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2174175 - What does the option: Use Analytic API do, when connecting to from Crystal Reports?


  • What is the option "Use Analytic API" used for?
  • When login to in Crystal Reports, it display the option "Use Analytic API". What happen when checking this option?
  • When creating a new report on in Crystal Reports 2013, it show a new option called "Use Analytic API". What does this option do? 
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  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2016

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In Crystal Reports, create a new report.
  2. In the "Database Expert" under "Create New Connection", double click on ""
  3. In the "" login window, notice there is an option called "Use Analytic API". What is this option for?
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  • The option "Use Analytic API" was added in Crystal Reports 2013 from Support Pack 05, Patch 4, to take advantage of the new functionality introduced in in API version 29.0
  • This option is used when reporting on report to obtain more accurate field data type.   
    When reporting on Tables, provides precise data type for each field, but when reporting on report, does not provide precise data type for each field. When checking the option "Use Analytic API", can then provide more accurate field data type when reporting on report.   
    For example:

    If an object used on the report is defined as a date or date time, it will normally display as a string in Crystal Reports.
    But when the option "Use Analytic API" is checked, it will display it as a date or date time data type in Crystal Reports as well.
  • Since using the Analytic API option provide more precise data type, why isn't the default?
    It is because the option "Use Analytic API" for have the following limitations:
    • It can only retreive a list of up to 200 reports.
    • It can only return up to 2,000 rows of data. 
    • It can only add up to 20 custom field filters for the report.
    • It can only have up to 100 fields.
      Therefore, if you expect your report to return more than 2,000 rows of data, or have a large numbers of reports to select from, then this options should not be checked.
  • Notes: 
    • Reports created in are seen in Crystal Reports has Stored Procedure.
    • For more information on the option "Use Analytic API", see the developers website by clicking here.


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