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2177377 - Lumira Desktop / Discovery stuck at preparing interface stage


Lumira Desktop / Discovery stuck at preparing interface stage


  • Lumira Desktop
  • Lumira Discovery

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Launch Lumira Desktop.
  2. File -> Preferences -> Network -> Proxy -> Use System Proxy Settings.
  3. Quit Lumira Desktop.
  4. Internet Explorer, Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan Setting -> Use automatic configuration script, type a PAC script address in it. 
  5. Launch Lumira Desktop again.
    => Lumira Desktop stuck at preparing interface stage


This is caused by either incorrect proxy settings or setting proxy to a PAC auto script which cannot be used in Lumira Desktop.


SOLUTION 1: By default Lumira Desktop uses system proxy settings, however it does not support Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) scripts. As such, the issue can be resolved by temporarily disabling the proxy auto configuration (PAC) script in the Local Area Network settings tab under Internet Options:

  1. Go to Internet Options (accessible through Control Panel).
  2. Select Connections tab.
  3. Select LAN settings.
  4. Disable 'Use automatic configuration script' setting and confirm changes.
  5. Start Lumira Desktop.
  6. Go to File > Preferences > Network tab.
  7. In Proxy section select No Proxy or specify the proxy configuration manually.
  8. Once changes have been confirmed repeat steps 1-4 and enable the 'Use automatic configuration script' setting.

Note: Once a Lumira Desktop client has been configured, the general.persistent file containing proxy configuration can be used for other instances of Lumira Desktop in the landscape (see solution 2).

SOLUTION 2: The proxy information for Lumira desktop is saved in a file called general.persistent. Though it can be modified manually this is not recommended. Attached to this kbase is a general.persistent file with Lumira's default settings and proxy turned off for Lumira 1.X. Follow these steps to replace your settings file to get Lumira to start:

  1. In windows explorer go to this directory: "C:\Users\<your user name>\.sapvi\preferences" for Lumira 1.31.
    For Lumira Discovery 2.0 go to "C:\Users\<your user name>\.sapvi_2\preferences"
  2. Rename general.persistent to general.persistent.bak.
  3. Download the attached file general.persistent and save it to this directory.
  4. Once there Lumira should start without any proxy settings.
  5. If you have a proxy then once Lumira has started you can set your proxy to a setting that doesn't download an auto-proxy script address file (*.pac).

Note: Replacing the general.persistent file of Lumira Desktop with another from a different release might cause issues, as such it is recommended to use the general.persistent file from the same release as the application.

The attached file,, contains the general.persistance file for Lumira 2.x.


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