabled. If there is no content, no daily summary is sent. [ADMIN]

Note: SAP Jam will send out notifications irrespective of above settings if: you may be having your e-mail ID populated in SAP Jam Admin->Compliance section.

Changing the frequency of Email Notifications

An SAP Jam Group Admin can manage the frequency of e-mails from their group. This can be done in three different ways:

  1. During the group setup, when you are creating a new group;
  2. After the group is created, from Group Admin > Edit Group section;
    1. Go to Participation > E-mail Notifications and select one among Immediate, Daily, Weekly and None.
      Note: End Users still can override this option as per their requirement that effects only for their user, through  Account Settings->E-Mail->Notifications tab. 
  3. Going to Account Settings > Email > Notifications/Group Notifications.

Note: You can only set the frequency of the email notifications for a group when you are the Group Admin.


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