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2169778 - Class Register Now option is missing for some users


When trying to register for a Class in the Library, some users do not see the Register Now button.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Access Learning >
  2. Search in the Library for the Item associated with the Class >
  3. Select to see Available Classes >
  4. You should see "Register Now" button on the right of the date/time.

  1. Select segment you want to register in >
  2. Top right should be a "Register Now" button.

  1. Search in the Library for the item associated with the Class >
  2. Select the item title >
  3. Select "Register Now" >
  4. Under Available Classes you should see "Register Now".


Following are the possible reasons.

  1. 'User can Self-Register' of the Classes is set to 'No' in the Class record summary.
  2. The 'Registration Close Date' is in the past.
  3. User has no access to the Library where the Class is added to.
  4. User is already enrolled to another Class of the item and the two Class dates are overlapping based on Prevent Multiple Class Registration Interval.
    • Ex: Item A has two Classes 101 and 102. 101 is on November 1 while SO 102 is on November 18 of the same year. User registered first to any of these two. He will not be able to enroll to the other because it is still within 30 days. The SO that he will be able to enroll to are those dated December 1 onwards. or October 2 backwards.
    • See 'Prevent Multiple Class Registration Interval' Learning Items Summary Fields for more information.
  5. Maximum number of participants is already reached.
  6. 'Enable Shopping Account' is disabled in the User record. (People > Users > ***Open user record*** > go to Finance tab > Enable Shopping Account).
  7. Required permissions are missing in the assigned User role.
  8. The user has not yet completed the item prerequisites.
    • If the prerequisite item is already inactive, it will not show under 'Prerequisites' nor in the 'Item With Prerequisites' report. Because of this, it sometimes appears that the user has already completed all item prerequisites but in reality, there is a hidden inactive prerequisite item that has not yet been completed.


Following are the resolutions corresponding to each cause above.

  1. Set User can Self-Register' to 'Yes'.
  2. Extend the Registration Close Date or inform the user that he/she is no more allowed to enroll to the course.
  3. Make sure that the Class is in a Library which the user can access.
    • To check the Library which the user can access, open the user record and check Library Access.
  4. Adjust the Prevent Multiple Class Registration Interval of the item or inform the user that he/she is not allowed to enroll to that Class.
  5. Increase 'Maximum Registration' in the Class record summary or inform the user that the slot is full.
  6. Enable shopping account (People > Users > ***Open user record*** > go to Finance tab > Enable Shopping Account > Apply Changes).
  7. Make sure that following Permissions are added to the User Security Role:
    •  "Access Calendar of Classes" and "Add to Learning Assignments".
  8. Have the user complete all the prerequisites.
    • If all causes above have been checked and did not resolve the issue, create a support ticket to check if there are inactive prerequisite items. Once the support team identifies that item from DB, you'll need to temporarily activate the item again so you can remove it from the list of prerequisites. 


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