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2169678 - Ask For Feedback Responses Not Making it back Into Supporting Information Pod of PM Form


Ask For Feedback email replies are not making it back into the form.


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Manager uses the Ask for Feedback option.
  2. Feedback request goes out and is recieved by the end user.
  3. End user sends the email back with feedback.
  4. Their feedback is not making it back into the PM form.


There could be various causes since this leverages external email systems.


Why is feedback not showing in the info pod of the PM form?

This type of feedback relies upon external email systems, so anything that interferes with the successful transmission of email has the potential of blocking feedback to your forms. SAP is limited in what we can do if your email systems are blocking these emails, so please work with your IT to confirm successful delivery from your side to SAP before opening a case with support. If your IT can show a successful email connection from the sender to SAP, then we can review from our side what may be failing after that point.

Also, we have seen some customers use large graphics or unsupported images in their email headers and footers. We have seen these cause the email to be rejected by our system. Here we recommend your IT strip out any unnecessary rich formattnig from your email bodies, and see if a plain response will be accepted back into the PM form. We are unable to trigger a failure message to anyone for this type of rejection due to the nature of the systems, so the only indication you will get is that the information does not make it into the form.

  • Tip: get a physical copy of the email response sent by the respondent. Does it have images in the email? Check Header, footer, signatures sections of the email. 
  • If it does, edit the email and send as PLAIN TEXT, as opossed to HTML formatting.
  • If the response is accepted, work with your IT department to determine what changes can be made with emails to be accepted back into people's performance forms.

This can be difficult if the feedback is coming from a 3rd party where you cannot control the full content of the respondents email. In this example we recommend you ask the respondent to try replying from a different email address that would not be including additional images, ads, or content, other than the plain text you want them to submit.

Finally, there is an 1 MB limitation on file size. It is very unlikely any respondent would ever include that much text, but this is the physical limitation to feedback size.

Note: Ask for feedback is best used for people outside of the company. If you need feedback from within your own company, a better option to setup and use might be the Get Feedback option, as this is core to the product and does not rely upon any email systems.

Customizing the Request Feedback Notification Template

As with other emails, the Request Feedback Notification Template is managed via Admin Tools > E-Mail Notification Templates. If there are problems with your emails, it is helpful to check your template content.

  • Make sure you have not added other unsupported tokens. Default tokens are in the standard body text below.
  • Make sure you have not added any problematic HTML code into your email template.
  • Test using the standard template body below: 

Standard Body Text

I would appreciate your feedback regarding the work you did with [[SUBJECT_NAME]]. I am looking for any strengths and opportunities for development. Please provide your feedback by [[FEEDBACK_DUE_ON]] so I will have enough time to incorporate your thoughts into my review.


Working With Support

If you are unable to resolve the issue by trying the above options please work with Product Support. You will need to provide:

  • Copies of the emails sent to the user asking for feedback. We need the actual email, so the recipient will need to add that email as an attachment and sent back to you, as opposed to forwarding their email.
  • Date, Time response was sent.
  • Email Address of sender/responder.
  • If possible get a copy of email server logs from your IT showing the log of them sending the email and your servers handshake with SAP. If the person is outside of your company we understand this may not be possible to get, but having this can show conclusive proof the issue is on SF side and not on the client side, as many email issues can be, plus this will help our engineers find the corresponding transaction on our side. 


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