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2199870 - When and How to Close an Implementation Project


The purpose of this document is to explain how the process of closing project works and when you should close your implementation project.


  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Configuration Work Center.
  2. Go to Implementation Projects View.
  3. Select the Implementation Project or Change Project.
  4. Click on Open Activity List button.
  5. Click on the Go Live Tab.

In Activity Close Project in your Implementation Project, errors are displayed while closing the project.



Closing a project is the final action after successfully implementing the configurations done in the project. The Close activity can be seen as the end of the lifecycle of the project. After closing a project, it can't be changed anymore and exists only for reference purposes. It is also not displayed anymore in the default list of projects. Close is an activity in the Activity List of a project that can be found in Go-Live tab of the project. All other activities have to be done before Close can be executed.

If a Change Project has been started but it is not desired to proceed with the work already done, it can be canceled. This action involves ending the project before all activities have been completed. The cancel option is available on the overview page of the Change Project.

To cancel the project, it is required to click on title of the implementation project and select the option under button action.

Closing the First/Initial Implementation Project

An implementation project can only be closed after the Go Live Activity is executed. It means, the Close Project activity can only be performed after the status of First/Initial Implementation is Completed.

When looking at the Activity List's Go Live tab: it contains the Close activity together with three other activities and since the status of the Close activity is open even after Go Live, the Go Live tab shows 75% completion before Close can be executed. The Go-Live is defined by the "Go-live" activity and not the percentage completion in the Go-live tab.

Note: Closing is not a requirement before Go Live, it always happens afterwards.

Closing Change Projects

A Change Project is any project created after the First Implementation Project is completed or closed.

A Change Project can be generally closed after all other activities which are included in project are completed. In many cases this means, after the merge has been performed, but there are situations in which Close is not yet possible because there are still activities open:

  • Activate Solution Capabilities.
  • Data Migration or other activities that have to be done after the Merge.

Activate Solution Capabilities

After the Change Project has been merged, the activity Activate Solution Capabilities may be displayed, depending on the business configuration changes that have been made in the Change Project.

This is a special activity that switches on the communication/integration capabilities of newly scoped components. It is required to complete this activity to Activate some elements after the merge. After completing this activity, the status of the project will be changed to Activated.

So, after merging the project, check if the Activate Solution Capabilities activity is open. Without performing and closing this activity, the project will not be able to be closed.

Data Migration and Other Activities

Besides the Activate Solution Capabilities, the activities flagged as Repetition Required as Yes in activity list might be open after Merging the project.

They also have to be completed. It is required to close the activities again.


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