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2171592 - Process to enable the use of Plateau Report Designer (PRD)


What is it?
Custom report developers can now download a custom reporting interface called Plateau Report Designer (PRD) and review the connection credentials directly from the SF LMS application.

Why is it important?
Previously report developers had to contact customer support to get the report designer client loaded to the FTP site, and the login parameters were not easily identifiable. Now, the right admin with the right access can find what they need, when they need it, right in the application.

This option will not be visible nor can be enabled in Production instances, free trial demo instances, or commercial demo instances. This includes PLS as BRIT is not included please see partner edge documentation for further information.

VJDBC connections are given to only one stage or test instance per customer, but you can request to transfer the VJDBC connection to another preview instance.

Please note that you still have to contact the support for the initial setup for VJDBC connection and report_developer role to access the database.
The Plateau Report Developer is a third party application where SF Support is limited to the VJDBC connection setup only.

Although you can use any VJDBC custom report designer, SF Support cannot assist setting up or troubleshooting these applications; however we have additional resources in the See Also section below specifically for Plateau Report Designer.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


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  • Plateau Report Designer (PRD)


  • In order to create reports using the Plateau Report Designer (PRD) Read Only access to the database is needed.
  • To connect to the data source, the VJDBC connection (Virtual Java Database Connection) needs to be deployed.
  • The output of the VJDBC connection in LMS UI is an admin role called REPORT_DEVELOPER deployed by SuccessFactors during the VJDBC connection set up process.
  • This role REPORT_DEVELOPER can be requested by creating a Customer support case with the SuccessFactors LOD-SF-LMS-PRD component. Don't forget to provide the STAGE or Preview Instance URL.
  • This role is different from the roles created through the LMS UI since it requires certain database connections open for it which can only be completed by SuccessFactors.



  1. The instance should have the initial setup of VJDBC/PRD done by creating a SAP Cloud Product Support case with the following detail:
    • Environment the request is for (non-production such as test or stage)
    • Timeframe needed by (please note the request may take 1-2 weeks to complete)
    • Reference this KBA 2171592 with the SuccessFactors LOD-SF-LMS-PRD component with the STAGE or Preview Instance URL.
  2. The admin should have the REPORT_DEVELOPER role. (This role is only available if the VJDBC setup is done before):
    • Once the VJDBC connection is set up, the REPORT_DEVELOPER role is added to your SuccessFactors Learning staging environment
      • Important:  Before accessing the data source, the REPORT_DEVELOPER role must be assigned to the admin account which may be unassigned due to refreshes or other reasons.
      • Please review the "Setting up a Plateau Report Designer Account" User Assistance Documentation on assigning the REPORT_DEVELOPER role
  3. Also the admin should have the workflow "Add Custom Report workflow" in their role.
  4. When a customer is requesting for transfer of a VJDBC connection, the Provisioning team will require confirmation from the customer stating that they are aware that the VJDBC connection in the old URL will be disabled and a new VJDBC with REPORT_DEVELOPER role will be set up on the new URL.

In the Preview cycle LMS environment (i.e. Staging with preview release, Sandbox, and etc.):

  1. Log in as an admin with the fulfilled prerequisites (mentioned above)
  2. Go To Reports


    1. NOTE: If you do not have this option, this means your LMS admin does not have the REPORT_DEVELOPER role assigned:
    2. System Admin > Application Admin > Admin Management
    3. Search for your admin account and open it in edit mode (pencil icon)
    4. Highlight the Assigned Roles tab > select 'add one or more from list'
    5. Search for REPORT_DEVELOPER > check the box > Click "Add"
    6. Make sure the role contains the workflow "Add Custom Report". This workflow controls the "Learning Report Designer" link.
    7. Log out and log in again to propagate the changes and navigate to Reports

      Download PRD.png

      Note: The Database URL is auto populated
      If you have issues installing Plateau Report Designer, see the links in the below See Also section.

  3. After installing the Plateau Report Designer, open & navigate by File>New>New Report, click Finish button to create a new report workspace, then you can click the Data menu>New Data Source:


  4. After selecting the 'JDBC Data Source', use parameters similar to below to build the data source connection:
    • Review Downloading Learning Report Designer Documentation for accessing the PRD
    • Driver Class:  de.simplicit.vjdbc.VirtualDriverBirtWrapper (v1.6)
    • Database URL: jdbc:vjdbc:servlet:https://<Learning URL>/vjdbc/vjdbc,db10g (auto populated for you when downloading the report designer)
    • User Name:  An active Staging Admin ID with REPORT_DEVELOPER role.
    • Password:  The password generated from the Learning Report Designer section (The password section on the admin record no longer works as of 1H 2021 release), see KBA 2981530


      Click "Test Connection" to ensure that connection is working

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