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2173658 - How to map BizX Locale to LMS Locale via User SF Connector-LMS


For example locale IDs in BizX are es_MX, fr_CA and en_US. The Locale IDs in LMS are Spanish Mexican, French Canadian, and English.

We want to translate the value from BizX to LMS for English, Spanish, and French on the sf user connector, and the English translation works, but the Spanish and French don’t. If we set the rule as Spanish Mexican the system automatically adds an equals symbol (Spanish=Mexican) on the statements.

If we use an underscore we get an error. Either way the locale is not being set correctly. It won't allow the space in the locale ID.

The transformation rule we used (System Admin-> Configuration-> System Configuration-> CONNECTORS) are:


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Add transformation rule(s) in the Connector Configuration File (System Admin->Configuration->System Configuration->Connectors) such as: Mexican=es_MX



  1. Run the User SF Connector with es_MX in the 'LOCALE' column of the input file
  2. Those rows with es_MX will be excepted with an error such as Entity does not exist.LocaleID: Spanish_Mexican


Records can be rejected if, for example, there is a locale language transformation rule that contains spaces between words in the connector XML file.

  • Spanish Mexican saved as Spanish=Mexican, causing the records to be rejected.


  1. To resolve this problem in CONNECTORS xml file, navigate to System Admin-> Configuration-> System Configuration-> CONNECTORS
  2. Place a back slash in between the two words and click apply changes. For Example:\ Mexican=es_MX
  3. Run the connector to load the records successfully

The application will sync automatically with internal transformation rule; when changing locale in BizX, the change will be automatically reflected on Learning. In this case, there is no need to add transformation rules in the UI for locale. And you might want to remove the ones you already put there which transform the locale to names LMS can't recognize and throws an exception.

Note: However, if you want to update locales and timezones via SF - User Connector, the transformation rules will be needed to reflect the changes on LMS.

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