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2208430 - When deselecting a 'Main'-check for a Main Contact in an Account, the System Resets it


When deselecting a 'Main'-check for a Main Contact in an account, the system resets it.


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

Prerequisite: the Account has several Contacts maintained for the Account Team.

  1. Go to the Customers Work centre.
  2. Go to the Accounts View.
  3. Select the relevant Account and open it.
  4. Go to the Contacts facet.
  5. It is not possible to de-select the 'Main'-check for a Contact ABC (ABC represents the Contact's name).


This is expected system behaviour.

Previously, some of the Party Roles usable in the Account Team - most prominently the Employee Responsible Sales - were unique. I.e. it was not possible to maintain more than one per Account. As such, the C4C processes could rely on that fact and for example whenever the Owner of an Account was requested it simply returned the Employee Responsible Sales.

To better support integration with SAP On Premise solutions, this behaviour was changed, allowing multiple entries for each Account Team Party Role, including roles which previously were unique. This meant that for the party determination processes it was necessary to designate the default within the Account Team  for each Party Role. Further, to ensure compatibility, i.e. not requiring the user to manually maintain the default flag every single time where previously this had been unnecessary a logic was implemented that whenever it is clear which is the default Account Team Member for a given Party role (for example because there is only one) the default flag would be set automatically.

The only case where this logic will not work is when an explicit user input to the contrary has been performed.

For example if each of the Account Team Members have a different Party Role.

By the above logic, each is flagged as default for her/his Party Role. From a business logic point of view there is no benefit to un-check any of the default flags, it would merely lead party determination processes to miss that Account Team Member.

So when one of the default flags is un-checked the only fact that is preventing the program logic to set it again in the same roundtrip is, that it was an explicit user input to un-check it. However, once another default flag is un-checked, the program logic notices the missing default flag of the previous entry and sets it again.

The recommendation is to leave the default flags as they are (one for each Account Team Member). There is no benefit to un-checking them. These flags only become relevant for explicit user maintenance once multiple Account Team Members have been maintained for the same Party Role. As long as this is not the case, they can be ignored.

In fact once Account Team Members are assigned per Sales area there is one default for each Party Role/ Sales Area combination.


Once a Main check has been set, this can not be removed. As work around you can add your contacts without setting a main check. You can remove existing contacts and re-add them to get rid of the main check.

If your company requests a change to the system behaviour, kindly create a request for this new feature on the Influencer Page .


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