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2180216 - Data Replication Monitor Tutorial - SuccessFactors HXM Suite


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1. Data Replication monitor can be found in Employee central system under Admin Tool-> Payroll-> Data Replication Monitor

2. This UI shows employee master data replication status (In Process/Successful/Failed) of individual employees in successfactors Employee Central.

3. Prerequisite:

  • At least one of the below options need to be enabled in the provisioning of your instance (changes in the provisioning are handled by your implementation partner, if you don't have one, contact SAP Cloud Support):
    • Enable Employee Central Payroll
    • Enable SAP ERP Integration
  • Employee Central to SAP Payroll integration should be enabled.
  • Customer is using standard integration solution to replicate data.

4. Permission:

How to Enable Data Replication Monitor access for a User in Successfactors Employee Central system:

  • Login to successfactors system
  • Go to Admin tool -> Manage Security-> Mange permission Role  and select the role assigned to a user
  • Go to Manage Integration tool and enable “Access Data Replication Monitor" option.

NOTE: Only Admin users should have an access to see replication status

5. Options available on UI

5.1 Replication Status: This option will display replication status of all the employees that has been replicated from Employee Central to SAP ERP system

5.1.1 There are 3 statuses:

  •  In Process:

If employee information has been changed and saved in Employee central system, next execution of scheduled integration iFlow used to to replicate data from Employee Central system picks the data and changes the status in DRM to "In Progress".

  • Successful:

If replication of employee reaches successfully to Payroll system and updates the Infotypes without any issue, Confirmation message triggered from payroll system updates the status as "Success".

  • Failed:

If payroll system throws an error while updating infotypes (error can be seen be in tcode SLG1), triggered confirmation message updates the status as "Failed" in Data Replication Monitor "Error" column gets updated with the error message.

5.1.2 There are 2 types of view:

  • Standard View: Replication information can be seen here.
  • Extended view: The extended view has the additional columns: Replication Scheduled For, Replication Duration, Error Description. This view can be used while troubleshooting any issue.  


 5.2 Replication per employee: You can view replication status of an employee using search option available:



  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
    • Data Replication Monitor


1. There are 2 ways to trigger replication from Successfactors Employee Central system:

1.1 Modify Employee data via employee profile and save the changes.

  • This change will be picked up via Compound Employee API.
  • Once employee is picked by CE API, a notification arrives in EC for the corresponding EmployeeDataReplicationStatus i.e. DRM:
      • Field lastReplicationStartNotification gets updated with the new notification
      • Field lastReplicationStartTime gets updated from notification.replicationEventTime            
      • Field isWaitingForConfirmation is set to ‘True'
  • The only visible changes in the DRM are that ‘Replication Status’ is switched to value ‘In Progress’ because of field isWaitingForConfirmation = ‘true’ and in ‘Extended View’ the ‘Replication Duration’ is calculated as the difference between lastReplicationStartTime and current time. 
  • The field "Last Replicated At" in the DRM representing status.replicationProcessingTime will not be changed since this field is only filled from confirmations arriving in EC with their field replicationProcessingTime. 

1.2 When replication is re-triggered from Data Replication Monitor by selecting the employee and then clicking on "Send" option:

  • In the next replication scheduled cycle the selected employees will be picked up by Compound Employee API via employeeDataReplicationElement node of CompoundEmployee API payload. Note that "AllowReplicationInCorrectionPhase" indicator will have vale as "True" in the payload for manually pushed employee.
  • Once connection between middleware and payroll system is established and data reaches to Payroll system. After data reaches to the application layer, corresponding infotypes will get updated. If update is successful without any error, it will show status as "successful". If there is any error, it will be shown in tcode SLG1.
  • Once Infotype-update process is completed, it triggers "getEmployeeMasterDataReplicationConfirmation_Out" webservice which in turn triggers confirmation upsert request via ODATA API upsert.
  • The field value of lastReplicationStartTime plays a role, if the next confirmation message arrives in EC. The indicator isWaitingForConfirmation is switched back to "false" only if confirmation.replicationStartTime >= status. lastReplicationStartTime.
  • Note that confirmation.replicationStartTime < status. lastReplicationStartTime implies that a newer notification about a replication start has been sent by BOOMI in the meantime. 
  • So, in the ordinary case, when a confirmation arrives in EC then for the corresponding  EmployeeDataReplicationStatus:  
      • Field replicationUpdateStatus gets updated from confirmation.replicationUpdateStatus
      • Field replicationProcessingTime gets updated from confirmation.replicationProcessingTime
      • Field lastConfirmation gets updated with new confirmation
      • Field lastConfirmationWithSuccess gets updated with new confirmation if replicationUpdateStatus = SUCCESSFUL  
      • Field isWaitingForConfirmation is set to ‘false’ if confirmation.replicationStartTime >= status. lastReplicationStartTime holds

How DRM UI gets updated for very first time?

  • Once employee is being picked by CE API, notification object will update the DRM with status "In Process".
  • status.ReplicationProcessingTime and status.SearchFieldReplicationProcessingTime gets updated only when confirmation message comes back to SF. Note that notification message would not update these fields.
  • No time filter (except "All Until Now") can be used at this stage to filter the employee in DRM.
  • Once employee get's replicated to SAP Payroll system and confirmation gets triggered.
  • Employee status (Successful/Failed) gets updated in DRM.
  • Once updated by confirmation for the first time, time filter can be used in DRM too.

See Also

Employee Central Data Replication Monitor guide

How to troubleshoot?

1. Replication status is stuck in "In Progress" status in Data Replication Monitor

Follow below steps to check:

  • If process execution was successful.
  • If changes made in employee record was picked up by boomi process execution (via compound employee API).
  • take value of "id" field from Compound employee API response. This is used as a person ID and is used while sending notification back to data Replication monitor
  • Check if boomi sent notification back to Data replication monitor for the corresponding Person ID.
  • As explained earlier, this notification only changes status to "In Progress" in Data Replication Monitor. It does not update "Last replicated at" column.
  • Now, check the process log and check if payroll connector is successfully executed.
  • Logon to payroll system
  • Go to tcode SLG1 and check if employee was replicated successfully. Use filter to search for PERNR (Personnel number).
  • If you do not find employee replication log in SLG1, that means data has not reached to application layer of ERP system.
  • Go to tcode SRT_UTIL and check if there is any error for the corresponding replication.
  • If you see replication log in SLG1, that means replication was successful.
  • Now, check if confirmation message was triggered from Payroll system.
  • This can be found in tcode SRT_UTIL.
  • Now, check if connectivity between Payroll system and boomi was successful and confirmation process was triggered successfully.

Note: For few errors, Successfactors system reshedule sthe replication automatically (in built) because these are the errors which has not occured due to faulty employee data or any incorrect map logic that has been done in SAP ERP system. These erorrs occurs when payroll area is locked or is in correction phase:

  • Employee Data is locked.
    • Replication will be scheduled for next replication process execution.
  • Payroll area is locked - No data changes allowed to employee data.
    • Replication will be scheduled for replication process execution after 60 minutes.
  • Payroll area in correction phase - Only data changes for dedicated employees allowed.
    • Replication will be scheduled for replication process execution after 60 minutes.

These automatic reschedules will persist until the error is not returned anymore from ERP. Refer to the guide page that lists the specific errors that will generate an automatic reschedule: Reprocessing Employee Data Replication.

Business rules can also be configured to reschedule the replications.

2840327 - Data Replication Monitor permissions


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