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2185278 - SAP BW System missing in the list of available systems to connect to, in Lumira Desktop


  • SAP BW System missing.
  • List of SAP Systems incomplete in Lumira.
  • After adding a new entry in SAP Logon, the new SAP BW System is not listed in Lumira.
  • The list of available SAP Systems is different in SAP Lumira, than what is listed in SAP Logon / GUI.
  • When attempting to connect to SAP BW from Lumira, some of the SAP Systems are not listed, but it shows up in the SAP Logon.


  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.27 and above

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In SAP Logon, add a new SAP System.  ( Example: SAP System 03 - NEW )
  2. In SAP Lumira, create a document using the connection: "Download from SAP Business Warehouse"
  3. In the window "Download from SAP Business Warehouse", select "Local BW System"
  4. When expanding the list of available servers, notice the new SAP System is not listed.
    SAP Lumira - SAP BW entry missing.png


  • SAP Logon stores the SAP Systems entries in the file: saplogon.ini
  • Lumira reads the SAP Systems entries stored in the file: saplogon.ini
  • When there are multiple saplogon.ini files on the computer, Lumira reads the first it finds, and in this situation, it indicates the SAP Logon application updated a different saplogon.ini file than the one read by SAP Lumira.
  • When Lumira look for the SAP Systems file: saplogon.ini, it searches in the following path, in the following order, until the file is found:
    1. Environment Variable: SAPLOGON_INI_FILE
    2. Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPLogon\Options\PathConfigFilesLocal 
    3. User App Data (APPDATA), which is usually C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common
    4. System Root (SYSTEMROOT), which is usually C:\Windows
    5. Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPLogon\ConfigFilesLastUsed\ConnectionConfigFile
    6. Java library path (Set by -Djava.library.path or Set to PATH in Windows)


  • Ensure there is only one saplogon.ini file on the computer, and only leave the saplogon.ini file that the SAP Logon store the SAP System entries.
    1. Find where the SAP Logon / GUI stores the SAP Systems information.
      1. Launch SAP Logon.
      2. Click in the upper left corner of the SAP Logon window.
      3. In the menu, select "Options..."
        SAP Lumira - SAP Logon 01.png  
      4. In the window, "SAP GUI Options", under SAP Logon Options in the left pane, select "Configuration Files"
      5. On the right side, under Loaded Local Files, the type "connection" displays the path to the saplogon.ini, where the SAP Logon save the SAP Systems.  Note: It also shows if there is an environment variable defined for the path to the saplogon.ini
        SAP Lumira - SAP Logon - 02.png  
      6.  Take notes of the path for the saplogon.ini
    2. Perform a search on the local computer for the file: saplogon.ini
    3. Rename all the saplogon.ini with a different extension, like ".duplicate", except the saplogon.ini found at the path defined in SAP Logon / GUI 
      When restarting Lumira, it will read the expected saplogon.ini file, and the expected list of SAP System will be displayed.


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SAP Lumira, desktop edition 1.0