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2169281 - How to Associate More Than Three Alternate Supervisors to a User


In the recent LMS b1502 (Q1 2015) release information notes there is a feature discussion about being able to add/assign more than three alternate supervisors (and/or HRBP's) to a user per User Connector run, how can this be done?


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Version Reminder:

The ability to add/assign more than three alternate supervisors (and/or HRBP's) to a user is a feature of LMS b1502 (Q1 2015 release) or higher, so before you start, please ensure you're running the appropriate build/version before you attempt the following instructions.

Background Information:

This feature introduces a new User Connector input file, "user_manager_data_<suffix>.txt".  This input file contains reference fields that links the association between an UserID and ManagerID, as well as additional fields that describe whether the applied action is to add/assign or remove/unassign an alternate supervisor, and the alternate supervisor type (either a standard alternate supervisor or HRBP, Human Resource Business Partner).  For further detailed information on the expected values for each field, please reference the b1502 Connector Workbook (if you don't have it, please open a support case via the SuccessFactor Support Portal here to request: ).

Proper Formatting:

An example format and values for the input file could be something like this:

 1 | 3   |   N   |   A!##!
 1 | 4   |   N   |   H!##!
 1 | 5   |   Y   |   A!##!
 1 | 6   |   N   |   A!##!
 1 | 7   |   N   |   A!##!
 2 | 8   |   N   |   A!##!
 2 | 9   |   Y   |   H!##!

As you can see, the very first row of your input file are header field names to help the LMS User Connector identify what kind of information is contained within that field.  For every row after the header row contains data values:

  • The first data row contains "1|3|N|A!##!" which is to say:

 The STUD_ID or LMS UserID of "1" is to be associated to the alternate supervisor MANAGER "3".

  • For data row number 2, it contains the following "1|4|N|H!##!", which is to say:

 The STUD_ID or LMS UserID of "1" is to be associated to the HRBP MANAGER "4".

  • And finally, data row number 3, it contains the following: "1|5|Y|A!##!", which is to say:

 The STUD_ID or LMS UserID of "1" is to be disassociated from the alternate supervisor MANAGER "5".

File Location and Dependency:
This input file of file-name "user_manager_data_<suffix>.txt" should be placed in the same SFTP directory as your other User Connector input files, and is dependent on the base User Connector input file, "user_data_<suffix>.txt". If both input files are present at the time of the User Connector run, the process will respect the values within this file, and add/remove these linked associations within the LMS database accordingly.


The maximum number of associations that can be recorded within the LMS system between a single user and multiple alternate supervisors per User Connector run is 40.  Prior to build b1502 (Q1 2015 release), the maximum number recorded was 3 (via the base User Connector input file).  This higher limit allows you to easily create large and overlapping organizational structures for learning management.

Steps to Test:

  1. Either manually create or generate the above "user_manager_data_<suffix>.txt" input file and place it in the same SFTP directory as the base User Connector input file.
  2. Schedule the LMS User Connector to run during a time that no other Connector is scheduled to run.
  3. Once the User Connector completes its run, review the Run Results for any errors or exceptions.
  4. If the Run Results display no errors or exceptions, go to one of the User Record Detail pages and click on the "Manage Alternate Supervisor" Actions link within the right-side menu.
  5. Verify that the User Connector successfully updated the LMS database with the expected set of user/supervisor associations.

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