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2181036 - When Invoicing External Customer Invoice Request a Customer Invoice is Created Even Though the Total Value is Negative


You uploaded an External Customer Invoice Request with Credit Memo Items and Invoice Items via the web-service. When invoicing the External Customer Invoice Request the system creates a Customer Invoice and not a Credit Memo even though the Total Net Value is negative.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Select the Invoice Requests view.
  3. Select external customer invoice request ABC (ABC represents the id of the external customer invoice request).
    You have invoice items (positive amount) and credit memo items (negative amount) in this external customer invoice request. The total net value is negative.
  4. Click on the Invoice button.
  5. The new invoice created is a Customer Invoice and not a Credit Memo.


The scoping option Invoice and Credit Memo Items in Customer Invoice Request is Not In Scope.

In this case, if you create an external customer invoice request with invoice items (positive amount) and credit memo items (negative amount) the created invoice is always of document type Customer Invoice no matter if the total net value is positive or negative. However in accounting in the Receivables the correct document type will be determined according to the total net value. If the total net value is positive the document type will be Invoice and if the total net value is negative the document type will be Credit Memo.

 You can check this as follows:

  1. Go to the Receivables work center.
  2. Select the Customer Accounts view.
  3. Select the respective customer (Account Party of the invoice) and the respective company (Seller Party of the invoice).
  4. Click on the View button.
  5. Search for the respective document number.
  6. In the field Document Type you can see if the document is an Invoice or Credit Memo.


This is the expected system behavior.

If you wish that 2 different Customer Invoices are created (one for the Invoice item and one for the Credit Memo item) you can include the scoping option Invoice and Credit Memo Items in Customer Invoice Request in your solution scope:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Click on Edit Project Scope button.
  4. Navigate to step 4 - Questions.
  5. Select Sales, then Customer Invoicing, then Miscellaneous.

You can activate the second question: Do you want to allow customer invoice requests/invoices to contain invoice and credit memo line items?

In this case an invoice split for the Invoice Type will occur and an Invoice is created for the Invoice item and a Credit Memo is created for the Credit Memo item.

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