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2186617 - Creating a Super Admin User in SuccessFactors Provisioning


  • How to login to the SucessFactors system as an admin user
  • How to reset a user password
  • How to create an admin user from Provisioning


SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite


Please be informed that SAP Support does not have the ability to reset users' passwords for SuccessFactors systems. This task falls under the scope of the administrator of the account, as explained in the KBA 2345110 - Configuring Password Reset for the Login Page in SuccessFactors

As explained in the KBA 2517118, Customer Support is not responsible for providing new instance credentials. The tenant credentials email notifications are sent to the company's Provisioning Contact Person IT maintained in the contract.

When the instance is first created, the customer will get an email with credentials from the team responsible for creating the instance.

When to request a Super Admin user be created from the backend (Provisioning)? 

  • The super admin creation request for support comes from customers/Partners & are processed by support, only if they (users & admins) cannot do it themselves/are not able to login to their instance
  • When a customer doesn't receive the notification containing the System Details & Initial User Credentials after the tenant is created, normally caused by an incorrect SuccessFactors IT Contact maintained in the SPC System.

For Customers:

  1. Submit a support case under component LOD-SF-PLT
  2. Add the customer approval and the reason why a new admin user needs to be created (please add it to the case, either via a customer updating the case or attach the approval email from customer to the case)
  3. Include the required details:
    • Email address where the credentials will be sent to
    • CompanyID & Data Center where the new user will be created
  4. Support will then create an admin user via Provisioning using the same steps as provided for Partners/Consultants below

For SAP Partners/Consultants:

Note: Please request for customer approval prior to creating an Admin User from Provisioning.

  1. Navigate to Provisioning
  2. Click Company ID
  3. Click in Company Settings
  4. Search for "create admin"
  5. Enter the details as per your requirements in the above seen section considering below points:
    • The userName used here should be unique & should not exist in the instance
    • The email ID mentioned should be a valid one
  6. Check the boxes for I confirm customer has provide approval of Super Admin user account creation.
  7. Click the Create Admin button.
  8. Notice the green message at the top stating the admin user was created

Important Notes:

Granting user admin permissions

Although this is an admin user created, it will not have permissions by default. Upon login, the first step is to add the user to the "Manage Role-Based Permission Access" page.

To do so, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Admin Center
  2. Search for "Manage Role-Based Permission Access" or search it directly from Action Search
  3. Click in the Add User button and select the users you want to add

Once selected user is added, the added user will have the access to use the four features below:

  • Manage Permission Groups
  • Manage Permission Roles
  • User Role Search
  • View User Permission

With access to these features, the user can create permission groups and permission roles.

Reference guide: Super Admin Management | SAP Help Portal

Single Recipient

If the single recipient email feature is enabled, creating a Super Admin from Provisioning is not possible. To proceed, temporarily disable the feature.


After creating Super Admin in Provisioning and while trying to login, if you are getting this error "Sorry, we could not authenticate you. Try again" this means IAS SSO is enabled. In this case, make sure to create same user name account in IAS and set the same username as login name in IAS. This user creation in IAS can be done through the IPS job sync, the IAS administrator has access to IAS Admin tenant to perform the sync. You can check who is the administrator of IAS tenant in the To run the IPS job refers to guide in Section 7.2 Running and Scheduling Jobs (User Sync)Only after running the IPS job that the SF login will works.

To do that in IAS, please check List and Edit User Details | SAP Help Portal

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