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2185222 - Connector exception "Entity Does Not Exist ROLE_ID"


Connector is giving exception in the report as "Entity Does Not Exist ROLE_ID"

This will lead to the record of the user not being created or updated for which the exception occurred.


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Connector if configured is an automated way to bring data in LMS from other integrated system. Not necessarily that the other system from which we are importing the data will have same data types and reference values for fields which are in LMS.

ROLE_ID is in LMS will only get populated with a value which is already created in LMS, we can say that it is a reference value type and these references cannot be created on the fly as connector process a new value. Thus if connector gets a new value for the role id field which not in the system already it will reject the data.

It is not wise and practical that we create all the values of other system in LMS, therefore this exception comes but we can use transformation rule in connector config to avoid this.


If the exception for ROLE_ID comes up or if there is a requirement for mapping role id between LMS system and other integrated one we can use the following:<LMS roles>=Permanent<value of the which is coming in the file from other integrated system>

The above is an example mapping in which towards the right-hand side is the value (Permanent) which is not present in the LMS as a reference value for ROLE_ID. We still want to map the same to one of the LMS specific value therefore we put this mapping and on the left-hand side (LEARNING_USER) is the LMS specific role we want to map the role permanent.

The above rule needs to be put in the following location in LMS:

  1. System admin > Configuration > System Configuration.
  2. Open Connector property file in edit mode.
  3. Although you can just copy paste the property anywhere but it is preferred to find property for the specific connector you are using the property and put it in the same section.

Note: This example uses the SF User connector. LEARNING_USER and Permanent are arbitrary value used to explain they should be modified based in the requirement that is what value is coming from other system and to which value you want to map.

Points to remember- to use any transformation rule let alone for ROLE_ID always remember towards your left-hand side should be LMS specific value.


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