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2203356 - Expose Compensation Plan Template on SFAPI


You would like to use SFAPI to upsert fields from Compensation review form but you do not find any relevant SFAPI to do this.

Example - The fields from below template have to be exposed via SFAPI so that a user can fill the form via API.



Successfactors SFAPI (Compensation)


The EmployeeCompensationStagingFields entity (SFAPI) allows you to import employee current salary data to the SuccessFactors system. 

This requires additional configuration on the compensation template in Form Template Administration under Provisioning.

(This has to be performed by the implementation partner/Professional services team of SAP.)

Select the desired Compensation Plan Template from the list that appears (see example below). 



Add a <comp-group> tag entry to specify a desired Compensation Group ID in the location below (near the very end of the XML file). The id attribute value can be any string value desired

Compensation Plan templates have an optional XML attribute <comp-group id="some value"> called the "Compensation Group ID" which is used to group one or more plan templates into a single EmployeeCompensationStagingFields API entity.

The API will expose only those Compensation Plan Templates that have added a <comp-group> tag.

More information

Assign a Compensation Group ID to each compensation template that you want import through the same API data feed. This is done by manually editing the Compensation Form Template in Provisioning. You can share a single Group ID among multiple compensation templates. One strategy is to group templates by yearly process, where you would designated "2012" as a group id for all the 2012 compensation planning forms. The decision on which templates to group together is an integration choice, and should be driven by how many templates you want to import in a single data feed.



If desired, you can share this Group ID value with other Compensation Plan Templates, or give different values to other Compensation Plan Templates. The API will create a different entity for each unique Group ID it encounters in all the Compensation Plan Templates. The entity will be named EmployeeCompensationStagingFields_<group_id> where the <group_id> is the string value you assigned to the "id" attribute of the <comp-group> tag above. If more than one Compensation Plan Template shares the same Compensation Group ID, then the fields that appear in the related API entity will be a union of all the unique compensation fields that appear in the related templates  and fields with the same compensation field id (ie, "currentSalary" field) will share the same data for this field from the staging table.

The above steps will make a new API entity appear called "EmployeeCompensationStagingFields_<group_id>" for each unique Compensation Group ID you have given to your Compensation templates.

You can see this entity in Admin Tools — API Tools — SFAPI Data Dictionary as below.


Note - This API entity supports only "UPSERT" Operation.


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