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2187000 - Purchasing Quanity gets changed in the Warehouse Request and Task


Purchasing Quantity gets changed by system when you are creating Warehouse Request and Tasks. For Instance: You purchased 0.101 Tons and the Inbound Delivery Notification shows 0.101 Tons. However, when creating a warehouse request and task, the value gets changed to 0,09162565874 Tons.


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Reproducing the Issue

On the Purchase Order side, you have ordered a Product with Quantity of  Y: (Y represents the Quantity of the Product):

  1. Go to Purchase Requests and Orders Work Center.
  2. Go to Purchase Orders View.
  3. Find and select the relevant Purchase Order.
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Go to the Line Items tab.
  6. You can see the Quantity Y.

When you check the Quantity in Warehouse Request or Warehouse Task (Put Away), the Quantity is different.

  1. Go To Inbound Logistics Work Center.
  2. Go To Task Control View.
  3. Find and select the relevant Warehouse Task.
  4. You can see the Open Quantity is Z (Z represents the exact Open Quantity) , which is different from Purchase Order Quantity Y.


The Quantities are different, because you have maintained different Unit of Measure for Purchase and Inventory (Logistics) in the Product Master data. Warehouse Request and Task (Execution) always use the Inventory Unit of Measure.

For example, let us consider the following:
Purchase Unit of Measure is Ton (US) which is short ton, while Inventory Unit of Measure is Ton (metric).

1 Ton (metric) = 1000kg.
1 Ton (US) = 907,18474 kg.

If the Order Quantity is 0,101 Ton (US) for the Purchase Order ABC (ABC represents the Purchase Order ID),then:
0,101 Ton (US) = 91,62565874 kg
91,62565874 kg = 0,09162565874 Ton (metric).

Hence, the Quantity in the Warehouse Request and Task is 0,09162565874 Ton (metric).


This is expected system behavior.

To avoid any change in the Quantity, you have to maintain the same Unit of Measure for Purchase and Inventory in the Product Master Data.


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