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2180801 - Enabling Granular Permissions in Compensation & Variable Pay


  • When setting Compensation & Variable Pay permissions, you can only permission items based on the main admin tools options.
  • You cannot set permissions for the features within Compensation Home such as Design Worksheet, Copy Plan, Add plan etc.
  • With Granular Role Based Permissions (RBP) this gives you the ability and expands the number of options which can be controlled via RBP.
  • This allows a greater level of control for administrators to restricts permissions.

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay


**Important 1H 2021 Notice**

  • Following the 2H 2011 release feature CMP-21194 was not introduced into production instances and had been rolled back.
  • This had been completed in preview instances and the cancellation on roll out was due to RBP permissions being removed from Compensation & Variable Pay.
  • For the upcoming release, granular permissions will be rolled out across all productive instances from starting 21st May 2021.
  • For those preview instances which have already migrated in the previous release, please manually assign permissions to users should you find these unassigned.
  • Should you have any further queries on this or have issues assigning permissions, please contact Product Support.
  • For more information and dates on which DC is being migrated from thew 21st May, please review the Updated Universal Upgrade Schedule (Log in required).
  • Granular permissions can be enabled via the Upgrade Center within Admin Center.
  • Once upgraded the following is a list of permissions will be available:


  • Export Employee Compensation Data
  • Budget Assignment (Target Population Dependant)
  • Budget Override
  • Enable Feature Upgrades
  • Compensation Aggregate Export  (Target Population Dependant)
  • Compensation Form Membership  (Target Population Dependant)
  • Compensation Management Permission
  • Compensation Rollup † (Target Population Dependant)
  • Generate Compensation Hierarchy for Rollup Report
  • Manage Compensation Forms  (Target Population Dependant)
  • Manage Compensation Planner Permission
  • Manage Job Code and Pay Grade Map
  • Manage Merit Matrices
  • Manage Salary Pay Matrices
  • Manage Stock Factors Tables
  • Manage Stock Value Tables
  • Manage Stock Participation Guideline Tables
  • Store Compensation Data in Live Profile † (Target Population Dependant)
  • Store Compensation Data in Employee Central  (Target Population Dependant)
  • Compensation Plan Activity Audit  (Target Population Dependant)
  • Enable Promotion Data Report † (Target Population Dependant)
  • Update Compensation Worksheets † (Target Population Dependant)
  • Update Compensation Forms for Template  (Target Population Dependant)
  • Manage Field Permission Groups
  • Manage Compensation Summary
  • Manage Compensation Settings
  • Manage Compensation Display Settings
  • Manage Compensation Employee Central Settings*
  • Manage Compensation Number Format Rules
  • Manage Compensation Design Worksheet
  • Manage Compensation Plan Instruction
  • Manage Compensation Budget
  • Manage Compensation Eligibility
  • Manage Compensation Guidelines
  • Manage Compensation Rating Sources
  • Define Compensation Period Data
  • Add Edit Stock History
  • Manage Compensation Stock Period Data
  • Manage Compensation Modeling

Variable Pay

  • Manage Variable Pay Programs
  •  Manage Employee Data for Employees  (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Run Variable Pay Processor
  •  View All VarPay Manager Forms
  •  Store Varpay Data in Employee Central † (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Employee Central Settings*  
  •  Set Bonus Calculation  
  •  Set Number Format Rules  
  •  Configure Label Names and Visibility  
  •  Column Designer  
  •  Set Number Formats  
  •  Manage Variable Pay Guidelines  
  •  Summary  
  •  Manage Variable Pay Settings  
  •  Manage Varable Pay Display Settings  
  •  Manage Variable Pay Budget  
  •  Define Planners  
  •  Override Permission  
  •  Live Profile Visibility  
  •  Validation Reports  
  •  Import Business Goals  
  •  Export Business Goals  
  •  Import Bonus Plans  
  •  Export Bonus Plans  
  •  Configure Bonus Plans  
  •  Import Business Goal Weights  
  •  Export Business Goal Weights  
  •  Manage Variable Pay Eligibility  
  •  Import Employee History from Employee Central  
  •  Import Employee History  
  •  Export Employee History  
  •  Edit Employee History  
  •  Bonus Payout  
  •  Manage Variable Pay Forms (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Update Variable Pay Forms for Template † (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Update Variable Pay Worksheets (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Variable Pay Form Membership (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Plan Activity Audit (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Generate Goal Statements  
  •  Define Compensation Period Data  
  •  Generate Bonus Assignment Statements (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Recall Bonus Assignment Statements (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Download Bonus Assignment Statements (Target Population Dependant)
  •  Manage Bonus Assignment Statement Templates  
  •  Manage Bonus Forecasting 

Note: Employee Central settings permissions are required to make changes to EC-integrated templates. Please see KBA 3084778 for more details.

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