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2204930 - You Are Not Able to Reverse the Balance Carryforward Run Because the Reversal Run Is Created Without Postings


After executing the Reverse Carryforward (either for step 2 - Calculate and carry forward profit/loss or step 1 - Carry forward accounts) you noticed that the Carryforward Reversal run created doesn't generate any postings in the Postings tab. In addition to that, you noticed that the original Carryforward run is not marked as Reversed in the Balance Carryforward view.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to General Ledger work center
  2. Go to Periodic Tasks > Balance Carryforward view
  3. Open the Carryforward Reversal run you've just created
  4. Go to Postings tab

Note that there are no postings displayed (e. g. Journal Entries tab).

In addition to that, going back to the Balance Carryforward view and checking the original run you notice that the Reversed checkbox is not marked for it.


The reason why the reversal of Balance Carryforward run is not processed successfully is that one of the set of books for which you ran the original Balance Carryforward has been deactivated between the original run execution and the reversal run execution.

For example:

  1. Original Balance Carryforward run step 2 - Calculate and carry forward profit/loss created/executed on 30-May-2015
  2. Set Of Books ID 02 deactivated on 01-June-2015
  3. Reversal Balance Carryforward run step 2 - Calculate and carry forward profit/loss created/executed on 23-July-2015

The deactivation of the set of books can be checked in the Integrate and Extend Business Configuration activity Set of Books, by clicking Edit in the respective Set Of Books and checking the Changes tab.


When a reversal of a Balance Carryforward run is executed, it will use the Company/Set of Books the original run used. If between the execution of the original run and the reversal a set of books is set to inactive, this issue will occur. The log section entries created for the original run will not match the ones created for the reversal and an exception will be thrown in the respective class/method in the backend of your system (not visible in the UI - User Interface).

In such particular case, please report an case with your approval for SAP create the reversal run(s) manually in the backend by skipping a specific verification. As a result the run(s) is(are) created successfully.


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