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2202292 - Error: Connect to message server host failed, when attempting to connect to SAP BW from Lumira


  • Unable to connect to SAP BW from Lumira.
  • Unknown error: Connect to message server host failed.
  • Can successfully connect to the same SAP BW System from the SAP Logon / GUI.
  • Can successfully connect to an SAP BW Application server, from Lumira.
  • When attempting to connect to an SAP BW Message Server from Lumira, it generates an error like:
    "Unknown error: Connect to message server host failed.
     Connection parameters: TYPE=B DEST=custom_<Server Name> - MSHOST=<Host Name>
     GROUP=PUBLIC R3NAME=<Server Name> PCS-1 LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on locat host <Host Name>
     with Unicode ERROR service 'sapms<Server Name> unknown Time <Date Time> RELEASE <Release Number>
     COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION <Version Number> MODULE nixxsl.cpp LINE 184 
     DETAILS NiSrvLGetServNo: service name cashed as unknown COUNTER 3"
    Lumira - Message Server Error - 2.png


  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.27 and above

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In SAP Lumira, create a new document, and select "Download from SAP Business Warehouse"
  2. In the window "Download from SAP Business Warehouse", select an SAP BW Message Server.
  3. Enter the client number, user name, password, language, and click "Connect"
    It then displays the error: "Connect to message server host failed."


  • Lumira is unable to connect to the SAP BW Message Server because the Message Server entry has not been added to the "services" file, or the Message Server port number is incorrect in the "services" file.


  • Add the Message Server entry to the "services" file on the local computer where Lumira is installed:
    1. Contact your SAP BASIS Administrator to confirm the port number for the Message Server you are attempting to connect to.
      Note: If you are the SAP BASIS Administrator, it is possible to verify the Message Server name and port number by login to the SAP System, and using transaction: SMMS.  In the Message Server Monitor, it will list the Message Servers and Port Number.
      Message Server - 2.png
    2. Edit the "services" file, located in the following directory:
    3. Add the Message Server entry. The entry will look like:
          sapms<SID>    <Port Number>/tcp  #SAP System Message Server Port
      For example, if the SAP Message Server <SID> is R79, and the port number is 3601, the entry to add to the services file will be like:
          sapmsR79       3601/tcp  #SAP System Message Server Port
    4. If the Message Server entry has already been added, confirm the port number is correct.
    5. Save the file.


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SAP Lumira, desktop edition 1.0