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2193117 - Quantity Dropdown List Displays Several Units of Measure inside a Sales Document


Quantity dropdown list displays several Units of Measure. However, you have only maintained one Unit of Measure and one Quantity Conversion in the product.


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Reproducing the Issue

These steps are only an example. The same behavior can happen in other sales views:

  1. Go to the Products work center.
  2. Go to the Products Administration view.
  3. Open a Product.
  4. Maintain a Unit of Measure in the header section.
  5. Maintain a Quantity Conversion in the Quantity Conversion facet.  


  6. Go to the Sales work center.
  7. Go to the Opportunities view.
  8. Open an Opportunity.
  9. Go to the Products facet.
  10. Click New.
  11. Enter a Product.
  12. Click on the dropdown list of the Quantity field.


    RESULT: You can see that several units of measure are displayed.

  13. Open the dropdown menu of a KUT field related to Quantities.

    RESULT: You can see that all possible units of measure. The dropdown menu includes units related to Electricity (Amperes, Ohms...).


In a standard field, all units of measures related to your measurement will be displayed. For instance, if you maintained Meters in the Quantity Conversion, the system understands that you are measuring a distance. Hence, the system will display all units of measure related to distances (foot, inch...) plus the initial unit of measure maintained in the product (in this case, Roll).

In KUT field, the dropdown menu does not have any restriction. Hence, the system will display all the units maintained in the "Quantities and Units of Measure" activity in your Project.


This is the designed system behavior.


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