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2212494 - Enabling Intelligent Services feature on SuccessFactors and accessing Intelligent Services Center


  • How to Enable the Intelligent Services feature?
  • What is the procedure to enable Intelligent Services Center (aka Event Center)? 
  • How to access Intelligent Services Center (aka Event Center) ?  
  • Which permissions are required to access Intelligent Services Center (aka Event Center)? 


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


⚠️ When Intelligent Services is enabled via Provisioning, these dependencies are not turned on. It can easily make Intelligent Services unusable. Intelligent services should never be enabled via Provisioning directly. Upgrade Center must be used to turn on Intelligent Services. These features are enabled when Intelligent Services is turned on via the Upgrade Center:

  • Business Process Engine
  • Generic Objects
  • Attachment Manager
  • Intelligent Services Center and Intelligent Services

📌 Notes on the bell notifications feature:

  • Bell notification icon gets displayed if Intelligent Services is turned on.
  • The only way that the Bell Notification icon can display in the header while proxied is if the Global Notifications through Intelligent Services is supported by the company


📌 Question#1: After the upgrade, I went to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles and I cannot see Permission settings related to 

This usually happens if the upgrade was completed via provisioning rather than via Upgrade Center.

Once above hypothesis is confirmed follow process below to upgrade via upgrade center

  1. Uncheck the "Enable Intelligent Services Center (ISC) from provisioning
  2. Logon to your SuccessFactors instance --> Admin Center --> Click on Upgrade Center
  3. Search for Intelligent services Center and click on Upgrade now button
  4. Check Manage Permission Roles and permission for Intelligent services should now be visible under Administrative Permissions

📌 Question #2: Which permissions are required to access Event Center in Role Based Permissions

  1. Go to Admin Center->Manage Permission Roles->"choose a role"
  2. Administrator Permissions->Select the checkbox for "Intelligent Service Tools"
  3. Go to Admin Center Permissions > select two checkboxes for
    1.> "Read Execution Manager Events" and
    2.> "Read Execution Manager Event Payload"
  4. Save your changes.


📌 Question #3: How to monitor events in the intelligent services Center tool ? 

Event Center introduces a way for administrators to view and monitor suite-wide events that occur within the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, such as manager, employee, and job information changes, employee absences, or new hires and terminations. Any SuccessFactors product can raise and publish an event. Whenever that event is triggered by the publishing product, those subscribed products automatically receive notification of the event, with information relevant to the change.

The Event Center Admin tool allows you to view events, subscribers and the number of events raised in the past seven days.


📌 Question #4: What is the Event Detail View? 

The Event Detail is a view that can be accessed from the Intelligent Services Center tool by selecting an Event Type. The Event Detail contains three tabs: Notifications, Publisher, and Subscribers.

  1. Notifications This tab shows the list of SuccessFactors applications that receive notifications. A notification is a call to action for the subscriber. There is a brief description below each application title about the notification.
  2. Publisher This tab shows the External Event Endpoint in Admin Center link to direct you to the Event Notification Subscription tool, which is where you can configure a third party application to receive notifications.
  3. Subscribers This tab shows a list of applications that are subscribers to the event. Subscribers are SuccessFactors applications that receive the notifications.


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