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2174247 - Forms Do Not Transfer When Manager is Manually Changed via Employee Profile Manager or Matrix Manager Field - Performance Management


When making changes via Employee Profile, or an employee profile portlet that contains the Manager (EM) or Matrix Manager (EX) fields, the documents are not updating and transferring as they do when making a manager change via an employee import or documents transfer page.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Profile

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Employee Profile portlet
  2. Select Manager or Matrix Manager Field
  3. Change a Manager or Managers
  4. Save Changes
  5. Check documents and note that in the audit trail the new manager name shows, however the document did not transfer.


  • When the manager changes are made via USERINFO_BLOCK portlet the options for Automatic Manager Transfer need to be set.
  • Document Transfer for Matrix Managers is not supported when the matrix manager is changed via Employee Profile, the matrix manager needs to be changed via Employee Import or Manage Users.


Manager Changes

  1. Go to "Automatic Manager Transfer" in Admin Center
  2. Set the transfer options that you want to occur when making transfers via a Employee Profile portlet (USERINFO_BLOCK)
  3. These transfer options should match the settings in "Form template settings" and your "Employee Import" options
  4. You will also need to set these options in "Automatic Manager Transfer" to handle the specific scenarios when the change is made directly in admin tools UI via the Manager or Matrix Manager fields.

The following options are the only options supported in manager change via the employee profile:

  • Automatic insertion of new manager as next document recipient if not already.
  • Automatic Inbox Document Transfer To New Manager
  • Automatic En Route Document Transfer To New Manager
  • Automatic Completed Document Copy to New Manager

Please consider the following if the change is done through an EC block as a Position Change or Job Information:

  1. When the changes are made through EC block, as JOB_INFO_BLOCK, the options in Automatic Manager Transfer does not need to be set. However, the HRIS sync job must match the Form Template Settings on regard to the Manager Transfer options. Please refer to the KBA 2080728.
  2. If there is any change engine rule defined, please refer to the KBA 2086700.
  3. In instances with Employee Central enabled, currently, the primary matrix manager can't be identified. This means, if employees have more than one matrix manager assigned to them, document transfer is not supported. We recommend to avoid changing matrix managers in a step where the EP or EX role is assigned to review forms, if you have more than one Matrix manager assigned to a specific employee.

Matrix Manager Changes

System without Employee Central

  • The first matrix manager that appears in the Employee Import or Manage Users admin tool is identified as the primary matrix manager. Therefore,
    • If the primary matrix manager is changed, forms are transferred to the new primary matrix manager
    • If a non-primary matrix manager is changed or removed, or a new matrix manager is added, the primary matrix manager keeps or receives forms.
    • If the order of non-primary matrix managers is changed, or all matrix managers are removed, no document transfer happens. The matrix manager who has received forms before the change keeps the forms.
  • It is possible to update employees' matrix managers using the related block in the People Profile. However, the primary matrix manager can't be identified in the block, so document transfer is not supported. We do not recommend that you update matrix managers using this tool.
  • If the form has a c-step with one of the roles being EX and the form is created for a subject without EX(NO_MANAGER), then in Manager Users an EX is added, the recently added EX will not get the form until he receives it through form routing(future step or routing back and forth). There is a system limitation that a form in a c-step there will be no inbox transfer from "NO_MANAGER" to "EX" when using Manage Users.

System with Employee Central enabled

  • In the system that enables Employee Central, currently, the primary matrix manager can't be identified. If employees have more than one matrix manager, when you update the EP or EX role in the route map step where the role reviews forms, document transfer is not supported. We recommend that avoid changing matrix managers in the step where the EP or EX role is assigned to review forms.

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