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2174670 - Issues faced while saving Boomi extensions


This Knowledge based article provides the solution for the following issues:

Issue 1: 

1. Open the Boomi process in a browser. 
2. Don't do any changes in the process. 
3. Click on "Extensions". 
4. As soon as we click on "Extensions", it opens up a dialogue asking us to revert and reload.


Issue 2: 

1. Add a dynamic process property in the extensions tab. Click ok.
2. Save the process and close it. 
3. Open the process, now open the extensions, it will ask you to Revert and Reload/Save/Cancel
4. Click on "Revert and Reload", now this dynamic process property previously added, is not visible now.


Boomi Atomsphere


Root cause for Issue 1:

  1. Boomi’s build tab is based on CSS technology(cascading style sheet)
  2. Boomi components/shapes which are used to build an interface are remembered by using co-ordinates X and Y when we save the process.
  3. These co-ordinates differ with the zooming percentage in browser.
  4. This is the root cause for the first issue. 

Root cause for Issue 2:

  1. When a process is built by a developer in a particular browser zooming(say 100%) and it is opened in a different browser zooming(say 120%), it will request us to revert and load the process or to save the process.
  2. Now if we revert and load the process, this will wipe the changes made previously.
  3. This is the root cause for the second issue.


Solution for the first Issue:

It is always recommended by Boomi that we open and save the process in 100% browser zoom.

Solution for the second Issue: 

  1. Always as soon as you add a dynamic process property to your process, save it.
  2. Now click on the extensions tab.
  3. Add the dynamic process property.
  4. click on ok.
  5. Once again save the process.

 Best Practice To Be Followed :

  1.  It is always a best practice to finish building your process entirely and at the end save the process.
  2. Now, make a list of all process properties, dynamic process properties etc which you want to extend, after completion of building the process and extend them all in "Extensions" tab.
  3. Save the process before closing it.

 This will minimize the number of revision histories.


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  • connection
  • Process Properties
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