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2185416 - Configure User Connector - SF to ignore certain values coming in feed file


To configure User Connector - SF to ignore certain values coming in the feed file so that the connector so not reject the record with exception - "entity does not exist - user connector sf"


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Put some dummy values in the file of SF-user connector e.g for email put abc and for Manager put N/A
  2. You will see if the connector process the file it will reject all there records, with the exception entity does not exist for manager filed and for email it will throw exception invalid email.


Why do we need to ignore certain values -

Connector is mainly use to bring the data from the other system to LMS now suppose there is the case that in one of the system there are few user who has dummy email address like "abc" or N/A or there are certain field like manger which contains "n/a", now in other system or in the file it does seem any issue but if this gets processed by connector it will give validation of entity does not exist because LMS has a validation check for email and Manger field.


We can remove the exception and ignore the values by Property:

Now by updating the rule in the connector configuration whenever the feed file which is coming from the BizX side contains the value as NO_MANAGER in the supervisor column, the system will simply ignore the value.

General form :<database name of column>.@NULLIFY@=<String ref>

String reference is the value if find by the connector the same will be ignored.


To explain this better: Suppose if there is no rule updated in the connector config as:

Now if the feed file contains the NO_Manager in the supervisor column in the Supervisor column the record will be rejected with the following exception Supervisor: NO_MANAGER does not exist.

But by putting the property the system will ignore the value of supervisor whenever it comes as NO_MANAGER.

Nullify rule can be used for other filed also consider this example: ORG_ID ORG_ID.@NULLIFY@=NO_ORG

If there is a question if this property nullifies value in LMS answer is no it does not it just ignore the value.


One Simple Example of an issue:

Records are getting rejected by the following exception:  Invalid email:  NO_EMAIL

Cause: In the email address field many records contains the data as NO_EMAIL now as in the LMS side there occurs a validation over the email, the record gets rejected.

Reason: In the BIZX side is implemented whenever for the user there is no email in the feed file the data which pass over is NO_EMAIL.

Solution: If we question back the customer why NO_email is coming over and we cannot do anything they will be helpless because this is the way system is implemented. So we simply add a nullify rule as


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