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2185280 - Learning Management System -Connector Error: com.plateausystems.connector.api.ConnectorException: Column doesn't exists :COL_NUM16_VAL in tables [pa_conn_stud_user, pa_conn_student]


If the connector gets failed and in the "view error" section you get the cannot update custom column error.

This would be a complete failure of connector and it will not process any records.

Reproducing the Issue

1)Copy the default mapping from the connector field mapping for custom column, (you will only find till 15)


2)Change the number 15 to 16


3)Paste in the same section in the configuration.

4)Run the connector make sure the file contains the header for newly created mapping that is for custom colomn 16



We cannot update the customer column more than 15 via connector with the default out of the box copnfiguration mapping in place, i.e there is no such mapping done by default for column 16,17 and so on in the connector configuration.

Also if try to just change the colummn number in the existing mapping and make them work  if done so connector while processing will get failed and throws the error defined above in the title, it is always advised to the customer to use custom column till 15 if you are updating it via connector and there is no work around for this because the DB tables does not have more columns to accommodate and this applies for all connectors.

But there is a work around for user connector sf which is mentioned in resolution.


we can update custonmcolumn more than 16 but only via user connector sf there exist some extended DB tables which accomplish the task and that comes to play as we use the below defined property.


Updating or creating Custom column 15 via user connector sf by user _data file:


there us a property which we need to place in the connector config to update custom column more than 15 which is :


sfuser.field.customcolumn.<num>=CUSTOM<num>;  here num signifies is the number of custom column


Now again explaining this with a simple  example


We have to configure a CUSTOM30 filed which is coming in the bizx file to a custom column and all the available 15 custom column is filed then using this property you can create a new custom column say 16 and map them using the property as :




Here we have replaced our general mapping which would be and the connector will no longer get failed due to the error.







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